Truck Accidents

Truck-Accident-ImageThe American trucking industry navigates a difficult road between the needs of commerce and the requirements for safety on our highways. Unfortunately, sometimes the need to make money wins out, and truckers forgo safe practices so a shipment can be delivered on time.

When things go wrong, because of the size and weight of 18-wheelers and other transfer trucks, a crash involving a commercial truck can cause catastrophic personal injury and death.

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The Facts on Florida Truck Wrecks

In 2021 alone, large-truck accidents killed 30 motorists in Florida and injured 708 more, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

Truckers and trucking companies have been known to cut many corners to keep their big rigs rolling. Delayed maintenance has led to failures of tires and brakes. Truck drivers, by their own choice or under pressure from superiors, have gone back on the road too soon between runs, leading to fatigued driving. And, like other drivers, truck drivers have been guilty of distracted driving – using cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices instead of paying attention to the road.

Additionally, there are many federal and state regulations pertaining to the safe operation of large commercial vehicles on Florida’s interstates and state highways. When these regulations are violated and a wreck causing injury or death results, that’s an act of recklessness that the trucking company and/or the trucker may be accountable for.

The consequences of a collision with a tractor-trailer, semi, semi-trailer, flatbed, 18-wheeler or another long-haul commercial motor vehicle, which in Florida can carry up to 88,000 pounds of cargo, can be severe and long-lasting. Those involved face physical, emotional and financial harm.

What Happens After a Commercial Truck Crash?

Because commercial trucks are usually owned by corporations that employ their drivers, a wreck with a tractor-trailer can be much more complicated than a collision involving a personal vehicle. Once the trucking company’s legal team gets involved, the injured party can count on the runaround beginning and the red tape piling up.

Shock, stress, confusion and even anger can cloud an accident victim’s judgment about what to do or say after a collision with a transfer truck. This is why it is appropriate and necessary to obtain legal help as soon as possible from a Florida attorney experienced with truck accidents and trucking companies.

The truck driver’s employer and their insurance company will do everything they can to protect their clients’ interests after an accident. This why it is crucial that you obtain legal help after a collision with a commercial truck or any accident in which there is an insurance claim. Before you agree to anything offered or suggested by a trucking company’s insurance company, call Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING from an insurance company without obtaining experienced legal advice from an attorney; you could be giving up your right to compensation.

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