Four-R’s-Can-Prevent-Head-on-Collisions-in-Florida-ImageHead-on collisions are perhaps the most terrifying type of car crash in Florida.

They are also among the deadliest.

A case in point: three people were killed June 16 in a head-on collision on Interstate 10, according to a news release from the Florida Highway Patrol.

This is from the online Pensacola News Journal:

The crash occurred at about 2:45 a.m. near the 36 mile marker of I-10 in Santa Rosa County.

Callers reported seeing a vehicle traveling west in the eastbound lane prior to the crash, the release said. Emergency Medical Services arrived at the scene and found a Jeep Wrangler and a Jeep Cherokee completely engulfed in flames.

Three people died in the fiery crash.

Four R’s for Avoiding Head-on Crashes

The National Safety Council recommends “The four R’s” when trying to avoid a head-on collision:

  1. Read the road ahead. Scan in front of your vehicle and on all sides. Practice becoming aware of your surroundings and other cars.
  2. Drive to the right. The safest position on a two-lane road is slightly to the right of the center of your lane. Oncoming vehicles will be able to see you clearly. And you will be closer to the shoulder and an escape path in the event of danger.
  3. Reduce your speed. Slow down if you see something unusual or hazardous up ahead.
  4. Ride off the road. If you see an approaching vehicle, try not to jerk the wheel, slam on brakes or make abrupt turns. Instead, smoothly steer out of the impact path, even if that means driving off the road. Hitting a tree or ditch is better than smashing into an object moving directly towards you.

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