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  • 01/23 || How A Costco Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Florida Can Help Get You The Compensation You Need
    Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but large retail stores like Costco pose unique risks with their enormous facilities and heavy customer traffic. Thousands of people visit Costco locations across Florida every day, trusting that each store will maintain safe conditions. However, when management cuts corners on safety, or when staff ignore safety rules, […]
  • 01/23 || Slip and Fall Accident at Home Depot in Florida
    Florida is home to 158 Home Depot locations (as of 2023) along with hundreds of other major big-box retailers like Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Costco. Home Depot stores in Florida are massive, offering everything from tools and lumber to lawn care products and flooring. However, the sheer size and scope of inventory at Home Depot […]
  • 01/23 || Get Compensation For A Slip and Fall Accident in Lowe’s Florida
    Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including at popular home improvement stores like Lowe’s. Thousands of customers visit Lowe’s stores across Florida every day, trusting that the premises will be reasonably safe. However, due to conditions like slippery floors, uneven pavement, and poor lighting, Lowe’s slip and fall accidents occur far too frequently. Slip […]
  • 01/23 || Florida Walmart Slip and Fall Lawsuit & Settlement Attorney
    Suffering a slip and fall accident can be a traumatic, painful experience. When the accident happens due to someone else’s negligence at a major retailer like Walmart, the situation becomes even more frustrating.  Florida is home to nearly 400 Walmart retail sites, along with hundreds of other big-box retailers like Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and […]
  • 10/26 || How Does UM Coverage Work in Florida? Uninsured Motorist Coverage FAQs
    Uninsured motorist insurance coverage, commonly known as UM, is an optional auto insurance coverage in Florida. Many drivers opt to purchase this coverage and find that it is crucial in certain accidents. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how UM insurance works in Florida, why you may need it, and how to get compensated from it. […]
  • 10/26 || Difference Between Stacked and Unstacked Insurance in Florida
    Car accidents often result in astounding costs, especially if you’re injured. Stacking your insurance coverage can help you manage the financial burdens that follow a serious car crash, and can protect your loved ones, too. Here’s how stacking insurance works in Florida. What is stacked coverage in Florida? Stacked insurance coverage in Florida means combining […]
  • 06/30 || Tips for Handling Your Settlement Money After A Personal Injury
    When you’re in an accident that has left you with major or permanent injuries, no amount of money can make up for it. After an accident, your injuries may keep you out from work, unable to play with your children and other major life changes. Sometimes the road to recovery is a long and difficult […]
  • 06/15 || Sheriff Recognizes Local Attorney’s Work for the Children of Okeechobee
    Local attorney Philip DeBerard IV was recently honored by the Okeechobee Sheriff’s Office for his service to the community. This Monday his efforts were honored by Sheriff Noel E. Stephen at the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office. “Your father would be proud as you carry the same tradition and care for our community as he did. […]
  • 06/05 || What to Do After a Car Accident in Florida in 8 steps
    Car accidents are quick and unexpected. Regardless of the type of car accident you’re involved in, it can be very scary and confusing. If you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident you could be dealing with a lot of pain and a whole lot of questions. We’ve broken down the 8 steps you want to […]
  • 05/26 || Common Car Accidents We See at Our Practice
    Driving down US-1 or A1A through Jensen Beach, Stuart, Hobe Sound, and Jupiter is a nice, scenic ride. Florida palm trees and beaches can be your destination while hitting the roads on the Treasure Coast when you’re involved in an accident that results in injury and damage. Common car accidents we see in Stuart, Florida […]
  • 05/15 || 5 Tips to Prevent a Possible Motorcycle Accident
    Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the ride along a scenic drive, take in the beautiful weather Florida has to offer, and a less expensive way to get around (gas prices are high!). Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents come across our attorneys’ desks often. We have five things you can do to protect yourself and prevent […]
  • 05/04 || 10 Scary Teen Driving Facts You Need to Know as a Martin County Parent
    It’s almost time for summer break, which means more teens are on the road. In 2020, Florida teen drivers were involved in 84,052 crashes that resulted in 350 fatalities and 1,935 serious injuries. Those numbers were up from the year before by quite a bit. With around 800,000 registered teen drivers aged 15 to 19 […]
  • 04/28 || The Deadliest Road in Saint Lucie County
    The deadliest stretch of road in Saint Lucie County isn’t one you’d expect. No, it’s not US-1 and it’s non-stop traffic lights. I-95 for sure. Nope! Not 95 either. It’s the 10 miles that cut through from US 1 to the Martin/St Lucie County line that we call Port Saint Lucie Boulevard. From 2010 to […]
  • 04/17 || What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?
    If you’ve been in an accident or were injured after another party was negligent, it’s wise to consider talking with a personal injury attorney. These lawyers can help navigate complex legal waters and strongly increase your chances to receive the compensation you deserve. A personal injury lawyer specializes in representing people that have suffered physical, […]
  • 04/09 || Dog Bites: National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2023
    Our Port Saint Lucie Dog Bite Lawsuit Firm handles a lot of dog bite cases, unfortunately. This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. We’re talking about preventing dog bites to minimize the chances of you becoming a victim. Some Quick Dog Bite Facts: Children between 1 and 9 years old are at the highest […]
  • 03/29 || Florida Car Seat Laws: The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe
    Please note that this information was pulled prior to the 2023 Florida Senate Session and information is likely to change if laws are passed. What the Law Says The official Florida child car seat laws are governed by section 316.613 Fla. Stat. stating “Every operator of a motor vehicle as defined in this section, while […]
  • 03/27 || Traumatic Brain Injuries: What Are They and How Can an Attorney Help?
    March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, so we’re giving you the low-down on what Traumatic Brain Injuries are and how we can help you or your loved one after one. What is a Traumatic Brain Injury? A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an injury to the brain tissue caused by an external force. This […]
  • 03/16 || Trump rips DeSantis, calls Florida legislation a ‘bailout’ for insurance industry | Miami Herald Article
    Article originally posted by Miami Herald Trump rips DeSantis, calls Florida legislation a ‘bailout’ for insurance industry By Lawrence Mower Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau Updated March 16, 2023 11:28 AM Former President Donald Trump blasted Gov. Ron DeSantis for wanting to give insurance companies widespread protections from lawsuits, calling it “the worst Insurance Scam in the […]
  • 03/16 || Florida lawmakers’ answer to insurance crisis: Make it harder to sue insurers | Bradenton Herald
    Article originally posted by Bradenton Herald Florida lawmakers’ answer to insurance crisis: Make it harder to sue insurers By Lawrence Mower Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau Updated March 14, 2023 4:22 PM Floridians are paying the highest auto and homeowners insurance premiums in the nation — and those rates continue to rise. Saying they want to drive […]
  • 02/21 || 40th Anniversary Flashback: Uninsured Motorists 1992
    We at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, have been serving the community for over 40 years now. That’s right! 2023 is our 40th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a look back on some of our greatest achievements over the years. Spotlighting an issue from over 30 years ago, uninsured motorists are still a serious concern here […]
  • 02/06 || A Fun Day at The Okeechobee Family Health and Safety Expo
    The staff of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney joined the community once again for the annual Okeechobee Family Health and Safety Expo in January. The promise of live demonstrations, games, face painting, and of course the fan favorite Touch-A-Truck brought out thousands to the Okeechobee Agri-Civic Center. Those in attendance got to meet with organizations and […]
  • 01/23 || DeBerard Helps Budding Chefs at The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast
    Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney has been a longtime supporter of The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast. So, when the Museum gave us a ring in early December and asked for help their newest class they wanted to start, we said “Absolutely!” The latest class to join The Children’s Museum’s long list of fun activities […]
  • 01/19 || 40th Anniversary Flashback: Sign on for Safety 2002
    We at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, have been serving the community for over 40 years now. That’s right! 2023 is our 40th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a look back on some of our greatest achievements over the years. In honor of January’s Teen Drivers Awareness Month, we’re sharing this article originally published in 2002. […]
  • 11/28 || Florida Personal Injury “Claim” versus “Lawsuit”: What’s the Difference?
    Personal injury claims and a lawsuit are oftentimes used interchangeably, but they have distinct legal meanings. We’ve broken down the two to make it easy for you to understand which each means and how to use them correctly. What is a Personal Injury Claim in Florida? When it comes to Florida personal injury cases, a […]
  • 11/28 || Okeechobee Halloween Extravaganza is a Success
    Rotary Club of Okeechobee partners with Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney to host free Halloween Extravaganza at the Agri-Civic Center, providing a safe place to trick or treat in the community.
  • 11/28 || 5 reasons you should hire a lawyer after your car accident
    In a car accident? First, be sure to collect evidence. Try to document as much of the crash scene as you possibly can as well as damage resulting from the crash, and collect any contact information from the driver, passengers, witnesses, and any police officers at the scene. The next thing you should do is seek medical attention for any immediate injuries. You’ll also want to request a copy of the police report. Once you’ve done that, you may wonder what’s next. We suggest contacting a personal injury attorney immediately.
  • 12/08 || What is a Florida wrongful death claim?
    In Florida, if someone dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, there’s a specific law applied, the Florida Wrongful Death Statute. That limits the amount of time that you have to bring a claim which is generally two years with some exceptions and who can make a claim and for what. It’s very important […]
  • 12/08 || How quickly should I contact an attorney in a Florida wrongful death case?
    Preservation of evidence is critically important in any case, particularly one involving the death of a loved one. It’s important that you contact an attorney as early as you can in the process so that attorney can begin an investigation and preserve evidence wherever possible. Things like security camera footage tends to be overwritten within […]
  • 12/08 || Who can be sued in a Florida truck accident case?
    This is where trucking accidents diverge from passenger car accidents. In a trucking situation, there are many more potential defendants than you would initially think. For example, the broker who is involved in the scheduling of the load for the trucking company may be liable for your damages. The shipper who was not actually involved […]
  • 12/08 || What is the first thing I should do if I have been injured in a Florida truck accident?
    If you’re involved in a truck crash, the first thing you should do is contact the police. The next thing you should do is gather evidence. If you have a camera or a phone with you, please take pictures of your vehicle, the truck involved in the crash, and the surrounding area. Finally, if you’re […]
  • 12/08 || I haven’t been able to work since my car was hit by a truck in Florida. Can I get compensation for my loss of pay?
    Yes, lost wages both in the past and in the future are an example of economic damages in a trucking case. That is the kind of thing where an attorney would present to a jury, evidence of what your pay was before and what your opportunities were to make wages in the future. A jury […]
  • 12/08 || How quickly should I contact an attorney after a Florida truck accident?
    It’s very important that you get an attorney involved early in the process because evidence has a way of disappearing. For example, if a crash is recorded on an EDR, electronic data recorder for a truck, that data might be overwritten after a certain number of ignition cycles. It’s important that your attorney contacts anyone […]
  • 12/08 || How much time do I have after a Florida truck accident to file a lawsuit?
    Generally, the statute of limitations in a truck accident case is four years. However, there are exceptions to that. I would not suggest waiting until almost the fourth year to file a lawsuit. Evidence will disappear very quickly. It’s important that you get an attorney involved early in the process to preserve important evidence in […]
  • 12/08 || How is fault proven in a Florida truck accident? What kind of evidence do we need?
    If you’re injured as a result of a truck accident, and the truck driver broke the traffic laws, that is per se negligence. In other words, negligence on its face. Another way to prove that the driver is responsible for your damages is if that driver failed to use reasonable care. That is the kind […]
  • 12/08 || How do I deal with trucking companies or their insurance company after a Florida truck accident?
    In short, don’t. Trucking companies are generally sophisticated defendants and are well prepared to defend themselves against your claim. If you contact an attorney and he tells the trucking company that he represents you, that trucking company is no longer allowed to contact you by law. It’s important that you get an attorney involved early […]
  • 12/08 || Can I sue the truck driver’s trucking company for my injuries?
    Yes. If the truck driver’s negligent and causes you to become injured, the company he works for is responsible for his actions. Additionally, they might be responsible if they were unreasonable in the training or supervision of that driver. This is why it’s important that you talk to an attorney who’s experienced in trucking cases […]
  • 12/08 || Are there special rules that apply to commercial trucks in Florida?
    There are all kinds of rules that apply to trucks that don’t apply to passenger cars in the state of Florida and across the United States. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates commercial vehicles and has specific rules for those vehicles.   Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents: Failure to yield right-of-way Improper backing […]
  • 12/08 || Are Florida truck accident claims more difficult than car accident claims?
    Commercial truck claims can be much more difficult and much more complicated than a passenger car claim in the state of Florida. The reason is you’re dealing with a set of rules that the average driver has never experienced before that apply to commercial vehicles. Also, you’re dealing with very savvy defendants, trucking companies that […]
  • 12/08 || Will I need expert witnesses for my Florida slip and fall case?
    If you or a loved one is injured on someone’s premise and you file a lawsuit, you have to prove to a jury that the condition was unreasonably unsafe. Generally, that’s done through expert witness testimony. In other words, someone who is an expert in their subject field who can testify that what this person […]
  • 12/08 || What should I do after I fall to protect my rights?
    After a fall, it’s important that you notify the property owner or manager that they have a dangerous condition on their property so that they can correct it so that it doesn’t injure other people. The next thing that you should do is collect evidence. Please take pictures or video of the condition that caused […]
  • 12/08 || What is a hazardous condition and who is responsible for it?
    A hazardous condition is an unreasonably safe condition on a property. For example, a bounce house might not have the most stable floor but when you’re shopping in a grocery store, you expect the floor to be stable and clear of debris. Who’s responsible for that is the building owner or premises owner and property […]
  • 12/08 || Should I take any photographs if I was injured in a slip and fall?
    The saying is a picture is worth a thousand words. If you have a camera or cell phone with picture capability, please go ahead and take photos of not only the dangerous condition but the surrounding areas and pictures of any people that might be potential witnesses later on. Then bring that to your attorney […]
  • 12/08 || I was injured on someone else’s property. What should I do?
    The first thing you should do is notify the owner or the manager that they have a dangerous condition to give them an opportunity to correct it. The second thing you should do is gather evidence. If you can, take photos or video of the dangerous condition and the surrounding areas, get the names and […]
  • 12/08 || I fell at a Florida business and the manager wants me to fill out some paperwork known as an incident report. What should I do?
    If you’re asked to fill out an accident or incident report, go ahead and do so. It’s important that you give them your contact information so they could have their claims department reach out and give you a claim number, but just be aware that the laws in Florida, if you write anything down on […]
  • 12/08 || Does an accident report have to be filled out at the time of the fall?
    No, an accident report does not have to be filled out at the time of a slip or fall accident for you to bring a claim. I would prefer that you contact management and notify them that you were injured on their property so they can correct the situation, but it is not a limit […]
  • 12/08 || Are witnesses important in a Florida slip and fall case?
    In a Florida slip and fall case, the plaintiff has to prove everything. The defense does not have to do anything. It’s important to present as much evidence as possible to a jury in your favor. Witness testimony is a very big part of that. If possible, please get the name and contact information for […]
  • 12/08 || What is meant by the term defective product?
    A product is considered defective, it is not fit for the purpose for which it was intended. For example, a knife, if it cuts your finger off, is doing what a knife is supposed to do. However, a pair of safety scissors that cuts your finger off is defective. Items Commonly Involved In Florida Product […]
  • 12/08 || What are non-economic damages?
    Non-economic damages are the damages that people suffer that are harder to quantify. Not things like a particular medical bill but softer things like pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium with a spouse. Things that are very difficult to put a specific number on without a jury determining it.   Florida Law Protects […]
  • 12/08 || What are economic damages?
    Economic damages are things that generally have a price tag attached to them. Things like past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, loss of use of the vehicle, property damage, things that you purchased incidentally like a bag of ice or an Advil. Those are all what we consider economic damages.
  • 12/08 || Who does PIP coverage apply to?
    PIP coverage or Florida no-fault coverage generally applies to your own insurance. It’s not the person who hits you, it would be your own insurance paying out the PIP. However, there’s numerous exceptions with PIP. For example, people on motorcycles, PIP does not apply to them. It’s important that you talk to an attorney to […]
  • 12/08 || What is uninsured motorist coverage used for?
    What’s commonly referred to as UM or are uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is a type of insurance you can purchase to protect yourself from other people injuring you. In the state of Florida, it’s voluntary. There’s no requirement to purchase this insurance, but it is a good thing to have and I highly recommend […]
  • 12/08 || If my insurance company sends a request for me to do an examination under oath, do I have to attend?
    It’s likely that your insurance contract obligates you to participate in the investigation of the claim. That being said, if you are going to be examined under oath, it’s important that you have an attorney with you when that happens.
  • 12/08 || How long do you have to seek medical treatment to be able to qualify for PIP benefits?
    Florida PIP law is very specific on the window of time you have to seek initial treatment. You need to see a doctor in the first 14 days or a medical professional. It’s important to know that some medical providers like misuses don’t qualify under Florida law. It’s important to talk to an attorney about […]
  • 12/08 || How does the death benefit work under the new PIP law?
    In Florida, PIP is generally $10,000 of insurance for the person who has the PIP benefits, regardless of who is at fault in a crash. If someone dies as a result of a crash, PIP benefits payout $5,000 for things like funeral expenses.
  • 12/08 || Do motorcycles require PIP coverage?
    No, they do not. Motorcycles are one of the exceptions for PIP coverage in the state of Florida. If you’re injured while on a motorcycle, it’s very important you talk to an attorney about what types of insurance could apply to your scenario.
  • 12/08 || Will I have to pay anything out-of-pocket in my Florida personal injury case?
    You should never pay your personal injury attorney out of your own pocket while the case is ongoing. You may have to pay your doctor or pay your insurance copays for your treatment, but while the case is underway, your attorney should bear the costs of bringing the claim. Things like hiring experts or traveling […]
  • 12/08 || Will I have to go to court for my Florida personal injury case?
    It’s unlikely that an injured person in Florida would ever have to set foot in a courtroom to get adequate compensation for their case. Most cases settle without a lawsuit being filed. Once the case goes into litigation, most of those cases settle without the person ever going in front of a jury. That being […]
  • 12/08 || What types of injuries can result in a personal injury lawsuit in Florida?
    There are the obvious ones like damage to the body, a torn muscle or broken bone and then there’s the non-obvious damages like pain and suffering and lack of consortium. Lack of consortium is when your spouse loses your comfort and companionship as a result of your injury. Florida Law Protects Personal Injury Victims When […]
  • 12/08 || What kinds of fees are associated with personal injury lawsuits?
    The good news is that personal injury lawsuits are almost always contingency cases. What that means is rather than getting paid hourly and billing against a retainer, a personal injury attorney would get a percentage of whatever that person recovers at the end of their case. In other words, the injured person and their family […]
  • 12/08 || What is my personal injury case worth?
    That’s a question personal injury attorneys hear all the time, and the best answer is it depends. Every case is different. If two people are injured in the same way, no two people are the same. All I can tell you is a claim could be worth from nothing to the largest personal injury verdict […]
  • 12/08 || What if I cannot afford my medical bills after I was injured by another person?
    The good news is that like personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee, some doctors are willing to forego immediate payment in exchange for payment at the end of the case. You’re still going to owe the money to the doctor whether or not you win or lose your case, but they will not […]
  • 12/08 || What does negligence mean regarding personal injury lawsuits?
    Negligence in the personal injury lawsuit context is generally when a person does not exercise a reasonable standard of care. They don’t have to do things perfectly, they just have to be reasonable about it and if they’re not reasonable, they’re negligent.
  • 12/08 || What constitutes a personal injury case?
    A personal injury case is when someone is injured due to the negligence of someone else. The typical answer for that is car accident, that’s most the likely way someone is injured or out in the public as a result of someone else’s inattention. Another way that people can be responsible for the person injury […]
  • 12/08 || What can I recover if I win my Florida personal injury case?
    If you bring a personal injury case in the state of Florida, you can recover for your damages. Your damages are both economic and non-economic. Economic damages are things with a price tag attached to them like medical bills and the dollar value of the lost wages that you’ve suffered, both in the past and […]
  • 12/08 || How quickly should I contact an attorney after I was injured by another person?
    Preservation of evidence is critically important in an injury case. Things like scuff marks on the road, overturned dirt in a ditch next to the road, or surveillance videos tend to go away as time passes. It’s important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible so that attorney can immediately begin an investigation. […]
  • 12/08 || How much will it cost to hire an attorney for my Florida personal injury case?
    The good news is that most personal injury cases are done on a contingency basis. What that means is rather than you paying as you go, the attorney is paid at the end of the case on a percentage of the recovery. If any costs are incurred during the case, like the hiring of an […]
  • 12/08 || Can a Florida pedestrian accident victim still make a claim when crossing the street without a crosswalk?
    Yes. If your loved one is struck by a car while walking, even while not at a marked crosswalk, you can bring a claim. Florida law specifically denotes unmarked crosswalks, which are areas where people would normally cross that are not properly laid out as a crosswalk. Additionally, even if somebody is crossing in the […]
  • 12/08 || What is negligent security?
    Negligent security is when the owner or manager of a property does not exercise a reasonable level of care to keep the property safe. For example, if you go into a business and you’re injured and it’s a result of an unsafe and unreasonably unsafe condition, the business is responsible for that.
  • 12/08 || What is a negligent security claim?
    A negligent security claim is an injury to an individual as a result of a property owner or manager, having a dangerous condition that they either knew about or should have known about and they failed to correct. For example, if a person is extremely violent and has a history of being violent and an […]
  • 12/08 || How can a business owner provide a reasonably safe environment?
    That’s a very broad question. However, there are very specific answers to that question and they are codified as building and safety codes. A business owner or manager has a duty to comply with those codes to keep people safe.
  • 12/08 || Do all property owners have a duty to provide exterior lighting in the common areas of the property?
    Yes, building owners and managers have a duty to comply with local building codes. The building codes specify a certain level of illumination for common areas. If they are in violation of that, that’s per se negligence or negligence on its face.
  • 12/08 || Can I sue an apartment building owner for negligent security for a rape that occurred?
    Potentially, yes. If an apartment owner or a manager knew or reasonably should have known that a dangerous condition, like a rapist, existed on the property, they have a duty to correct that dangerous condition to keep residents and guests safe.
  • 12/08 || What should I do if I am involved in a Florida motorcycle accident?
    The first thing you should do is call the police. The next, if you’re able, is gather evidence. Please take pictures of the scene, take pictures of the vehicle that hit you, and take pictures of the surrounding area. If you’re injured as a result of the crash, go see a doctor, and then when […]
  • 12/08 || Should I provide statements to my insurance company and the insurance company of the driver who hit me in a Florida motorcycle accident case?
    If you’re injured while riding a motorcycle in the state of Florida, it’s likely that your insurance contract will require you to cooperate the investigation of the claim. That can include making a statement to your own insurance company. However, you are allowed and should have an attorney with you when that happens. You have […]
  • 12/08 || I was injured in a Florida motorcycle accident, but I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Can I still recover damages from the other driver?
    If you or a loved one is injured while riding a motorcycle and you’re not wearing a helmet, you can recover damages. Florida has a doctrine called comparative liability, which means the defense is allowed to mention that to a jury as a reason for why they’re not responsible for your damages, but that does […]
  • 12/08 || What are some examples of medical malpractice?
    The example that everybody goes to is cutting off the wrong leg but medical malpractice can be a subtle situation. For example, removing someone from care too soon. If a doctor pushes someone out and that person suffers damages as a result of that, that can be medical malpractice. A misdiagnosis or a late diagnosis […]
  • 12/08 || Can I sue for medical malpractice if a family member dies as a result of the malpractice?
    It depends on the relationship to the person who have passed away. Florida laws are very specific about who can bring a claim and what damages they can pursue for that claim. For example, if the person who dies as a result of medical malpractice is married, the spouse can bring a certain claim. If […]
  • 12/08 || Can anything be recovered if medical malpractice causes the patient to die?
    If a patient dies as a result of medical malpractice, different damages can be recovered depending on who’s bringing the claim. For example, if the person who passes away is married, the spouse can bring a different claim than the estate can, who can bring a different claim than children surviving as a result of […]
  • 12/08 || Are there time limits to sue for injuries in a Florida medical malpractice case?
    Generally the statute of limitations or the time limit to bring a lawsuit for a medical malpractice case is two years. However, that rule has numerous exceptions and even the exceptions have exceptions. It’s very important that you contact an attorney and fully discuss the situation that you’re in to determine what the statute of […]
  • 12/08 || Do I have grounds to bring suit against my insurer?
    If an insurance company treats you unfairly and violates their contract with you, you have grounds to bring a lawsuit in the state of Florida against them. That lawsuit would be defined by the contract that you signed with your insurance company. It’s important that you talk to an attorney that can review your contract […]
  • 12/08 || Can the insurance company refuse to cover my property damage claim and pay any benefits?
    An insurance company can refuse to treat you fairly, but that’s not the end of the story. If an insurance company denies you benefits under your contract, it’s important that you contact an attorney who understands these kinds of claims, who can advise you properly. Just because you’re initially denied does not mean that you’re […]
  • 12/08 || What can I do in Florida if a dog bites me?
    Well, you can’t sue a dog in the state of Florida but you can absolutely sue a dog owner. A dog owner is responsible for their dog’s actions whether it’s intentional or not. If you’re bitten or injured by a dog, even if a dog knocks you down and you break a bone, the owner […]
  • 12/08 || Can Florida dog owners be held liable if their dog bites?
    Florida law states that dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs. Even if that person never had a thought that their dog would bite someone, if their dog does injure a member of the public or somebody else, the owner is responsible for those damages.
  • 12/08 || Is it against the law in Florida to text while driving?
    Florida has recently changed the laws to prohibit texting and driving. What that means is you cannot text while moving in a vehicle, you can while the vehicle stationary. A lesser-known aspect to that law is it’s also prohibited from operating a phone while traveling through a construction site or a school zone.
  • 12/08 || Can I text at a stop light in Florida?
    The law in Florida allows for texting at stoplights. As long as the vehicle is not moving, it’s not considered in operation for the texting and driving statute. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are in a construction zone or school zone, you cannot operate a phone while traveling through those […]
  • 12/08 || Who is negligent if I hit a cow or horse with my vehicle?
    If you or a loved one hit a cow or a horse with your car, the owner of the cow or the horse could potentially be responsible for that. It is very important that you discuss the facts of your scenario with an attorney because things like whether the gate was knocked down by a […]
  • 12/08 || When an insurance agent tells me I have “full coverage”, is that all I need?
    Generally when an insurance agent tells someone they have full coverage, that refers to vehicle damage and comp and collision. That does not mean you have all of the insurance that you need if you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. If you’re hurt in a car crash and it’s someone else’s fault, […]
  • 12/08 || What should I do immediately if I hit a cow or horse with my vehicle?
    If you hit a cow or a horse with your vehicle, the first thing you should do is notify the police that it happened. The next thing you should do, if you’re able, is collect evidence. Things like hoofprints can be washed away in the rain, an opened gate can be quickly closed, and that […]
  • 12/08 || What kind of data does an EDR or “black box” collect?
    An EDR, what’s commonly referred to as a black box, can be a goldmine of evidence in your automobile case. The EDR depending on the year making model of your vehicle can collect things like hard impacts, vehicle speed, the angle of the steering wheel, and that evidence can also be collected from the vehicle […]
  • 12/08 || What is the process for a car crash case in Florida?
    Generally the process for a car crash case is the initial signup, which gives me the authority to contact insurance companies and defendants on your behalf, the investigation of what the facts are and what evidence we would be able to present to a jury, then finally the demand phase where we try to settle […]
  • 12/08 || What is “med pay” in auto insurance?
    MedPay is a type of insurance that may be available in your claim. It is a type of insurance similar to PIP that pays out as the bills come in. It may be available in a car crash case but also in a premises case as well. It’s important that you get an attorney involved […]
  • 12/08 || My child was hurt during an activity, but I signed a waiver. Is there anything I can do?
    Waivers may or may not be enforceable. It’s important that you speak with an attorney who has experience in this kind of case to discuss the specific facts of your situation. How you signed the waiver, where you were when you signed the waiver, or weigh in on whether or not the waiver is enforceable […]
  • 12/08 || I was told by the insurance company that I have a “soft tissue” case. What does that mean?
    A soft tissue case is a derogatory term that insurance companies use for cases where there’s no damage to the bones or hard parts of the human body. For example, whiplash is generally the stretching of the muscles and tendons in the neck. That would be considered a soft tissue case. That does not mean […]
  • 12/08 || I was bit by a dog in Florida. The owner told me “don’t bother coming after me for your injuries. I have no money”. What can I do?
    That unfortunately is too common of a scenario in Florida. If the owner of the dog who is always liable for the dogs damages doesn’t have assets, it’s important that you hire an attorney who is willing and able to look under every stone for potential defendants in that case. If that person is renting […]
  • 12/08 || How long will my injury case take in Florida?
    That is impossible to say without knowing your specific factual scenario. I get asked that in almost every single case, but a great deal of it depends on what are the purchasant’s damages and how long does it take them to heal. We would not want to begin to negotiate someone’s case without knowing the […]
  • 12/08 || How important is EDR or “black box” data to my car crash case?
    EDR data or what’s commonly referred to as black box data can be the difference between a highly contested drawn-out battle with an insurance company or defendant or a quick payment of the money that you’re entitled to. It’s important that that information is preserved and gathered as quickly as possible. It’s important that you […]
  • 12/08 || How can I pay my medical expenses in a catastrophic injury case?
    If you’re injured in the state of Florida and are bringing a claim, the preference is for you to treat under your health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance or it’s unavailable to you, some doctors will allow you to postpone the billing until the end of your case. They still want to be […]
  • 12/08 || How can I pay my attorney’s fees in a catastrophic injury case?
    The good news is personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency basis. What that means is even if you’re suing a Fortune 500 company or an individual who’s extremely wealthy, you don’t have to worry about fighting someone who has substantial assets on the other side. The law firm will advance the cost in […]
  • 12/08 || Can I sue the owner of the property where I was injured in Florida?
    It’s possible to sue the owner of a property where you were injured if it’s a result of their negligence. For example, if the owner of a property violates building codes, for example, has insufficient lighting or unsafe condition on their property, they are liable to the injury that occurs to someone when they walk […]
  • 12/08 || What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me for my Florida car accident?
    It’s important that you pick an attorney who is an expert in the subject matter. Some attorneys practice a broad variety of law. It’s important that you pick an attorney who knows personal injury law inside and out and has a proven track record of getting results.
  • 12/08 || What is the purpose of obtaining uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage?
    UM or uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage can be crucially important. If the driver that hits you doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, the next insurance up to bat would be your own insurance, UM, uninsured motorist coverage. That is insurance that you can purchase if you choose to, to protect you from […]
  • 12/08 || What is the first thing I should do after a Florida car accident?
    If you’re injured in a car accident in the state of Florida, the first thing you should do is call the police. The next thing you should do is collect evidence, get the information for the other driver, take pictures of the scene, take pictures of the vehicles, and then if you’re injured in a […]
  • 12/08 || What is no-fault insurance?
    Florida is a no-fault insurance state and what that means is if you have a vehicle that has a license plate on it, you have shown the DMV that you have $10,000 of PIP or no-fault insurance. PIP is Personal Injury Protection. That’s insurance that protects you whether or not you caused the crash. Generally, […]
  • 12/08 || What information should I obtain after my Florida car accident?
    If you’re injured as a result of a car accident, a picture’s worth a thousand words. While at the scene, please use your phone or your camera to take pictures of your car, the other person’s car, where they are relative position to each other, and the areas surrounding it. A claim might be brought […]
  • 12/08 || What if the driver who hit me in Florida was drinking?
    Florida has a set of laws that involve punitive damages. What that is is money damages to punish the person who did something wrong that the law is trying to prevent from happening. If a person is drinking and driving and causes you injuries, not only can you be compensated for your injuries, you can […]
  • 12/08 || What happens if the other driver involved in the accident is not insured or has minimal coverage?
    Since Florida is a no-fault state, a common occurrence is being hit by someone that has no insurance to protect other people from their actions. That’s why it’s crucially important that you talk to an attorney who’s willing to look under every rock and stone for all available coverage. It is possible there’s additional coverage […]
  • 12/08 || What evidence of injury is necessary to recover damages in a Florida car accident case?
    Injuries are as individuals, the people who suffer from them. If you have a cut or a bone sticking out of your arm, there’s no problem there but it’s possible to have subtle injuries, injuries that are not visible on the surface that need explanation in front of a jury, which is why it’s important […]
  • 12/08 || Should I go to the doctor after a Florida car accident?
    You should absolutely go to a doctor if you’re injured as a result of a car accident in the state of Florida. If you’re injured and it rises to the level where you feel you need to bring a claim, I would suggest seeing a doctor and working on resolving that injury.
  • 12/08 || If I miss work as a result of a Florida car accident, can my lost wages be recovered?
    Yes, you can recover for lost wages in the state of Florida both in the past and in the future. In your future lost wages, what you would be allowed to recover from a jury is what the net value of that is, brought back to present-day value.
  • 12/08 || How quickly should I contact an attorney following a Florida car accident?
    It’s very important that you get an attorney involved early in the process because evidence has a way of disappearing. For example, if a crash is recorded on an EDR, electronic data recorder for a truck, that data might be overwritten after a certain number of ignition cycles. It’s important that your attorney contacts anyone […]
  • 12/08 || Do I have to give a recorded statement to the insurance company in a Florida car accident case?
    If you’re injured in a car accident, you should not talk to the other insurance company without an attorney present. You do have an obligation to give information to your insurance company to aid them in the investigation of your claim. However, again, I would suggest having an attorney sitting by your side when you […]
  • 12/08 || Can I sue the driver of the car I was riding in if I was injured in a Florida car accident?
    You can sue the driver of the car you were riding in if you were injured in a car accident. If the driver was responsible for your damages, that driver’s bodily injury coverage would apply. If that driver was not responsible and you were injured by another driver who is uninsured or under-insured, potentially there […]
  • 12/08 || Can I receive money even if the Florida car accident was my fault?
    In Florida, we have a doctrine called comparative liability. What that means is that even if you’re 99% at fault for a car accident, the other driver is 1% responsible, you’re allowed to be compensated for that 1% of liability on the other driver.
  • 12/08 || What is a traumatic brain injury?
    A traumatic brain injury or TBI is an injury to the brain tissue caused by an external force. It could be something that would generally be referred to as a concussion all the way up to a foreign object entering the brain.
  • 12/08 || What do I need to bring to the initial consultation with my attorney in a Florida brain injury case?
    If you or a loved one is injured by a TBI or traumatic brain injury, please bring as much documentation as you have. Photos of the crash, photos of the scene, medical paperwork. Everything you have could be and likely is important in your case, so please bring everything.
  • 12/08 || What are the common indicators and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?
    A traumatic brain injury or TBI can reveal itself immediately or it can be a very subtle thing that appears over time. Things like excessive drowsiness, loss of consciousness at the impact, nausea, or vomiting as a result of the impact. General concussion type symptoms can be an indicator of a traumatic brain injury.
  • 12/08 || What are some common causes of brain injury?
    A traumatic brain injury or TBI is generally caused by an external force impacting the brain that damages the tissues of the brain. Some examples of that type of injury are car crash or truck crash or slip and fall where the heads hit something solid. These type of injuries can be subtle. You might […]
  • 12/08 || I did not feel pain at the scene and refused medical treatment. Now, a few days later, I am in pain. What should I do?
    That situation is extremely common. Generally, when people are at the scene, they’re concerned about their family members, their vehicle damage. They’re jacked up on adrenaline and they don’t feel the pain until they get home and things calm down. Jurors are people just like you and I, they will understand if you go to […]
  • 12/08 || How much will it cost me to hire an attorney for a brain injury in Florida?
    The good news is that personal injury cases are almost always contingency cases. What that means is, rather than paying an attorney by the hour, the attorney would be compensated by receiving a percentage at the end of whatever they recover. In other words, no money is required out of pocket from the injured person […]
  • 12/08 || Can I file a brain injury lawsuit on behalf of a loved one in Florida?
    A family member or other responsible person can file a lawsuit on behalf of somebody who suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI. If that person who is injured is no longer capable of making legal decisions for themselves, there is a system in place to have someone else stand in their shoes and bring […]
  • 12/08 || Can I claim compensation if I have suffered a brain injury in Florida?
    Traumatic brain injury is one of the worst injuries a person can sustain. If you or a loved one has a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, you can absolutely be compensated if that person was injured due to the negligence of another. With a case of that severity, it’s important that you talk to an […]
  • 12/08 || What options are available to someone injured in a Florida boating accident case?
    If you’re injured in the state of Florida while on a boat, that kind of situation has some similarities to a car crash, but there are many important differences. For example, if you’re injured on navigable waters in the state of Florida, that falls under maritime law, which is different than a car crash case. […]
  • 12/08 || Can the driver of a boat who acts in an irresponsible, unsafe manner be held liable for causing an accident in Florida?
    If the driver of a boat injures somebody due to their own negligence, they’re absolutely responsible for that negligence. Some examples of that are boating under the influence, driving while tired, driving while distracted. Those are kinds of behaviors that can cause boating injuries, and that is the situation where it’s important that you contact […]
  • 12/08 || What should I do if I was injured in a Florida bicycle accident?
    If you’re injured in a bicycle accident in the state of Florida, the first thing I suggest you do is call the cops. The second is collect evidence, take photos, talk to the other driver, and get the other person’s contact information. Then if you’re injured in a bicycle crash go ahead and see a […]
  • 12/08 || Does my own automobile insurance cover me for accidents when I am on my bicycle?
    Generally, your own automobile insurance will cover you when you’re riding a bicycle. If you own an automobile, you will have PIP available to you in Florida, no-fault insurance for the first $10,000. As well as if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, that will also cover you if you are struck by an […]
  • 12/08 || Does a cyclist have the same rights as an operator of a motor vehicle in Florida?
    Yes, a bicyclist has the same rights as the driver of a car in the state of Florida. A bicyclist is able to share the road just like a car can because they’re both considered vehicles. It’s important to know that in addition to the same rights, a bicyclist has the same responsibilities as a […]
  • 10/26 || Halloween Driving Safety Tips
    Help protect trick-or-treaters by following these driving safety tips on Halloween, or on the night your community hosts Halloween activities. Be especially careful between 4 and 8 p.m., when most severe vehicle/young pedestrian collisions happen. Drive slowly, and don’t pass stopped vehicles. The driver might be dropping off children. Park your mobile phone. Avoid distractions by waiting until […]
  • 05/30 || Florida, Palm Beach Car Insurance Prices Higher Than Average
    A new report on auto insurance costs brings some unpleasant facts for local car owners: Not only does Florida have auto insurance prices 12 percent higher than the national average, Palm Beach prices are even 13 percent higher than the state average. That means that if you own a car in Palm Beach, you can […]
  • 01/30 || Proposed Bill to Toughen Hit and Run Sentences in Florida
    In the state of Florida, drivers who have too many drinks and fatally hit someone on the road would face a DUI manslaughter charge with a minimum of 4 years in prison. However, drunk drivers who leave the accident scene to sober up and turn themselves in later would have lighter punishment. This generally means […]
  • 10/03 || Texting While Driving Ban in Florida Takes Effect October 1
    Florida has become the 41st state to ban texting while driving as the law has officially gone into effect October 1 after Governor Rick Scott signed the ban in May. The ban covers reading and sending text messages, emails, or instant messages on mobile phones and tablet computers. The ban, however, excludes the use of […]
  • 08/26 || Florida Medical Malpractice Bill May Soon Become Law
    A bill that will drastically the rules in Florida medical malpractice cases has now passed in both the state Senate and the House, and is currently on its way to Governor Rick Scott for signing into law. The bill, which was sponsored by Senate President Don Gaetz and supported in the House by Rep. Matt […]
  • 08/06 || FDOT to Designate Clearwater Bike Lanes Due to Fatal Accident
    Shortly after a hit-and-run driver struck a couple biking on Clearwater’s Memorial Causeway, state officials announced that they aim to designate bicycle lanes in order to help make that specific stretch of State Road 60 safer for all bicyclists. The accident left a 25-year-old male rider dead, and a 27-year-old female rider seriously injured. According […]
  • 07/29 || Negligence of the Helping Hands: Why Medical Assistants Must Be More Vocal about Their Injuries When They Occur
    ~ Guest Post by Alan Brady Patients are not the only ones who suffer from malpractice at medical facilities. Too often medical assistants encounter an injury while performing their daily duties and do not report it. A “medical assistant” can mean one of many different professions such as nurse, pediatrician’s assistant, assisted caregiver, or even […]
  • 07/25 || Crossroads of Injury and Child Support
    ~ Guest blog by Howard Iken Just imagine you have been injured and you are physically incapable of working. You cannot work, you may be in pain, and your life has become a dizzying rotation of attorneys, physicians, chiropractors, and pharmacies.  In the middle of the biggest crisis in your life comes an official looking […]
  • 07/24 || Four R’s Can Prevent Head-on Collisions in Florida
    Head-on collisions are perhaps the most terrifying type of car crash in Florida. They are also among the deadliest. A case in point: three people were killed June 16 in a head-on collision on Interstate 10, according to a news release from the Florida Highway Patrol. This is from the online Pensacola News Journal: The […]
  • 07/18 || Half a Million Distracted Driving Crashes and Counting in 2013
    So far this year, there have been more than 500,000 car accidents in Florida and nationally involving drivers using a cell phone or texting. Every 30 seconds there is another distracted driving accident, says the National Safety Council. Distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions. A recent study found that an estimated nine percent of drivers […]
  • 07/03 || New Florida Traffic Law Bans Texting by Truckers
    On July 1, new laws took effect that target significantly reducing the number of car accidents in Florida. According to Landline Magazine, the laws aim to bring an end to aggressive careless driving, and also aim to ban interstate truckers from texting while driving. These measures were part of a 226-page transportation bill that Governor […]
  • 06/21 || How to Avoid an Overcorrection Crash
    Drivers who make the common mistake of overcorrecting their steering cause an estimated 4 percent of all fatal car crashes. This means more than 1,000 people are killed each year by overcorrections. Overcorrection occurs when a driver moves the steering wheel abruptly in the opposite direction from where the car is going. This usually happens […]
  • 06/18 || Fire Safety Tips for Seniors in Florida Nursing Homes
    Residents of Florida nursing homes face different risks – including the risk of injury or death from a fire on the premises. The prospect is particularly frightening because many seniors in nursing homes and elder care communities are bed-ridden or have limited mobility. On June 8, three people were injured – and a handful of […]
  • 06/13 || Five Facts About Compounding Pharmacies in Florida
    Ever since the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that killed at least 48 and injured hundreds more, people in Florida and nationally have been fearful of defective drugs from compounding pharmacies. In this post we will answer some of your questions about compounding pharmacies. The meningitis scare began last fall when it was revealed that contaminated […]
  • 06/11 || Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Takes Effect in October
    Governor Rick Scott is winning praise for signing the new law that bans texting while driving. The real winners, however, are the state residents, as distracted driving accidents in Florida are expected to drop because of the new measure. The law classifies sending texts, emails or instant messages while operating a vehicle as a secondary […]
  • 06/06 || What You Should Know About Flood Insurance in Florida
    As Florida hurricane season approaches, residents need to know the basics about homeowners insurance and flood insurance. Florida’s peninsula is surrounded by two vast bodies of water. The state’s 67 counties are crisscrossed by more than 1,700 lakes, rivers and streams. Most of the state is at or near sea level. This means that practically […]
  • 05/31 || Top 10 Causes of Florida Truck Accidents
    Large trucks, particularly those that make frequent stops and move slowly, are known to cause numerous traffic crashes in Florida. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, roughly 3,000 crashes in Florida involve heavy trucks, resulting in about 1,500 injuries and more than 50 deaths every year. On May 21, a […]
  • 05/29 || Six Key Numbers Regarding Florida Nursing Home Abuse
    This year, there will be up to a half million allegations of nursing home abuse in Florida and nationally. On top of this, an unknown number of claims will go unreported. In Florida, state inspectors have the power to shut down a nursing home or elder care facility that receives too many complaints. That happened […]
  • 05/27 || Memorial Day Means Many Floridians Boating on Waterways
    In Florida, Memorial Day weekend is a time for fun on the waterways, but it is also a time of increased risk of serious injury or death. Ten people have already lost their lives in 2013 because of boating accidents in Florida. The staff of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or FWC doesn’t […]
  • 05/24 || Summertime is the Worst for Fatal Accidents, Distracted Driving
    With summer rapidly approaching, the Florida Highway Patrol is preparing for more drivers on the roads and increased distractions. Statistics show that there are more fatal accidents during the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day compared to any other time of the year. Recent reports suggest that during the summer months, more officers […]
  • 05/22 || Distracted Driving Crashes Underreported
    Distracted driving might be an even bigger problem than it seems.  A new study shows that most car accidents caused by distracted drivers are incorrectly reported. According to a new study by the National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization aimed at preventing injuries, crashes in cases where drivers were using a phone or wireless communication […]
  • 05/20 || Six Key Numbers Regarding Florida Nursing Home Abuse
    This year, there will be up to half a million allegations of nursing home abuse in Florida and nationally, and an unknown number of claims will go unreported. In Florida, state inspectors have the power to shut down a nursing home or elder care facility that receives too many complaints. That happened recently to an […]
  • 05/16 || Seven Ways to Avoid a Florida Intersection Accident
    Twenty percent of all fatal car crashes in Florida and nationally take place at intersections. They happen in many different ways. Cars zoom past stop signs. Trucks go through red lights. One vehicle turns directly into the path of another. Half of all auto accidents that result in serious injuries occur where two or more […]
  • 05/14 || $19 Million Awarded For Florida Rollover Death
    There are more than 600 rollover accidents in Florida every year – and more than 80 percent of them result in serious injury or death. On average, one person is hurt or killed in a Florida rollover accident every day. Some of these victims will be entitled to recover compensation for medical bills, lost income and […]
  • 05/07 || Five Top Hospital Errors in Florida
    More than 180,000 people die every year from hospital errors in Florida and across the country. These mistakes range from botched surgeries to blown diagnoses. Here are Five Top Causes of Hospital Negligence in Florida, based on jury verdicts, malpractice insurance claims and research from the American Association of Retired People. Medication Errors. Approximately 400,000 […]
  • 05/06 || Texting While Driving Ban Moves Forward in Florida
    The Florida House passed a bill to ban texting while driving May 1, but it is uncertain whether the measure will ever become law. Although the House approved the anti-texting bill by a 110-6 margin, a major hurdle remains for the measure, which is intended to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents in Florida. […]
  • 05/02 || Top 12 Florida Counties for Car Crash Deaths
    Miami-Dade County – with 248 traffic deaths in 2011 – is the deadliest county in Florida for fatal motor vehicle collisions, according to state statistics. Number two is Broward County, with 160 crash deaths. There were 2,400 fatal car crashes in Florida in 2011, the most recent year complete statistics are available. Top 12 Florida […]
  • 05/01 || Texting Not the Only Problem with Drivers Using Smartphones
    Concerns about distracted driving by teenagers often focus on texting behind the wheel. But teens use their cellphones for other purposes in addition to texting, so laws on distracted driving laws often include other uses of handheld electronic devices. According to Pew Research Center study, cellphones are the primary way teens are accessing the Internet. […]
  • 04/25 || Texting-While-Driving Ban Appears Likely in Florida
    After many failed attempts, it looks like this year Florida will ban texting behind the wheel. At the Florida Senate, a bill was unanimously passed that bans the act of texting while driving. The bill limits the use of any handheld devices designed to receive or send text messages, including cellphones and tablets. According to […]
  • 04/24 || 10 Most Dangerous Florida Counties for Boating Accidents
    As summer approaches and boating enthusiasts take to Florida waterways, the number of boating deaths and injuries will start to add up. Each year, hundreds of people are involved in boating accidents in Florida. Most of these mishaps occur in 10 counties, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, with Monroe County and […]
  • 04/23 || Distracted Driving Still on the Rise
    It’s no secret that distracted driving is dangerous and at times deadly. However, a new government study reveals that Americans are using cellphones while driving more frequently now than ever. According to a recent New York Times article, the study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that distracted driving is increasingly common. Of […]
  • 04/19 || Proposed Texting Ban Moves Forward In Florida
    Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia already ban texting behind the wheel.  On April 3, Florida moved one step closer to joining that list when a House committee sent a distracted driving bill to the floor for full discussion. By a vote of 16-1, the House Economic Affairs committee cleared HB 13, which would […]
  • 04/17 || Students Join Campaign Against Distracted Driving
    A few local high school students got messy to send a message about distracted driving, the Sun Sentinel reports. Covered in fake blood and lying among mangled cars, students from Boyd Anderson High in Lauderdale Lakes did their part to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving. The scene, a simulated fatal crash, was staged by […]
  • 04/16 || Bill Attacks Punitive Damages in Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits
    A bill that would make it harder to seek punitive damages for willful and extreme patient abuse at a Florida nursing home is making its way through the state legislature. In a 7-2 vote, SB 1384 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee led by GOP on April 1. SB 1384 adds additional hurdles for individuals and […]
  • 04/15 || The Anesthesia Malpractice Problem in Florida
    Most patients who have anesthesia for surgery come out just fine – but some are victims of anesthesia error and suffer serious complications like infections, kidney failure and brain damage. And some don’t survive being “put under.” The most frequent cause of anesthesia error is negligence by the anesthesiologist. Patients are given general anesthesia before […]
  • 04/11 || Florida is in Top 5 For Truck Accidents
    More than half a million truck accidents occur in the U.S. each year – and around 5,000 people are killed. Many of these truck accidents are in Florida, with its heavy highway traffic generated by the agricultural, manufacturing and tourism industries. In fact, Florida is one of the top five states for truck accidents. The […]
  • 04/09 || Killer Bacteria Threatens Seniors in Florida Facilities
    Nursing homes in Florida are preparing themselves for drug-resistant bacteria, which kill roughly half of the individuals that it infects. Unfortunately, seniors in long-term, acute care facilities are those who are hit hardest. The killer bacteria, known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, has previously hit Florida seven different times since 2008, affecting a total of […]
  • 04/02 || Florida Nursing Homes Added to Watch List
    Families in Florida who are choosing a nursing home for a loved one need to know as much as possible about the facilities they are considering. That is why the “Watch List” of Florida nursing homes is so valuable. The Watch List – compiled by the state Agency for Health Care Administration – flags elder […]
  • 03/29 || Drivers in Poll Admit Texting, Talking on Phone
    Distracted driving has received a great deal of attention recently. In Florida, our lawmakers are working to limit cellphone use behind the wheel. However, despite heightened awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, a new State Farm survey shows that it is still a problem. State Farm polled 1,000 motorists ages 18 to 29 about […]
  • 03/28 || John Deere Brackets Promise Hands-Free Phones on Tractors
    Distracted driving is a growing problem, and it’s not limited to our roads and highways. John Deere, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, is introducing cellphone- and tablet- mounting brackets that it says will reduce distractions for people who operate farm equipment. The U.S. Department of Transportation describes a distraction as any activity that diverts a […]
  • 03/27 || Americans Are the Most Distracted Drivers
    America is No. 1 again, but this time it’s not for something we should brag about. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving is a bigger problem in America compared to Europe. The CDC surveyed drivers here and in seven European countries about the use of their cellphone […]
  • 03/26 || New Moms Among the Most Distracted Drivers
    Being a mom is a tough job that often requires a great deal of multitasking. Survey results from American Baby Magazine and Safe Kids Worldwide reveal, however, that new moms may be trying to juggle too many tasks while driving a vehicle. The results of the survey of 2,396 moms with children under the age […]
  • 03/22 || Florida DUI Death Toll Rises
    More than 700 people in Florida lost their lives in 2011 in a vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. And close to 4,000 have been killed over the last five years. In many of those accidents, the drunk driver was a repeat DUI offender. That appears to be the case in a recent Florida crash […]
  • 03/21 || Billboard Wording May Distract Drivers
    Most of the discussion concerning distracted driving has focused on distractions inside the car. Handheld electronic devices, primarily cellphones, are often considered the source of most driver distraction. However, a recent study by the University of Alberta has found a possible risk outside the car. Researchers have discovered that certain billboards are distracting to motorists. […]
  • 03/20 || Year of Elder Abuse Prevention Promotes Safety in Florida Nursing Homes
    People who have a relative residing in a Florida nursing home should pay close attention to the quality of care their loved one is getting. That’s one goal of the “Year of Elder Abuse Prevention,” according to the federal Administration on Aging (AoA). According to the AoA, cases of elder abuse occur more often than […]
  • 03/15 || Study Shows Deadly Effects of Texting While Driving
    Deaths caused by distracted driving in Florida and other states rose 22 percent in five years, new research reveals. The study – published in the Journal of the American Medical Association – shows the deadly consequences of talking on cell phones and texting behind the wheel. In the year 2011 alone, more than 3,000 people […]
  • 03/14 || Walt Disney World Joins Fight Against Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida
    Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are joining a statewide push to reduce distracted driving accidents in Florida. Walt Disney World has announced that it is teaming up with state and national organizations, among which include AAA, the Florida Sheriffs Association, Florida League of Cities, and the city of Orlando, to support legislation that bans motorists […]
  • 02/27 || How Do Proposed Distracted Driving Laws Measure Up?
    As we noted earlier this month, Florida’s distracted driving legislation is beginning to gain traction in both the House and Senate. Most of the debate won’t begin until March. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the laws being considered in Florida and how they compare to distracted driving laws in other states. […]
  • 02/22 || Florida Injury Lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, Selected as ‘2013 Top Rated Lawyer’
    The founder of the law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, receives recognition in the Daily Business Review for achieving a Martindale-Hubbell™ AV Preeminent® peer review rating. Stuart, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) February 23, 2013 – Philip DeBerard, III, an injury attorney who has provided legal help to South Florida and Treasure Coast residents for more than […]
  • 02/20 || Hospitalized Babies At Risk For Medicine Mistakes
    Medication errors in hospitals are alarmingly common – and it appears babies and small children are the ones in greatest danger. A new medical study from Canada finds that young patients are at risk of serious mistakes in prescribing and administering drugs. In fact, the study found that drug errors are the most frequent medical […]
  • 02/18 || Miami Nursing Home Closing After Two Deaths
    A nursing home in Miami Gardens is shutting down its children’s unit following the death of two children and safety fines totaling $300,000. Golden Glades Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has announced that its 60-bed pediatric unit will be closing. The move is the latest chapter in an ongoing dispute over the placement of seriously sick […]
  • 02/13 || Drivers Still Distracted Despite Rising Awareness
    The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released its Safety Culture report on distracted and risk-prone drivers. According to the report, distracted driving remains both a major concern and a prevalent behavior among motorists. AAA Foundation is a publicly supported research and education organization that is dedicated to preventing traffic crashes. In late 2012, the […]
  • 02/11 || Support Grows for Florida Texting Ban
    A Florida Senate committee is taking the first step towards banning texting while driving. The effort is happening as support for the law appears to be at its highest. The Senate bill would make texting while driving a secondary offense, which means officers could add a $30 fine to a ticket issued to a driver […]
  • 02/06 || Florida Highway Patrol Targets Aggressive Drivers
    The Florida Highway Patrol has kicked off a new enforcement campaign against aggressive car and truck drivers. From February 4 through February 8, troopers across the state will keep an eye out for motorists who are speeding, following a vehicle too closely, or attempting unsafe passing maneuvers. Major targets of the “Ticketing Aggressive Cars and […]
  • 02/04 || “Phil Will Help” Phone App Is Vital Tool in Car Crashes
    The new “Phil Will Help” phone application could be a lifesaver for people in Florida who are in an automobile accident. The app provides vital information and links – such as locating the nearest ambulance service, calling a towing company, and organizing medical bills – available by phone and absolutely free. “Phil Will Help” is […]
  • 01/31 || New Trial Denied in $1.8 Million Nursing Home Abuse Case
    A Lake Worth nursing home has been denied a new trial after it was hit with a jury verdict of nearly $1.8 million for a former patient’s wrongful death. This was one of the largest trial verdicts ever handed down in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Florida nursing home. We first wrote about this […]
  • 01/30 || 45 Florida High Schools Win Safe Driving Grants
    The Florida chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) has announced that 45 high schools in the state will receive $1,000 grants funded by State Farm. The grants will be used to develop safe driving campaigns for teens. SADD is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. The program is dedicated to educating students, parents […]
  • 01/28 || Absence of Distracted Driving Law Hurts State’s Safety Rating
    A group of highway safety advocates is giving Florida a rating of “yellow” for its traffic safety laws, saying the state needs to do more to protect motorists. In its recently released 2013 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety provided its tenth annual report card that graded all […]
  • 01/25 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, Blasts Behind-The-Wheel Apps
    The founder of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, says new in-car technology introduced at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas flies in the face of distracted driving fatality statistics. Stuart, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) January 26, 2013 –Philip DeBerard, III, an accident attorney in Stuart, Florida, today decried the recent Consumer Electronics Show debut of dozens […]
  • 01/18 || Two Killed in Manatee County Crash
    Two people were killed and two others hospitalized with serious injuries after a head-on collision in Manatee County on January 8. One driver lost control on a curve and drifted across the centerline directly into oncoming traffic. The family of a person killed in a Florida automobile wreck caused by another driver’s negligence might have […]
  • 01/14 || Traffic deaths increase in FL, across US
    Drivers in Broward County and Palm Beach County should proceed with extra care. Numbers from the Florida Highway Patrol state that traffic deaths in both counties have increased over the past year. This increase appears to be on trend with the nationwide statistics reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For the first […]
  • 01/10 || Twenty Percent of Florida Nursing Homes Endanger Patients
    One in five nursing homes in Florida has been placed on a Health Care Watch List for not adequately taking care of its patients. The group Families for Better Care took a look at nursing homes throughout Florida and found that fully 20 percent of them are on the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration […]
  • 01/08 || Responsibility for Roadway Defects
    In some car accident scenarios, such as accidents caused by a drunk driver, responsibility for the accident is easy to identify. However, this is not the case for all accidents, especially those that occur because of a defect on or near a roadway. Accidents resulting from roadway defects can occur in a number of ways […]
  • 01/07 || Website Compiles List of Cellphone Laws, Legislation
    Last week, we wrote about new legislation that would ban texting behind the wheel in Florida.  As we mentioned, this legislation marks the fourth time Florida lawmakers are considering such a ban. With so much legal action going on regarding distracted driving, it’s easy to get confused about current laws and the history of the […]
  • 01/03 || Is Smoking the Next Distracted Driving Fight?
    It’s common knowledge that accidents caused by distracted driving are a problem in Florida and elsewhere, though the discussion tends to focus on cellphone use behind the wheel. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, smoking a cigarette while driving might be more dangerous. The National Institutes of Health found that on average, people […]
  • 12/31 || Legislators Try for Texting Ban, Again
    Here we go again. For the fourth time, Florida lawmakers are considering a law that would ban texting behind the wheel. Rep. Doug Holder, a Sarasota Republican, has filed a bill to make texting while driving a secondary offense. Under the proposed law, a driver could receive a citation for texting while driving only after […]
  • 12/28 || Distracted Driving Deaths on the Rise
    According to a new analysis by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving deaths are on the rise.  The report is based on data from 2011. The report shows that overall, traffic fatalities fell 1.9 percent in 2011, marking the lowest level since 1949.  But despite this overall downward trend, […]
  • 12/27 || Palm Beach Jury Awards $1.8 Million For Nursing Home Neglect
    The family of a 72-year-old man has won nearly $1.8 million in damages against a Florida nursing home for neglect and inadequate care leading to his death. George Dahmer, the victim, was a popular professional wrestler from the 1950s up until the 1980s, and was known as Chief White Owl. In 2008, he suffered from […]
  • 12/27 || Toyota Penalized $17.35 Million for Lexus Defects
    Toyota has been charged with failing to promptly report a dangerous floor mat pedal defect found in its Lexus cars, and has thus been slapped with a hefty fine amounting to $17.35 million—the maximum fine allowed by law. The penalty, which was announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety […]
  • 12/24 || Motorcycle Deaths in Florida Are Soaring
    The number of fatalities in motorcycle crashes in Florida is rising dramatically, particularly coming after the total number of motorcycle fatalities has declined for three straight years. It seems, however, that there is a new group of Florida motorcycle riders who are losing their lives – middle-aged and older Baby Boomers who are climbing back […]
  • 12/18 || Transportation Secretary Addresses Distracted Driving
    The U.S. Department of Transportation has published the text of Secretary Ray LaHood’s keynote speech at the Florida Distracted Driving Summit last month. Around that time, we posted some general information about the summit. As a Florida accident law firm, we agree with his call for greater awareness of the risk of accidents from distracted […]
  • 12/18 || Danger of Automotive Defects
    According to a study from 2007, there were over 254 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States. Because automobiles are such a normal part of everyday life, it is easy to forget how complicated and complex they are. In order for an automobile to work properly, every component must work not only on its […]
  • 12/17 || Video from the Florida Distracted Driving Summit
    Last month, we wrote about the Florida Distracted Driving Summit, hosted in Tampa on Tuesday, November 13.  This week, one of the sponsors, USAA, released a video highlighting details of the summit, and we’re pleased to share it.
  • 12/14 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, Says State’s Crash Total is Still Too High
    The founder of the Stuart law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, points to new NHTSA statistics show that Florida ranks in the top five nationally for its number of car accident fatalities despite improvement in 2011 that matched the national trend. Stuart, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) December 15, 2012 – Florida car accident attorney Philip DeBerard, […]
  • 12/13 || ’Webbing’ Is New Distracted Driving Concern
    Move over texting. “Webbing” is the newest distracted driving danger. According to a survey by State Farm, Internet surfing, or “webbing” while driving, has increased among younger drivers. The survey of nearly 1,000 motorists in July 2012 found that “webbing” has increased among drivers ages 18-29 from 29 percent in 2009 to 48 percent. This […]
  • 12/10 || Recovering from Whiplash
    Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and preventable death in the United States. There are many different ways that an individual may suffer an injury in a car accident, but one of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when an individual’s neck is extended and retracted suddenly, […]
  • 12/04 || Tips To Avoid Boating Tragedy in Florida
    Want to dramatically reduce your risk of a fatal accident on Florida waterways? Take a boating safety class. More than three-quarters of people who die in Florida water vehicle accidents have never taken a course in safe boating, according to the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. And 76 percent of them were not wearing […]
  • 11/29 || 5 Tips For Talking With Seniors About Safe Driving
    When is it time for an elderly relative to give up the car keys? The question is a sensitive one – especially in Florida, where so many senior citizens are actively motoring. But sometimes health or cognitive problems reach a point where it is simply unsafe for an aged driver to get behind the wheel, […]
  • 11/22 || Florida Traffic Fatalities Increase. Is Distracted Driving to Blame?
    Seven Florida counties have seen a spike in traffic fatalities this year.  As a result, Gov. Rick Scott wants highway safety leaders to study whether texting while driving is to blame. Traffic fatalities are up four percent across the state.  In Hillsborough County, there have been 137 traffic deaths this year, compared with 115 in […]
  • 11/20 || 4 Tips For Turkey Day Travel
    Florida roads will be crowded during the Thanksgiving travel season, and highway officials are reminding motorists that the best way to ensure a safe arrival is to buckle up. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 337 people were killed in car crashes nationwide during the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is why the NHTSA has […]
  • 11/16 || Florida Targets Aggressive Drivers
    Better think twice before changing lanes abruptly or cutting in front of another car on the Treasure Coast, because the Florida Highway Patrol is watching. A new initiative known as Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks aims to reduce commercial vehicle-related crashes, injuries and deaths by targeting unsafe drivers. According to a news release from the […]
  • 11/15 || Tampa Hosts First-Ever Florida Distracted Driving Summit
    Distracted driving is a hot issue in Florida. Bills to ban cellphone use behind the wheel have repeatedly been defeated here. But the issue is front and center again, as the first-ever Distracted Driving Summit was held in Tampa this week. The summit was sponsored by insurance company USAA, the Florida Department of Transportation, the […]
  • 11/15 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Endorses Renewed Effort to Ban Texting While Driving in Florida
    The founder of the law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, says Florida legislators against a proposed texting ban should recognize that prohibiting texting while driving could save lives. Stuart, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) November 15, 2012 – Florida car accident attorney Philip DeBerard, III, said today that he supports renewed efforts to pass a ban on […]
  • 11/15 || Florida Responders Prep for Distracted Driving Accidents
    Fifteen people are killed each day in the United States in car accidents caused by distracted driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Further, 1,200 people are injured each day in such accidents. Distracted driving is a deadly, growing problem. In Florida there is no law banning the use of cellphones behind […]
  • 11/15 || Two states get $550,000 for texting-ban enforcement
    Thirty-nine states have some form of law against texting while driving, but most find it hard to enforce. The challenge is detecting when a driver is texting behind the wheel. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes to find ways to make it easier for law enforcement to identify […]
  • 11/13 || Palm Beach Suffers $24 Million In Sandy Damage
    Although the worst of Hurricane Sandy occurred up north, her winds and waves still resulted in over $24 million worth of damage to Palm Beach County beaches—and much of Sandy’s impact was on the sand itself. According to The Palm Beach Post, county environmental managers assessed the total damage done to publicly owned oceanfront structures […]
  • 11/08 || Driver Crashes Into Arby’s At Port St. Lucie
    Vehicle collisions can happen in all sorts of ways. Case in point: On November 5, an 80-year-old woman from Stuart was driving a vehicle that crashed one side of a Port St. Lucie fast food joint. According to an account from WPTV news, the accident occurred at the Arby’s fast food restaurant in Port St. […]
  • 11/06 || 54 Vehicles Safety Rated for 2013
    Looking to buy a new car for Model Year 2013? Be sure and check its 5-Star Safety Rating. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a  list of all Model Year 2013 vehicles that will be tested as part of its beefed-up 5-Star Safety Rating Program. Each year, NHTSA tests vehicles with the highest […]
  • 11/01 || Vero Beach I-95 Project Continues Despite Danger Warnings
    It seems construction of a controversial – and some say dangerous – bridge on I-95 in Vero Beach is moving full steam ahead despite a judge’s order in September to stop work on the project. The state Department of Transportation is widening I-95 in both directions for six miles in Indian River County from the […]
  • 10/30 || Palm Beach Traffic Cameras Are A Big Bust
    It seems those “Big Brother” traffic light cameras at Palm Beach intersections – intended to bust speeding drivers – are turning out to be a bust themselves. First came a storm of controversy when they were installed, followed by a wave of lawsuits challenging their constitutionality. Now it appears the cameras aren’t generating the business […]
  • 10/25 || Online Game Illustrates Consequences Of Distracted Driving In Florida
    Each week, we post articles about the dangers of distracted driving.  The facts are clear — distracted driving causes accidents. Reports have shown that driving while using a cellphone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%.  Sending a text message while driving creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving […]
  • 10/24 || Avoid Eating These Foods While Driving
    Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a driver’s attention away from the road. That includes eating – and a company that insures classic cars says it has found the 10 most dangerous foods to eat behind the wheel. Hagerty Classic Insurance often receives claims for damage to car interiors caused by food. The […]
  • 10/23 || 400,000 GM Cars Recalled For Crash Danger
    General Motors has recalled more than 400,000 Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn cars because of transmission defects that can lead to crashes. The affected vehicles – including certain models of the Chevrolet Malibu, Pontiac G6 and Saturn Aura – are some of the company’s best sellers. Unsafe vehicles cause car wrecks. The Florida auto accident lawyers […]
  • 10/22 || Driver Distracted by Dog Hits School Bus
    Cellphones aren’t the only distractions for drivers. Pets, too, can steal drivers’ attention from the road. A Florida driver recently became distracted by her dog in her car and struck a school bus, according to a recent report in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Darlene E. Polonski was traveling westbound on […]
  • 10/19 || Insurance Company Blows Ill Wind On Treasure Coast
    A push by Citizens Property Insurance – the state-backed insurer of last resort – to hike premiums and reduce its risk against wind and storm damage is making it more difficult for Florida residents to insure their Treasure Coast homes. A story in Vero Beach 32963 says obtaining wind coverage this year is “infinitely harder” […]
  • 10/19 || Driver Distracted by Dog Hits School Bus
    Cellphones aren’t the only distractions for drivers. Pets, too, can steal drivers’ attention from the road. A Florida driver recently became distracted by her dog in her car and struck a school bus, according to a recent report in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Darlene E. Polonski was traveling westbound on […]
  • 10/12 || Firm Linked With Fungal Meningitis Outbreak No Stranger to Serious Error
    Guest Post The serious outbreak of fungal meningitis has already killed 12 people and left more than 130 people infected as the result of a tainted batch of steroid injections that are used to treat pain and inflammation. This outbreak has many medical malpractice lawyers in Hoboken and throughout New Jersey focusing on potential liability […]
  • 10/11 || 11-year-old wins $20,000 for Anti-Texting App
    For 11-year-old Victoria Walker, a dog’s bark is one of the most annoying noises.  Her family has three large dogs, and Victoria says that when they bark she immediately wants to stop what she’s doing. With this idea in mind, Victoria entered AT&T’s anti-distracted driving contest in September – and won. AT&T invited programmers to […]
  • 10/10 || Meningitis Outbreak Threatens Florida Residents
    One of the worst cases in recent history of a tainted pharmaceutical drug continues to escalate, leaving 11 people dead and nearly 120 seriously ill as of Oct. 9. Another 13,000 are at risk of falling ill. The outbreak of rare fungal meningitis is tied to a batch of methylprednisolone acetate distributed to clinics in […]
  • 10/09 || Rainy Weather Driving Tips
    Heavy rain caused a 47-vehicle pileup this month on Interstate 75 near Sarasota, leaving 52 people injured. The accident was reminiscent of a chain-reaction crash in January on I-75 near Gainesville, which involved 19 cars and left 10 people dead. That accident was attributed to heavy smoke from a nearby fire, fog and darkness. According […]
  • 10/05 || Share the Road with Florida Bicyclists
    Once again our South Florida personal injury attorneys ask Florida motorists to stay alert to pedestrians and bicyclists. Last week, a hit-and-run driver killed a man from Naples as he rode his bicycle through a neighborhood around 11:30 a.m. Each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 50,000 bicyclists are injured in […]
  • 10/04 || CDC Reports 1 in 10 Teens Drink and Drive
    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced some good news last week: the percentage of teenagers that are drinking and driving has dropped 54 percent over the last 20 years. Although that statistic is good news, any amount of teenage drinking and driving is discouraging. CDC Director Dr. Thomas R. Frieden reports that […]
  • 10/03 || Some Dashboard Text Distracts Male Drivers
    When it comes to distracted driving, cellphones get most of the blame. However, according to a new study, text appearing on dashboards also contributes to the problem. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New England University Transportation Center suggests that certain text size and type font used in dashboard displays are distracting. […]
  • 09/28 || Doctors Can Help Prevent Medically Unfit Florida Residents from Driving
    Our South Florida car accident attorneys have previously reported on the challenges senior drivers face on Florida highways. Aging drivers often have limited vision, strength, coordination and flexibility, which can hinder their ability to safely control a car. However, when family members determine an older relative is no longer capable of driving safely, taking the […]
  • 09/28 || Local High School Students Pledge Not to Text and Drive
    Distracted driving is a growing problem among our nation’s teens. In fact, about 40 percent of teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cellphone in a way that was dangerous. That’s why AT&T has asked all drivers to take the “It Can Wait” or “No Text” pledge. Wharton High […]
  • 09/28 || Distracted Driving Causes 1 in 10 Fatal Wrecks
    According to a new report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving caused nearly 10 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in 2010.  The report studied all traffic accidents that year, and analyzed how distracted driving influenced those crashes. NHTSA found that 416,000 people were injured in traffic accidents involving distracted drivers that […]
  • 09/26 || Teens Learn Distracted Driving from Parents
    If you’re the parent of a teenage driver, chances are you’re worried about the decisions your teen is making behind the wheel.  But according to a survey commissioned by Liberty Mutual and Students Against Destructive Decisions, you might be the cause of your teen’s poor driving habits. Last week, CNN summarized the results of the […]
  • 09/25 || Florida Car Accident Attorney Encourages Employers to Adopt Distracted Driving Policies
    Stuart, FL, September 14, 2012 — Florida car accident lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, today encouraged employers across the state to follow the lead of other companies that have adopted policies that prohibit employees from texting while driving. “Adopting work rules to stop employees from texting while driving is a smart and caring thing for employers […]
  • 09/20 || Child Passenger Safety Week Focuses on Proper Installation of Child Safety Seats
    “Securing your child in a correctly installed child safety seat is one of the most important things you can do to protect your child’s life every day,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Installing a child’s safety seat correctly, however, is difficult and is often done incorrectly. To educate adults on the proper […]
  • 09/19 || Florida Residents Asked to Help Older Adults During National Preparedness Month
    September has been declared National Preparedness Month by presidential proclamation. Last week we presented information on the importance of keeping an emergency kit on hand in the case of an emergency, including hurricanes or tornadoes. Today, our Treasure Coast personal injury attorneys offer key information for ensuring our senior population is included in emergency plans. […]
  • 09/15 || Local Employers Cracking Down on Texting While Driving
    Last spring, we wrote about the defeat of Florida’s distracted driving bill. Now some local employers are taking matters into their own hands. Walt Disney World and Orange County have already enacted policies that prohibit their employees from texting behind the wheel when they’re on the clock. Seminole County is also considering a similar ban. […]
  • 09/13 || Florida Residents that Prepare for a Zombie Attack Will Be Prepared for Hurricanes Too
    In July, our South Florida hurricane damage attorneys urged South Florida and Treasure Coast residents to take the danger of hurricanes seriously as the 2012 hurricane season got underway. With hurricane Isaac serving as a reminder that the hurricane season has arrived, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and […]
  • 09/12 || What Would You Do To Prevent a Distracted Driving Injury?
    Each week, we write about car accidents caused by distracted driving. But what would you do to prevent a distracted driving accident from occurring?  According to reports, a Canadian man was willing to risk his own life. Darrell Krushelnicki is credited with saving the lives of four children after he intentionally drove his Hummer into […]
  • 09/12 || Florida Mom Pushing for Distracted Driving Law
    Last spring, many Florida drivers were upset when the House blocked legislation that would have banned texting while driving in the state. Now, one Naples mom is encouraging people to again take action to enact the law. Kristin Murphy is leading a charge to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.  She hopes that […]
  • 09/11 || Heavy Florida Drivers Encouraged to Make Seatbelt Adjustments and Buckle Up
    A woman in Summerville, S.C., got a wakeup call last year when she was ticketed for not wearing her seatbelt.  The woman weighed 408 pounds at the time, and the seatbelt was not big enough to fit around her.  In the year since, the woman has lost over 200 pounds.  She can now safely buckle […]
  • 09/07 || Port St. Lucie Drivers Less Likely to Be Involved in Car Accidents
    A report by Car Insurance Comparison last year found Florida drivers to be among the worst in the nation. A new report by Allstate confirmed that while drivers in some of the larger metropolitan areas in Florida are still among the worst drivers, drivers in the Treasure Coast are among the nation’s safest drivers. Allstate, […]
  • 09/05 || Star of “Glee” Offers Message about Texting while Driving
    A new public service announcement features actress Dianna Agron who stars as Quinn Fabray, a popular character on the hit Fox show “Glee.”  Her character becomes involved in a car accident while looking at a text message instead of the road. The PSA is part of the larger “Stop the Texts.  Stop the Wrecks” campaign […]
  • 09/04 || Florida’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week Runs Through Friday
    The Florida Department of Transportation announces its “Drowsy Driving Prevention Week”, which is on the heels of Florida’s Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. The weeklong campaign, which runs through Sept. 7, aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. Drunk drivers tend to bring outrage to victims and their families, but […]
  • 08/31 || Distracted Driving: A Game No One Wins
    Many of us grew up playing video games.  Today, some of the most popular video games simulate driving.  Games like Super Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed require the player to “drive” a car while processing all kinds of other obstacles.  So are experienced gamers better than others at driving while dealing […]
  • 08/29 || Department of Transportation Making Florida Turnpike Safer
    Last week, we wrote about the increase in car accidents in Broward and Palm Beach counties.   In that article, we explained that distracted driving is likely to blame for the rise. Now, Florida’s Department of Transportation and the Florida turnpike authority are working to enhance the safety of the Florida Turnpike in that area.  New […]
  • 08/28 || Florida Car Accident Drivers Cautioned to Share Information, But Not Too Much
    If you have witnessed a Florida car accident, you know that in the aftermath there is chaos and confusion. It is important for drivers to remain calm and take the appropriate steps to help ensure that all legal processes are completed. In Florida, that means you must stop at the scene of your accident, render […]
  • 08/23 || Florida Highway Patrol to Crack Down on Impaired Drivers through Labor Day Weekend
    Our Treasure Coast car accident attorneys believe it is important for Florida drivers to say informed about law enforcement efforts to keep our highways safe from dangerous drivers. As the Labor Day weekend approaches, we offer information regarding the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign that is running until September 3. The Florida Department […]
  • 08/22 || Distracted Driving Laws Difficult to Enforce
    Distracted driving is dangerous, and cellphones are the cause of many car accidents. While Florida does not prohibit the use of a cellphone while driving, our neighbors to the north, in Georgia, do have a law targeting distracted driving. But police officers are having trouble enforcing it. In July 2010, the law in Georgia went […]
  • 08/21 || Florida Hit-and-Run Accident Drivers Leave Devastation in Their Wake
    A Fort Pierce hit-and-run accident Saturday night left a woman dead and the police searching for clues for the driver responsible.  TCPalm.com reports the 32-year-old mother of two was crossing U.S. 1 around 9 p.m. Saturday when she was struck by a vehicle.  Police are urging anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-8477. […]
  • 08/17 || Florida Parents and Caregivers Urged to Remember the “Baby in Back”
    In April, before the temperatures began heating up too much, our South Florida personal injury attorneys issued a reminder of the dangers of leaving children unattended in hot cars. Sadly, in August alone, eight children across the United States, including one child in Florida, died after being left inside a car. According to the Department […]
  • 08/16 || New App Asks ’How Is My Kid Driving?”
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens.  In fact, teens are four times more likely than older drivers to crash.  In Florida, teens make up only 5 percent of the driving population, but they are involved in 9 percent of fatal crashes. Now, […]
  • 08/16 || Car accidents on the rise in Broward, Palm Beach counties
    If you’re driving through Broward or Palm Beach County, watch out! Traffic deaths are on the rise there, and distracted driving is likely to blame. So far this year, 85 people have died in car accidents in Palm Beach County, compared with 77 at the same time last year. A similar trend is occurring in […]
  • 08/14 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Says Drivers Need to Know of PIP Changes
    Stuart, FL, August 11, 2012 –Florida car accident lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, said today that drivers in the Sunshine State need to be aware of a new statute that puts time and money restrictions on personal injury claims following a car wreck. “Changes to Florida’s PIP auto insurance coverage laws require people who suffer personal […]
  • 08/10 || Florida Drivers Reminded to Wear Seatbelts for Increased Safety
    Our Florida car accident attorneys frequently offer news stories that will educate the public about the importance of wearing safety belts when traveling our roadways. Unfortunately, far too many people continue to fail to buckle up when in a vehicle. Just this week, an SUV carrying six people crashed on Florida’s Turnpike killing one person […]
  • 08/09 || Florida Drivers Asked to Observe National Stop on Red Week
    According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), red-light running is a serious intersection safety issue across the United States. In fact, the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2008, the last year of available data, there were over 2.3 million reported crashes that were intersection-related, resulting in nearly 733,000 injury crashes […]
  • 08/09 || Man Hit by Driver Using Phone, Calls for Laws to Change
    Late last month, a 42-year-old man was struck by a car in Jacksonville as he was walking home from church.  Now, he’s speaking out about Florida’s lack of distracted driving laws. Chuck Jensen was hit from behind by a car whose driver, police said, was on his cellphone.  Jensen suffered a concussion and a broken […]
  • 08/07 || Texting While Walking Injuries on the Rise
    It’s no secret that distracted driving is a growing problem in Florida and across the nation.  Weekly, we post stories about how texting behind the wheel causes car accidents.  But according to a recent report by the Associated Press, people are getting hurt when they use their cellphones while walking, too. The number of people […]
  • 08/02 || Florida Teenagers Can Find Safe Driving Resources on Internet
    Two teenagers died and two adults were injured in a three-car accident on Interstate 95 near Ormond Beach late Thursday, July 26. Although police are continuing to investigate the cause of the accident, it serves as a reminder to all Florida residents of the need to educate teens about safe driving. TaketheWheel.net is one resource […]
  • 07/31 || Fort Pierce Project Aims to Improve Pedestrian Safety
    Our Treasure Coast personal injury attorneys have continually warned residents about the dangers faced by pedestrians in our area. In fact, a recent report found Florida pedestrians are at greater risk of being struck by a vehicle than pedestrians in any other state. Now, however, Fort Pierce pedestrians may get a break with a plan […]
  • 07/26 || Florida Pool Owners Urged to Promote CPSC’s “Pool Safely Days”
    Just last week we wrote about the drowning risks presented by swimming pools. Our goal of that article was to raise awareness of steps that can be taken to protect children from accidently drowning in private or public swimming pools. Since then, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that July 22-29 is Pool […]
  • 07/25 || Do Distracted Driving Laws Cause More Harm Than Good?
    These days, most states have laws against texting while driving. Florida still does not. But according to new research, Florida’s roads might be safer without such a law. A Canadian-based research group recently examined highway fatalities in Manitoba. They discovered that the number of car accidents there increased after distracted driving legislation went into effect. […]
  • 07/24 || Canadian Police Wear Disguises To Catch Distracted Drivers
    Distracted drivers in Ottawa, Canada better watch out– that homeless guy on the sidewalk or construction worker nearby might be a cop in disguise. Last week, police officers in Ottawa posed as construction workers and issued citations to 41 drivers for offenses, including texting while driving.  The disguised officers would observe the infraction and then […]
  • 07/24 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Says Drivers Can Observe ‘Cell Phone Courtesy’ by Not Texting or Using Cell Phones behind the Wheel
    Stuart, FL, July 19, 2012 — With National Cell Phone Courtesy Month being observed this July, it’s a good time for South Florida and Treasure Coast residents to consider the courtesy – and common sense – of staying off their cell phones while driving, Florida car accident lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, said today. “We think […]
  • 07/19 || MADD Honors FHP Officers for Getting Drunk Drivers off Florida Roadways
    According to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are the second leading cause of Florida accident fatalities.The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) conducts drunk-driving crackdowns throughout the year in order to keep our Florida highways safe from impaired drivers.The job is tough and places our officers […]
  • 07/17 || Florida Residents Urged to be Cautious Around Swimming Pools
    Summer has arrived with a vengeance, and with the heat comes the search for relief in the local swimming pool. Unfortunately, the allure of cooling off sometimes leads to serious injuries and deaths in family and neighborhood pools. Our FL personal injury attorneys are once again raising awareness of the drowning dangers of swimming pools, […]
  • 07/13 || Florida Group Raising Money For National Distracted Driving Program
    Can you spare some change? How about four quarters? That’s the amount of money a local group is hoping each person will donate through their initiative “Bang for your BUCK.” “Bang for your BUCK” is a distracted driving summer fundraising campaign launched in Southwest Florida.The campaign encourages everyone to donate $1 to raise money for […]
  • 07/12 || Lack of Universal Motorcycle Helmet Law Costly to Florida
    Our Treasure Coast motorcycle accident lawyers presented a series of articles throughout May, during Motorcycle Awareness Month, on the dangers motorcycle riders face when riding Florida highways. In 2010, 383 motorcyclists or their passengers lost their lives on Florida highways. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, helmets are by far the single most effective […]
  • 07/11 || July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
    July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, which means there is no better time than now to put down your phone while you’re driving. According to the U.S. Government Website for distracted driving, Distraction.gov, drivers who use handheld cell phones are four times more likely to get into a serious car accident. In 2010, the last […]
  • 07/10 || IIHS Says Florida Teens Could be Safer Through Stricter GDL Laws
    In March, our South Florida car accident attorneys presented information regarding the rising number of deaths among Florida teen drivers. One way to keep Florida’s young drivers safer on the roadways, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), is to tighten the laws surrounding driver’s licensing requirements. In a recent study, the IIHS […]
  • 07/05 || Researchers meet in Orlando to discuss the psychology of distracted driving
    Every year, researchers gather at the Lifesavers Conference to discuss the nation’s highway safety priorities. This year the conference — which is the largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the U.S. — was held in Orlando. And distracted driving was a hot topic. According to David Strayer, a professor of psychology at the University […]
  • 07/05 || Calm Down, Says Your Car
    Driving can be stressful. But Jeff Greenberg, senior technical leader for Ford Motor Co. Research and Advanced Engineering, thinks he has found a way to help drivers stay calm – biometric technology. According to Greenberg, Ford is experimenting with new technology that will interact with a driver according to the driver’s stress level. The technology […]
  • 07/05 || South Florida Injury Lawyer Urges Treasure Coast Residents to Take Threat of 2012 Hurricane Season Seriously
    Stuart, FL , June 26, 2012 –South Florida injury lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, today urged South Florida and Treasure Coast residents to take the danger of hurricanes seriously as the 2012 hurricane season gets underway. “Hurricanes are powerful, dangerous and ultimately unpredictable,” said DeBerard, of the South Florida law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney. […]
  • 07/04 || Parents Urged to Keep Laundry Pods Locked Up and Out of Children’s Reach
    In May, ABC News reported breaking news that children are mistaking the new single-dose laundry detergent packets, such as Tide Pods, for candy. After an 18-month-old child swallowed a pod believing it to be candy, he was rushed to the emergency room with severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. ABC News reports that in the last […]
  • 06/28 || As Summer Brings More Bicyclists to Florida Roadways Motorists Asked to Stay Alert, Bicyclists Asked to Follow Safety Rules
    According to the League of American Bicyclists, there are nearly 57 million cyclists nationwide. Unfortunately, each year close to 700 bicyclists are killed and another 50,000 are injured in traffic crashes in the United States. In Florida, in 2010, 76 bicyclists died and 4,600 were injured in motor vehicle accidents. As summer activities get into […]
  • 06/26 || Florida Highway Patrol Seeks Qualified Recruits
    Our South Florida personal injury attorneys report weekly about Florida automobile accidents, and the law enforcement efforts to cut down on all types of accidents, especially drunk driving and distracted driving. We have covered accident information ranging from dog bites to motorcycle accidents to bicycle accidents.  Although the number of accidents may seem daunting to […]
  • 06/22 || Congress Considering Paying States To Ban Texting While Driving
    In Florida, it’s not illegal to send a text message while driving—but that might soon change, as Congress is considering paying states to outlaw texting behind the wheel. Under a new transportation bill in the Senate, states would receive additional funds if they pass legislation to ban texting while driving. The bill would also oblige […]
  • 06/21 || Facebook and Twitter, Coming Soon From US Automakers
    The auto industry wants to make it easier for drivers to tweet and update their Facebook statuses from their cars. But please, don’t Tweet and drive.  Several major automakers will soon begin producing car models with in-car Internet and social network access. But U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is pushing for new federal guidelines that […]
  • 06/19 || Death of Experienced Florida Bicyclists Serves as a Reminder to Stay Alert Day and Night for Cyclists
    Our South Florida bicycle accident attorneys have warned motorists to stay alert around bicyclists traveling our roadways. Primarily, children are the victims when vehicles collide with cyclists.  However, a recent accident that seriously injured one Florida bicyclist and killed his two friends reminds us that an experienced biker is no defense against a car.  Three […]
  • 06/14 || New Study Ranks Florida 18th For Injury Deaths in the United States
    A study just released ranked all the U.S. states according to safety based on the number of injury deaths from either accidents or violence. Florida is doing some things right, but ranked as the 18th deadliest state, our residents’ safety can be improved by following some key steps recommended by the authors to prevent injuries. […]
  • 06/12 || Florida Highway Patrol Cites Thousands for Aggressive Driving
    The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) announced the results of its aggressive driving campaign.  The FHP conducted three aggressive driving crackdown efforts this year.  Florida police were looking for drivers “who committed violations attributed to aggressive driving, such as speeding, following too closely and changing lanes improperly.” While all aggressive drivers were cited, the campaign was […]
  • 06/07 || Florida Motorcyclists Continue to Face Too Much Risk When Taking to the Roads
    June brings an end to Motorcycle Awareness Month, but our Florida motorcycle lawyers want to remind all drivers to continue to be vigilant for the two-wheeled vehicles sharing the road with you throughout the year. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, drivers need to take more care when traveling the highways with motorcycles – too […]
  • 06/05 || Distracted Driving To Blame For Collision With Fire Truck
    On Sunday, 26-year-old Sean Smith was driving his 2004 Mazda RX8 down Livingston Road in Naples, Fla. He decided to reach down to grab his cellphone—he didn’t see the fire truck parked in his path. Smith collided with the fire truck’s rear-end, causing $10,000 in damage to his car and about $50,000 in damage to […]
  • 06/05 || Parents are Encouraged to Warn their South Florida Teens of the Dangers of Car Surfing
    Tourists and residents alike flock to South Florida beaches to “hang ten” and get in some of the best surfing in the eastern U.S. Palm Beach is home to surfing schools and surfing events that are held year round.  Unfortunately, some daring teens in Florida have turned to an extremely dangerous type of surfing for […]
  • 05/31 || Dog Bites Take a Financial Toll on Florida Residents
    National Dog Bite Prevention Week ended Saturday, and with it comes the harsh reality of the financial impact of dog bites on Americans. The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) reports that more than one-third of all homeowners’ insurance liability claims last year went to dog bite claims, costing the industry nearly $479 million in 2011. According […]
  • 05/29 || Florida Motorcyclist Shares Safety Tips
    As Motorcycle Awareness Month draws to a close, our Treasure Coast motorcycle accident attorneys offer one more article reminding Florida motorcyclists to drive safely – and for other motorists to stay alert for bikers on the road. This time, the safety message is from a Florida man who barely escaped death after being in a […]
  • 05/25 || Tyndall Air Force Base Bans Handheld Cellphone Use
    “You Talk. You Walk.” That’s what is printed on new signs posted around Tyndall Air Force Base.  The base has started a new campaign aimed at preventing distracted driving. The campaign makes it unacceptable to talk on anything other than a hands-free cellphone while driving on base. Military officials are hoping that the new restrictions […]
  • 05/24 || Florida Drivers Urged to Buckle Up While On the Road –Tickets Await Those That Don’t
    The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) partners with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign in time for the long Memorial Day holiday. From May 21 to June 3 officers will be out in force across the country and Florida to help save lives by cracking down on […]
  • 05/23 || AT&T Distracted Driving Simulator Visits Jacksonville School
    According to AT&T, teenagers text on average 60 times a day — and a lot of that texting happens behind the wheel of a car.  A survey conducted by the company found that while 97 percent of teens know that it’s dangerous to text and drive, almost half admit to doing it anyway.   That’s why […]
  • 05/22 || Dog Bite Prevention Week Raises Safety Awareness Around Dogs for Florida Residents
    In early April we presented information that urged Florida residents to stay alert for dogs to avoid a dog attack and dog bites. Now, in order to educate the American public about the dangers of dog attacks, the U.S. Postal Service teams up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Veterinary […]
  • 05/17 || Text Message Sender Sued In Distracted Driving Motorcycle Crash
    A woman in New Jersey sent a text message to a person who was behind the wheel of a car. Now, she is being sued for encouraging distracted driving, according to an article in the New York Daily News. David and Linda Kubert were riding their motorcycle in September 2009 when a car driven by […]
  • 05/17 || Statewide Distracted Driving Youth Summit Planned For This Saturday
    In 2009, Crooms Academy of Information Technology, located in Sanford, lost one of its teachers in a car crash caused by distracted driving. This loss motivated students at Crooms to take a stand against texting while driving. The next year, they formed Reynold’s Right Hands, an organization aimed at instilling safe driving behavior in the […]
  • 05/17 || Government Report Finds Nursing Homes Ill-Prepared for Natural Disasters
    Earlier this month, we reported on the growing number of Florida nursing home residents suffering from abuse and neglect. Reports found that patients are dying from poor care and the staff is often not held accountable. Now, on the heels of those troubling findings, the federal government has found that many nursing homes lack written […]
  • 05/16 || According To New Study, Teen Drivers Are Distracted By Other Teens
    Cellphones are not the only reason teen drivers are being distracted. Having other teens in the car can be distracting too, according to a recent study conducted by the AAA. The study found that a teenage driver’s chances of dying in an automobile accident increases dramatically when there are other teens in the vehicle. The […]
  • 05/15 || Alcohol Has No Place with Motorcyclists Traveling Florida Highways
    During the month of May, we have focused several articles on Motorcycle Awareness Month. Our Treasure Coast motorcycle attorneys join state and federal agencies in asking all drivers to stay alert and share the road with Florida motorcyclists. We also asks motorcyclists to follow the rules of the road and, especially, to not drink and […]
  • 05/14 || Sheriff’s Office To Present Free Teen Driving Challenge
    The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office will offer a free, two-day teen driving challenge on May 11-12.  The program, titled the “Teen Driving Challenge” (TDC), will consist of 4 hours of classroom work and 8 hours of hands-on instruction on a driving course.TDC was developed to combat the high crash rate of teen drivers on Florida’s […]
  • 05/10 || Young Cyclist’s Injury Reminds Drivers to Stay Alert for Children Sharing the Road
    With the longer days, warmer weather and approaching summer vacation, our South Florida accident attorneys ask drivers to stay alert for bikers and pedestrians on the roads. We especially ask that drivers be alert for children as they stay outside longer, often still walking or riding their bikes at dusk when visibility is reduced. A […]
  • 05/09 || Distracted Driving A Concern For Motorcyclists
    May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. And the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has a message for all automobile drivers: please pay attention.  According to the AMA, distracted driving has become a major concern of the motorcycling community. Often, a motorcyclist is injured or killed by an automobile driver who was distracted.  According to Motorcycle Hall of […]
  • 05/07 || Federal Texting While Driving Ban Might Be Coming Soon
    Several weeks ago we wrote about Florida’s failed texting while driving bill. Thirty-eight states have laws prohibiting texting while driving, but drivers in Florida are still without such protection. Now, the federal government appears ready to take action. Ray LaHood, U.S. Transportation Secretary, called for a federal law on Thursday to prohibit texting or talking […]
  • 05/03 || Too Many Florida Nursing Homes Patients Suffer From Abuse and Neglect
    Placing a loved one into a Florida nursing home or assisted living center is often a stressful decision for a family.  Once a home is selected, you and your loved one not only expect the staff to provide adequate medical care, but also to provide protection and security in the place where they live.  Unfortunately, […]
  • 05/02 || Eating Behind The Wheel — A Dangerous Distraction
    There are many ways for drivers to be distracted and not all of them involve cellphones or electronics.  According to a new study by the University of Leeds, drivers who eat behind the wheel are dangerous, too.  Researchers found that people who eat while driving have a reaction time that is 44 percent slower than […]
  • 05/01 || Florida Motorists Asked to Share the Road Safely With Motorcyclists During Motorcycle Awareness Month
    On many occasions we have offered articles regarding the dangers Florida motorcyclists face on our roadways, as well as safety tips to help make motorcyclists safer. In 2010, 33 motorcyclists died in Florida traffic accidents – that is 27% more than the previous year, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles […]
  • 04/30 || Federal Law Forces Companies To Focus On Distracted Driving
    Distracted driving has become a big problem across the country—but most of the focus has been on individual drivers. Now, a new federal law is forcing companies to address the issue as well. Recently, a new federal law took effect that prohibits drivers of commercial vehicles from using handheld cellphones while driving. The law applies […]
  • 04/27 || Young People Still Not Getting Distracted Driving Message
    Texting while driving is dangerous and causes hundreds of deadly accidents every year—but a new government survey indicates that young people still aren’t getting the message on distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a new distracted driving study and found that only one-third of passengers ages 18-24 would say something to a […]
  • 04/26 || NTSB Forum Invites Public to Provide Input on Stopping Impaired Drivers
    Our Florida car accident attorneys focus a lot of our efforts on educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving. In fact, our “Hang Up and Drive!” Facebook campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the tragedy that can strike when someone is texting or talking on the phone while driving on our highways. […]
  • 04/25 || Teens Tackle Distracted Driving With Rock2Live Music Festival
    Texting while driving has become a big problem in Florida, especially with young drivers. Last year, distracted driving caused more than 3,000 crashes among 15-19 year-olds. Now, two high school students are working to address this problem. Ross Brenner and Dalton Holody, two junior students at the Spanish River High School, are putting together an […]
  • 04/24 || Nationwide Campaign Raises Awareness of Risk of Death When Children Are Left in a Car
    Temperatures in Florida are starting to rise, and with the rise in temperatures comes the dangers of leaving children and pets in hot cars. Children left alone in a car, even in the most moderate temperatures, can be seriously injured or die by the rising heat in the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […]
  • 04/19 || Recent Florida Accidents Highlights Rising Number of Property Damage Accidents
    We have reported on a number of traffic accident trends in 2012, including the increased number of drugged drivers, alcohol-impaired teen drivers and the rising number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. Now, there seems to be another accident trend emerging in Florida — accidents involving drivers who crash into buildings. Just last week alone, three […]
  • 04/18 || School Buses Are The Most Recent Victims Of Distracted Driving
    Schools in Manatee County are facing an odd problem–their buses keep getting rear-ended.  And distracted driving is apparently to blame.  Already this year, five Manatee County school buses have been rear-ended.  In four of those crashes, the bus was not moving.  In all five incidents, there were no signs that the offending vehicle driver even […]
  • 04/17 || FDA Concludes Newer Birth Control Pills Associated With Higher Risk of Blood Clots
    In November, we reported to our readers that the U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration released a safety announcement that indicated its concern for users of birth control pills that contain drospirenone and the potential for their increased chance of blood clots. Since then, the FDA has continued to review studies and reports before […]
  • 04/16 || Collier County Cracks Down On Distracted Driving
    Texting and driving isn’t illegal in Florida, but deputies in Collier County have found another way to ticket motorists who aren’t paying attention behind the wheel. Lieutenant Michael Dolan of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office states that there is no citation that specifically deals with texting and driving. The charge in such instance would be […]
  • 04/12 || Florida Legislature Focuses on Bicyclist Safety
    Halloween is the one time during the year that children can dress up as their favorite super-hero or cartoon character and collect candy and treats from their friends and neighbors. Although Halloween is typically a fun night for children and adults alike, it can come with dangers. While some cities and towns “celebrate” Halloween on […]
  • 04/11 || Driving With A Dog On Your Lap-The New Distracted Driving Trend?
    Texting while driving has been at the forefront of distracted driving conversations for some time now. But a new distracted driving trend is beginning to emerge–driving with a pet on your lap.  According to a AAA survey, last year 21 percent of drivers let their dog ride in their lap while driving. Even more shocking […]
  • 04/10 || DEA Investigates Florida Pharmacies for Increase in Oxycodone Prescriptions
    We recently published an article noting the increasing incidence of drugged drivers and the hazards they are bringing to our Florida highways. “Drugged driving is just as reckless as drunk driving. It can lead to tragic car accidents and injuries,” said Florida injury attorney Philip DeBerard, III. In March, a Treasure Coast accident left a […]
  • 04/09 || April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
    Distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of fatal crashes each year. In an effort to curb distracted driving, April has been designated as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the NSC or National Safety Council relays a message to all drivers: starting now, put down your cellphones. Janet Froetscher, NSC president and CEO, hopes that […]
  • 04/05 || Florida Residents Should Stay Alert to Dangerous Dogs
    With summer fast approaching, more and more Florida residents will be congregating outside on porches and sidewalks as their family and friends come to Florida during their vacations and summer holidays. Unfortunately, for some, the carefree evenings can turn tragic when a dangerous dog attacks them. We have previously reported on Florida dog bites. According […]
  • 04/04 || Florida Drivers Can Learn from Creative California Distracted Driving Campaign
    Does texting while driving turn you into a zombie? According to authorities in California, it does.  California has launched a new public service campaign aimed at curbing distracted driving. In the campaign, drivers are depicted as zombies — drawing from the concept that using a cellphone while driving limits brain activity. “The message is a […]
  • 04/03 || Female Teen Drinkers Pose Risk on Florida Highways
    Last month, we presented information regarding the importance of educating our Florida teenagers on driving safely, and distraction-free, to prevent serious injuries and death when traveling Florida highways. However, we did not discuss an alarming trend that is posing a health and safety risk to teenage girls – binge drinking. According to a story aired […]
  • 04/02 || Cellphones Top Distraction Among Drivers
    There are many types of distracted driving behaviors–adjusting controls, eating, drinking, personal hygiene, reaching for something in the back seat. But according to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the use of electronic devices, including cellphones, is the most prevalent.  The study used video recordings taken inside the cars of 50 […]
  • 03/30 || Florida Teams Up With FTA To Curb Distracted Driving Among Public Transit Employees
    Distracted driving has become a growing national problem, and the federal government is ready to take action. This week, the FTA or Federal Transit Administration announced that they are teaming up with the FDOT or Florida Department of Transportation in order to lessen cases of distracted driving among the public transit system employees. The FTA […]
  • 03/30 || Costumed Advertisements Targeted By Florida Cities
    If you’ve driven by a shopping center, chances are you’ve seen them: costume-wearing advertisements. They spin, they twirl, and they dance to attract business. But according to a few South Florida cities, they also distract drivers.  Hallandale Beach is attempting to eliminate “human signs” from its roadsides by passing an ordinance banning them. But the […]
  • 03/29 || Port St. Lucie School Bus Accident Just One of Many in U.S. in Recent Weeks
    Getting our children safely to school is often taken for granted as hundreds of buses crowd the roads every morning. When school started back, we urged Florida drivers to be extra cautious as students loaded and unloaded school buses. Unfortunately, recently there has been a rash of school bus crashes across the country, including Florida, […]
  • 03/27 || Florida Bike Week Deadliest in Years
    Two weeks ago, we alerted our readers to Bike Week to make them aware of the thousands of motorcyclists that would be sharing the Florida roads. Unfortunately, several cyclists died in an automobile accident during the event, including one last Saturday. As Bike Week came to a close, a 64-year-old motorcyclist from North Carolina died […]
  • 03/23 || Florida Boating Accident Lawyer Urges Safety as Spring Draws Boaters, Fishermen to Treasure Coast Waters
    Stuart, FL, March 22, 2012 — Florida boating accident lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, today urged fishermen headed out for bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee and other recreational boaters on Treasure Coast waters to make safe and smart decisions as they enjoy their time on the water. DeBerard pointed to a recent TCpalm.com report that noted […]
  • 03/22 || New “Faces of Distracted Driving” Video Released
    In 2010, more than 3,000 Americans were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver. That’s why in November of that year, the U.S. Department of Transportation launched a video campaign known as “Faces of Distracted Driving,” which aims to illustrate the disastrous effects of texting and cell phone use while driving. This week, a new […]
  • 03/21 || Rise in Florida Teenage Accident Fatalities Brings Focus to Teen Driving Safety
    Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports a reduction in the number of deaths nationwide among 16- and 17-year-old drivers from 2007 to 2010, just last month we reported that teen driving deaths have begun to increase again. In fact, in the first half of 2011, teenage traffic fatality deaths increased by nearly […]
  • 03/16 || Cellphones Not Only Blame For Distracted Driving
    When most people think of “distracted driving,” they typically think “cellphones.”  But according to new research, cellphones aren’t the only cause of distracted driving.  According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, if a driver’s mind is deeply focused on any topic, he or she is less likely to scan the road for hazards […]
  • 03/16 || Speeding Drivers Are Still a Risk on Florida Highways
    The Florida Highway Patrol has supported multiple safety campaigns aimed at making our highways safer. We have provided information on how the state is working to stamp out drunk driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving. Now, according to a new study, we believe the Florida police should turn renewed attention to speeding drivers. In its […]
  • 03/14 || Be Alert to Increased Number of Motorcyclists During Bike Week
    Daytona Beach welcomes close to 500,000 motorcyclists to the area for its 71st annual Bike Week celebration.  The events that run from March 9 to March 18 offer bikers an opportunity to explore the Florida coast and to get to know their fellow motorcyclists through festivities including motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. Unfortunately, […]
  • 03/14 || Florida’s Texting While Driving Bill Defeated
    Last week signaled the end of Florida’s legislative session and also the end of a bill designed to combat distracted driving. The proposal would have made texting while driving a secondary traffic offense. The bill, referred to as SB 416, failed to move forward in the House despite clearing the Senate’s budget panel last month. […]
  • 03/09 || Texting While Driving A Problem On Beaches
    Distracted driving isn’t just a problem on highways and roads. In Florida, it’s a problem on our beaches too.  Now, one beach county is ready to take action.  The Volusia County City Council is considering a new ordinance that would ban texting while driving on the beach.  If a driver on the beach is caught […]
  • 03/09 || Government Wants Your Feedback On Distracted Driving Guidelines
    Last month, we wrote about new guidelines issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) aimed at eliminating distracted driving.  Now, the federal government is asking for your feedback.  NHTSA has announced that it will hold three public hearings to give drivers an opportunity to comment on the guidelines.  The hearings will be held […]
  • 03/08 || South Florida Car Accident Lawyer Says Drug-Impaired Motorists Threaten Traffic Safety Progress
    Stuart, FL, March 01, 2012 – New data shows that teen drivers fail to appreciate the danger of driving while under the influence of illegal drugs such as marijuana, South Florida car accident lawyer Philip DeBerard, III, said today. DeBerard pointed to a recent survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). […]
  • 03/08 || Explosion at Florida Horse Farm Brings Awareness to Hazards of Defective Products
    Visitors primarily fuel Florida’s tourism industry—flocking to the seemingly endless beaches and the numerous theme parks, including Disney World. A lesser known, yet very critical aspect of Florida’s tourism revenue lies in the state’s growing horse business. Unfortunately, a tragic accident at one of the farms last month has shined a spotlight on the safety […]
  • 03/06 || NHTSA Delays Ruling on Requiring Back-Up Cameras for All Cars
    In December we reported that a Transportation for America report concluded that Florida cities are among the most dangerous in America for pedestrians. Although some of the cities in Florida are working towards improving accessibility of sidewalks and walking paths, the risks still remain high for pedestrians. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has […]
  • 03/02 || Self-Driving Cars Might Solve Distracted Driving Problem
    Distracted driving has become a growing problem across the country.  Nearly half of 1,000 drivers ages 18 to 24 who were interviewed by FindLaw.com admitted that they had texted or sent emails from their cell phones will driving.  However, US automakers are now trying to make distracted driving an issue of the past.  You can’t […]
  • 03/02 || DUI Simulator Used To Combat Distracted Driving
    These days, there is a stigma associated with drunk driving. It has become taboo to drive your car after drinking or to allow someone else to do the same. Law enforcement officials have waged aggressive campaigns to stop drunk driving, and similar campaigns are now underway against distracted driving. For several years, a company called […]
  • 03/01 || Everyone Must Use Seat Belts To Save Lives On Florida Highways
    A deadly month on Florida roads serves as a reminder that Florida’s seat belt law is not an inconvenience – it is a lifesaver. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that while the use of seatbelts saved 769 lives in Florida in 2010, another 229 could have been saved if the […]
  • 02/28 || Florida Drivers Can Use Social Media And Cell Phones For Traffic And Safety Updates
    The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) are all using social media accounts and cell phone technology to reach out to Florida drivers and ease their daily commutes. The departments hope that drivers will turn to technology to stay informed […]
  • 02/24 || Distracted Driving – A Growing National Problem
    Across the country, distracted driving is becoming a growing problem. In fact, every day more than 15 people are killed in crashes that involve a distracted driver. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conducted a new study, examining the frequency of cell phone use and texting while driving. According to the study, 25 percent […]
  • 02/23 || Texting While Driving On The Rise; Florida Takes Action
    Accidents caused by texting while driving are on the rise. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, distracted driving has surpassed drunk driving as the most dangerous way to drive.  Teenagers are one group of people who are at high-risk of being injured in an accident caused by distracted driving. In Jacksonville, the Duvall County […]
  • 02/22 || Proposed Government Guidelines Aimed at Removing In-Car Distractions
    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced Thursday that it has established the first-ever guidelines for automakers to eliminate drivers’ distractions. The recommendations are aimed at encouraging manufacturers to develop “less distracting” in-vehicle electronic devices. The guidelines, which are voluntary, apply to communications, entertainment, information gathering and navigation devices or functions that are not required […]
  • 02/22 || Florida Sees Large Rise In Teen Driving Deaths; Will New Apps Help Cut Down on Distracted Driving?
    According to new statistics, teenage driver deaths in the U.S. are up 6 percent over the past six months. Twenty-three states, including Florida, have seen increases in teenage fatalities. In fact, Florida is one of the states that has seen the largest increase, and distracted driving seems to be at fault.  A highway safety consultant […]
  • 02/17 || Florida Residents with High Stress May Pose Danger on Highways
    The Sunshine State is seen by many outsiders as the “go to” destination.Florida is the top vacation spot in the world, with tourism bringing in close to $60 billion each year. Snowbirds from the Midwest and the north flock here to escape the cold winters, college students cram the beaches during Spring Break and families […]
  • 02/14 || Florida Highway Patrol Cracking Down on Aggressive Drivers
    The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) has announced a new “education and enforcement campaign to ticket aggressive truck and car drivers” in an effort to make our Florida roads safer. The campaign will focus on education to raise awareness about safe driving behaviors and a stepped up law enforcement presence to ticket offenders. According to the […]
  • 02/09 || Drugged Drivers May Pose Danger to Florida Drivers
    At the start of 2012, we published findings from a Centers for Disease Control study that showed binge drinking among adults is increasing– and those binge drinkers are continuing to drive while intoxicated.  Now, Prevention magazine reports that a growing number of Americans are impaired by prescription drugs, and they are endangering others on the […]
  • 02/07 || Florida Ranks as Deadliest State for Pedestrians and Cyclists
    After several bicyclists and pedestrians died in tragic accidents in November, we offered information about the hazards that bikers and walkers face in Florida. In December, we provided results of a report that listed Florida cities among the most dangerous in America for pedestrians. Now, we bring you the latest statistics in a report from […]
  • 02/03 || ABS Brakes on Motorcycles May Limit FL Motorcycle Accidents
    Last month, a Sarasota motorcyclist swerved in an attempt to avoid crashing into a car that had stopped for another accident. Unfortunately, he ended up hitting that car and was critically injured. In another accident, a motorcyclist rear-ended another motorcycle when the lead cyclist apparently slowed and the second motorcyclist did not have time to […]
  • 01/24 || Wheelchair Fall Serves as Reminder of Dangers to Florida Nursing Home Residents
    On the heels of the recently uncovered nursing home fraud, Florida’s nursing home industry received another blow.  A Pinellas County jury handed down the largest nursing home neglect verdict in Florida history.  The $200 million verdict was awarded to the family of a 92-year-old woman who was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell […]
  • 01/20 || Preliminary 2011 Data Show Florida Highways Are Getting Safer
    Recent reports about the poor drivers in Florida, dangerous conditions for Florida pedestrians and the seemingly endless number of tragic accidents has left many Floridians fearful of taking to the highways. However, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), Florida highways are safer now than they have been in decades. […]
  • 01/18 || CDC Reports Binge Drinking Leads to Drunk Driving
    During the recent holiday season, Florida law enforcement joined the nationwide crackdown on drunk drivers by supporting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. The holiday season typically has more alcohol-related accidents than any other time of year. Unfortunately, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease […]
  • 01/12 || Tragic Accident in Jupiter Underscores Driving Needs of Florida Seniors
    A brutal freeway auto crash that recently claimed the lives of three older people highlights the dangers senior motorists face on Florida’s roads.  The victims, ages 80, 75 and 73, were killed when the SUV they were riding in drifted off I-95 in Jupiter, Florida, and landed in a water runoff retention pond. The driver […]
  • 01/10 || Does Driving with a Common Cold Pose a Danger?
    The list of distractions while driving is seemingly endless. Now, an ABC News report has identified yet one more distraction for drivers – the common cold. According to British researchers, a person who gets behind the wheel with a heavy cold is just as dangerous as someone who has consumed four double shots of whiskey. […]
  • 01/05 || Deadly Florida Tractor-Trailer Accident Provides Opportunity To Raise Awareness of FMCSA Regulations
    A deadly chain reaction accident occurred in Port Orange, Florida on Dec. 29 around 3:30 a.m. after the driver of a logging truck lost control, causing the truck to overturn and spill logs onto I-95, according to an Examiner.com article. A double-semi chemical truck carrying methyl bromide hit the logging truck and then erupted into […]
  • 01/03 || Are Distracted Doctors Dangerous to Florida Patients?
    Our South Florida car accident attorneys have continued to warn residents about the dangers of texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. The leading cause of accidents in Florida is distracted driving. Floridians now also have to worry about the dangers of “distracted doctoring” – doctors that text while caring for a patient. […]
  • 12/29 || Florida Nursing Home Fraud Puts Residents’ Lives In Danger
    This month’s bust of a major fraud ring involving workers at local assisted-living facilities shook the medical community in South Florida. Authorities arrested 21 people for selling or buying credentials that falsely claimed they were trained to provide medical care to residents in nursing homes. Dubbed “Operation Cardiac Arrest” by law enforcement, police found that […]
  • 12/27 || Florida Car Accident Lawyer Supports NTSB’s Call To Ban Cell Phones, Mobile Devices
    Florida car accident attorney Philip DeBerard, III, joined the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) call this week to adopt a nationwide ban on drivers using cell phones and other mobile devices while behind the wheel. “If motorists in Florida and elsewhere refuse to put away their phones voluntarily, then we need laws that will force […]
  • 12/22 || Authorities Crack Down On Holiday Drunk Driving In Florida And Across The Country
    Florida drivers’ bad reputation has been highlighted during the last few weeks, including Floridians being listed among the worst drivers in America. However, there is also some good news – when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the 2010 State Motor Vehicle Fatalities statistics, Florida was among the top states with the largest […]
  • 12/20 || NTSB Wants to Put a Brake on Texting and Driving; Florida Legislators Continue to Say “Not in Our State”
    The federal government’s primary highway safety board has determined that driving while texting is deadly, resulting in too many preventable automobile accidents. As a result, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling for a nationwide “ban [of] the nonemergency use of portable electronic devices (other than those designed to support the driving task) for […]
  • 12/16 || Florida Drivers Ranked Fourth Worst in the Nation
    Last week our car accident attorneys reported that, according to Transportation for America, pedestrians in Florida are risking their lives when taking to the streets. Now, in a new ranking based on highway accident and fatality statistics, Car Insurance Comparison ranked Florida fourth on its list of worse drivers. Car Insurance Comparison rated each state […]
  • 12/13 || Florida Lawmakers Will Once Again Take on Texting Ban
    Proposed bans on texting while driving in Florida continually fail in the House or Senate leading individual jurisdictions to implement their own texting ban. Key Biscayne is the latest town to take up the cause.But when the Florida Legislature returns for the 2012 session in January, lawmakers will once again be faced with debating whether […]
  • 12/08 || Distracted Driving Rampant Among U.S. and Florida Motorists
    According to the latest Harris Interactive / HealthDay poll, a vast majority of U.S. drivers admit to various driving distractions, including cell phone use, last-minute grooming, and consumption of food and drink. Perhaps people are not taking this hazardous practice as seriously as they should. Distracted driving causes serious car accidents and is responsible for […]
  • 12/06 || Florida Cities Most Dangerous in America for Pedestrians
    Just a few weeks ago, our car accident attorneys urged Florida drivers to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians on the roads, and to stay alert at all times to avoid a potentially deadly accident. Now, Transportation for America (T4 America) has released a new report that highlights the tragedy of pedestrian accidents in Florida. […]
  • 12/02 || Stuart Personal Injury Lawyer Says ‘Designated Texter’ Concept Could Help Prevent Florida Distracted Driving Accidents
    A new effort aims to reduce Florida distracted driving accidents by encouraging motorists to have a “designated texter,” but even more lives could be saved if Florida’s lawmakers would simply outlaw texting while driving, according to Florida auto accident attorney Philip DeBerard, III. Modeled on the successful “designated driver” campaign against drunk driving, a new […]
  • 11/28 || Safety Reminders for Those Taking to Florida Swimming Pools
    The Sunshine State stays true to its name even throughout the winter months. While most of the United States suffers through cold temperatures and snowstorms, residents of Florida are able to sunbathe and relax in their pools. In fact, with the temperatures expected to be in the 80s over the upcoming weekend in Vero Beach […]
  • 11/24 || Florida Drivers are Reminded to Buckle Up to Arrive at Their Thanksgiving Day Celebrations Safely
    The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means extremely heavy traffic into and out of Florida and the Treasure Coast area. The AAA or American Automobile Association estimates “42.5 million travelers will journey at least 50 miles from home” this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday beginning Wednesday, Nov. 23 and ending Sunday, Nov. 27. The Sun-Sentinel […]
  • 11/22 || High Tech Safety Features Step in Where Drivers May Fail
    We have already shown Florida drivers how new SUV features have improved the safety of passengers in SUVs as well as those riding in other vehicles who may be involved in an SUV accident. Now, automobile manufacturers are going even more high tech by creating features that practically take over from the driver in the […]
  • 11/18 || Weekend Accidents Bring Awareness to Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Statistics
    Two deadly accidents over the weekend on the Treasure Coast and South Florida have shined the light on the dangers motorists pose to bicyclists and pedestrians sharing the local highways.  A 76-year-old woman died after she was struck by a car when she was walking on the side of the road Friday. In a separate […]
  • 11/17 || Looming Port St. Lucie Nurses’ Strike Raises Concern over Medical Care
    Last Friday, a tweet sent by 1199SEIUFlorida announced, “TC Palm: Nurses’ union plans strike at St. Lucie Medical Center after negotiations fail:http://fb.me/14sfQPR0x.” Citing a TCPalm article, the St. Lucie Medical Center nurses’ union is planning a strike after unsuccessful negotiations with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the healthcare organization that owns St. Lucie Medical Center. […]
  • 11/14 || You Won’t Get There Faster by Changing Lanes During a South Florida Commute
    Because of congestion and traffic delays, residents of South Florida and the Treasure Coast spend an extra 38 hours per year commuting to and from work. It is easy to see why careless driving, speeding, failure to yield the right-of-way and ignoring traffic signals are among the top reasons for accidents in Florida. Hoping to […]
  • 11/11 || Safety Reminder – Florida’s “Move Over” Law
    Veterans Day is a three-day holiday for many in the state of Florida, and as with any long weekend, it means increased traffic on the roadways. It also marks the arrival of the upcoming holiday travel season where there will be increased police presence and emergency vehicles on the roadways as well. With more people […]
  • 11/10 || Drowsy Driving Prevention Week Serves As A Reminder To Florida Drivers To Stay Alert When Behind The Wheel
    Although everyone recognizes the dangers they pose to themselves and others on the road when they drive while sleepy, that fact still does not deter many from driving while fatigued. According to results from a survey just released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, one-third of all drivers in the United States have admitted […]
  • 11/08 || U.S. FDA Announces Concerns of Blood Clots Forming in Yaz/Yasmin Birth Control Users
    In a safety announcement released late September, the United States FDA or Food and Drug Administration stated their remaining concern regarding the use of contraceptives—particularly Yaz and Yasmin—which are drospirenone-containing birth control pills that increase the likelihood of blood clots. Birth control pills that contain drospirenone are considered fourth-generation contraceptives, and are made up of […]
  • 11/04 || Florida Drunk Driving Accidents Result in High Costs
    Drunk drivers continue to cause deaths, injuries and extensive property damage to residents of Florida’s Treasure Coast. While the Florida Highway Patrol has stepped up efforts to keep dangerous, drunk drivers off the roads, many drinkers still insist on driving drunk and endangering the lives of innocent people. Over the weekend, a Vero Beach accident […]
  • 11/02 || Florida Business Customers Should Stay Alert to Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nearly 9 million Americans were treated in emergency rooms for unintentional falls in 2009, making it the leading cause of all visits to the hospital.  Nearly one million of the emergency room visits were caused by slips and falls.  The CDC website states that many […]
  • 10/31 || Have Fun in Southern Florida on Halloween, But Keep Safety in Mind
    Halloween is the one time during the year that children can dress up as their favorite super-hero or cartoon character and collect candy and treats from their friends and neighbors. Although Halloween is typically a fun night for children and adults alike, it can come with dangers. While some cities and towns “celebrate” Halloween on […]
  • 10/28 || SUV Innovations to Lead to Safer Vehicles on Florida Highways
    Our Florida car accident attorneys previously reported that roll-over accidents result in too many fatalities in Florida and throughout the United States. Some of these accidents are caused by the higher profile of SUVs, yet many others are caused by driver error and inadequate use of safety restraints. At least one vehicle manufacturer is determined […]
  • 10/26 || Recent Florida Dog Attack Puts Pit Bull Ban Back in Spotlight
    Once again a young Florida child is the victim of a vicious dog attack. The latest dog-bite accident left an eight-year-old Deerfield Beach boy with a broken arm and bites to his face, arms and legs. He required over 30 stitches to repair the wounds caused by the pit bull, according to an article in […]
  • 10/24 || Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Applauds Key Biscayne Effort to Ban Texting While Driving
    Proposed bans on texting while driving have been unsuccessful in Florida over the past five years, but officials in Key Biscayne are trying to change that. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, Key Biscayne vice mayor Michael Kelly and village attorney Stephen Helfman are looking for ways to implement a texting ban in […]
  • 10/21 || Drivers Should Be Alert for Motorcyclists Sharing the Florida Highways
    Florida’s Treasure Coast and the surrounding South Florida communities continue to be plagued by tragic vehicle accidents. The “Traffic Crash Statistics Report 2010,”which summarizes Florida’s vehicle crash data for last year, shows that traffic fatalities are dropping, but the last few weeks have been particularly heart-rending for many Florida families.  Last weekend saw six motorcyclists […]
  • 10/20 || Port St. Lucie City Council Pushes Cell Phone Ban Resolution
    Florida is one of a handful of states that does not have a specific “cell phone law” to ban or limit the use of mobile devices while driving. Further, Florida’s preemption law prohibits localities from enacting distracted driving bans. However, Port St. Lucie’s City Council has decided to let the state know that it is […]
  • 10/17 || Unlicensed Drivers a Danger on Florida Roadways
    According to a study released by the American Automobile Association (AAA), over two million motorists on Florida roadways are driving illegally. Driving with revoked or suspended licenses, these drivers are proving a menace to other drivers, with an estimated one in five being involved in fatal crashes. While the reason for the high number of […]
  • 10/14 || Insurance Institute Identifies Seven Basic Safety Laws That Can Save Lives on Florida Roadways
    The Florida car accident attorneys of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney have continued to stress the importance of following Florida’s traffic safety laws and driving defensively, and sober, when traveling Florida’s highways. Even though the recent Florida traffic statistics show that FL highway accident fatalities are decreasing, and have continued to decrease over the last five […]
  • 10/12 || Roll-Over Accidents Claim Too Many Lives on Florida Highways, But Fatalities are Decreasing
    On the heels of a St. Lucie County, FL accident where a teenager lost his life when he was ejected from the car that rolled several times, at least four more people have died on Florida highways in similar accidents. In one accident last week, a family suffered tragic consequences during a rollover accident where […]
  • 10/10 || Florida Traffic Crash Statistics for 2010 Released by FLHSMV
    Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles just released the state’s traffic crash statistics for 2010. There is good news in the data – the traffic death rate continues to drop in the State of Florida. In fact, the state’s “mileage” death rate (number of deaths per 100 million miles traveled) dropped last year to the […]
  • 10/07 || “Coach K” Praise of DePuy Hip Replacements Not Enough for Many
    DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. has been under fire in recent years by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, doctors and patients over its hip replacement devices. In 2010, DePuy issued a warning to physicians to stop using its ASR metal-on-metal hip implants, and then recalled one of its hip implant products. Prior to the recall, 93,000 […]
  • 10/05 || Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Supports NTSB Proposal to Ban Cell Phone Use by Truck Drivers
    Florida personal injury attorney Philip DeBerard, III, today voiced his support for a federal agency’s call to ban use of cell phones by truckers and all other commercial drivers while behind the wheel. “The evidence proving the danger of cell phone use by long-distance tractor-trailer drivers is in, and it is indisputable,” said DeBerard, who […]
  • 10/03 || Treasure Coast Death Reinforces Benefits of Florida’s Seatbelt Law
    In June 2009, Florida’s seat belt law went into effect, making it a primary offense if the driver or front seat passenger is not wearing a seat belt. In addition, anyone under the age of 17 must be in a proper safety restraint. Florida joins 31 states and Washington, DC, in passing such a law […]
  • 09/30 || Truck Drivers May Soon be Banned from Cell Phone Use
    According to an article in the Florida Sun-Sentinel this month, Broward and Palm Beach Counties report careless driving, which includes talking and texting on a cell phone, is the leading cause of fatal accidents. While Florida does not have a law limiting or banning cell phone use for any drivers, the state may soon be […]
  • 09/28 || Florida Seniors May Benefit from Online Driver’s Education Courses
    A study released by RAND, a nonprofit research organization, projects 25% of drivers will be seniors by 2025. The state of Florida has close to 2 million licensed drivers over the age of 70. Although RAND found that seniors are less likely to cause an accident than the youngest drivers on the road, some states […]
  • 09/26 || NHTSA Reports Drunk Drivers Take to the Road After Midnight
    The Treasure Coast of Florida encompasses several of the most popular beaches in the state. Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Juno Beach and Jensen Beach all boast miles of beautiful coastlines, a multitude of seafood restaurants and a bustling nightlife. With many of the clubs and bars staying open until 2 a.m., and others not closing […]
  • 09/23 || Dog Bites a Real Threat to Florida Residents
    According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are close to 78 million dogs owned by Americans, with nearly 40% of U.S. homes owning at least one dog as a pet. Dogs are touted as being “man’s best friend,” but sometimes, family pets can become aggressive and attack, leaving family members, visitors or […]
  • 09/21 || Florida Rural Roads Found to be Among Deadliest in US
    Florida has the distinction of being the top vacation destination in the United States and in the world, with tourism bringing in nearly $60 billion to the state’s economy each year. Florida is also the top “snowbird state” in the country with the number of retirees taking up temporary residence during the winter months topping […]
  • 09/19 || The Number of Uninsured Motorists in Florida Continues to Grow
    In its Uninsured Motorists study released in April, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) noted 24 percent of Florida drivers do not carry car insurance. Florida is one of the five states with the highest number of uninsured drivers. Across the United States, the IRC says roughly one in seven drivers are uninsured. The IRC believes […]
  • 09/16 || Could Heavier Trucks Soon be Allowed on Florida Interstates?
    In mid January, a pickup truck and a tanker truck collided resulting in a tragic, fiery Florida crash. The Brevard County, Florida accident left both drivers dead and destroyed the SR 528 overpass. The tanker, which was carrying 2,000 gallons of fuel, exploded, sending flames over 30 feet into the air. Nearly two weeks later, […]
  • 09/14 || Honda Recalls SUVs Due to Safety Belt Defect
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that Honda has voluntarily recalled certain model year 2009-2011 Pilot SUVs due to a defect in the stitching that secures the safety belts to the anchors. The recall affects nearly 311,000 vehicles. Honda released a statement saying the carmaker initiated the voluntary recall due to a […]
  • 09/12 || Florida Police See Rise in Delayed Fatalities from Car Accidents
    The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the number of “delayed fatalities” resulting from automobile accidents has increased in 2011. These incidents, which often seem minor, can leave those responsible for the accident free from the potentially stiff penalty that is appropriate to the crime. Delayed fatalities are incidents where a car accident victim does not […]
  • 09/02 || Keep the Florida Highways Safe Over the Labor Day Weekend
    The Treasure Coast of Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, and over the Labor Day weekend, thousands of tourists will be heading to the Sunshine State for their end-of-summer celebration.  Holiday travel can be dangerous on the roadways, with vehicle accidents often surging over the long weekend. According […]
  • 08/31 || Does Inadequate Nursing Home Staffing Lead to Inadequate Care for Residents?
    This month, the family of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and several other conditions received $91.5 million in damages from a Charleston, West Virginia nursing home. The Charleston Gazette reported the 87-year-old woman was a patient for just three weeks at Heartland of Charleston nursing home where the workers failed to […]
  • 08/29 || Drive Safely and Stay Alert As Florida Children Return to School in the Coming Weeks
    Summer is over for the more than 2.5 million Florida school-age children and teens. Public schools across the Treasure Coast and South Florida are back in session, and with that come increased congestion and traffic in neighborhoods and on the roadways. Florida residents driving during these busy hours should be extra careful when driving near […]
  • 08/26 || Florida Police Continue to Combat Aggressive Driving
    This month, in a brazen case of road-rage, The Palm Beach Post reports that a Florida woman rammed the rear bumper of another vehicle, causing both drivers to lose control and crash into a Pine Hills home. The front walls of the one-story house suffered heavy damage in the crash. Fortunately, the house was unoccupied […]
  • 08/24 || Florida Joins Nationwide Drunk Driving Crackdown
    Law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Florida join other police departments nationwide in the 2011 drunk driving crackdown sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign runs August 19 to September 5. It is an annual nationwide enforcement effort to crack down on impaired driving […]
  • 08/15 || Young Children Require Close Supervision When Around Swimming Pools
    A 21-month-old child was found drowned in a swimming pool in Deltona, FL in late July after she wandered outside; an 11-month-old Citrus County, Florida girl drowned in the family swimming pool last week after a dog pushed a gate open and she wandered into the pool; and in early June, a one-year-old was found […]
  • 08/12 || Stay Alert for Stopped Vehicles on Florida Highways
    A car stopped on the northbound lanes of I-95, north of Okeechobee Boulevard near exit 71, was rear-ended by another car early Sunday morning, resulting in the death of a passenger and serious injuries to the two drivers. While it is unclear why the car was stopped, it is important for all drivers to be […]
  • 08/11 || Medical Checklists Can Go a Long Way to Save Patients’ Lives and Prevent Medical Errors
    With patients’ health and lives at stake when receiving care for surgeries and other serious medical procedures, doctors and hospitals take special precautions to ensure a safe outcome. While many hospitals provide checklists to their patients with instructions to follow prior to admittance to a hospital stay, experienced doctors often resist hospital checklists as an […]
  • 08/08 || Government Hopes to Reduce Tractor-Trailer Accidents with Strategic Plan
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has just released its draft five-year strategic plan entitled, “Raising the Safety Bar,” and the agency is using the opportunity, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, to present “a fresh and bold new view on issues critical to bus and truck safety.” This incentive comes at a […]
  • 08/05 || FDA Requests Industry Feedback Over Controversial Medical Device Approval Report
    Following pushback from medical device manufacturers over a move to revamp the existing medical device approval process, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped back and is requesting more comments from the industry. A government-commissioned report was unveiled last week that reviewed the regulation of medical devices and recommended that the existing FDA […]
  • 08/05 || Distracted Drivers Can Be Just as Dangerous as Reckless Drivers
    Everyone agrees that reckless drivers are a danger to other drivers on Florida roads and highways. But distracted drivers can be just as dangerous – especially those that engage in distracted driving on a regular basis. The worst offenders are those that use their smart phone to send text messages and check their emails while […]
  • 07/29 || Medical Device Industry Fighting Report That Calls for New Screening Process
    Even before the report came out, medical device manufacturers were on the attack. The New York Times reports that medical device makers and industry trade groups had launched a pre-emptive strike on a government-commissioned report well ahead of its release this Friday. The report calls on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish a […]
  • 12/17 || Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney Recognizes Exceptional Morningside Academy Students
    Students honored with You Are One of A Kind Eagle Award Port St. Lucie, Fla. – Dec. 17, 2010- Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney honored six outstanding students Thursday morning, Dec. 16 at Morningside Academy in Port St. Lucie with the You Are One of A Kind Eagle Award. Award winning students for November and December and […]
  • 11/11 || Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney Says Special Thank You to Veterans
    Firm sponsors event, donates time to honoring veterans Nov. 11, 2010- As our nation marks Veterans Day 2010, Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney and staff strengthen a commitment to honoring men and women who have bravely served our country in the military. As part of this commitment, DeBerard is one of the sponsors for the 5th Annual […]


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