May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. And the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has a message for all automobile drivers: please pay attention. 

According to the AMA, distracted driving has become a major concern of the motorcycling community. Often, a motorcyclist is injured or killed by an automobile driver who was distracted. 

According to Motorcycle Hall of Famer Hugh H. “Harry” Hurt, usually “the automobile driver fails to detect the inconspicuous motorcycle in traffic. This is due to lack of motorcycle rider conspicuity and lack of caution and awareness of the automobile driver.” 

The AMA strongly encourages all motorcyclists to use personal protective equipment when riding- including gloves, footwear, and a helmet. AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman also urges automobile drivers to be more attentive to their surroundings. “If all drivers would make a conscious effort to look twice before turning left across the oncoming lane of traffic at an intersection, lives would be saved,” said Dingman. 

Our Treasure Coast auto accident attorneys urge all Florida drivers to share the road and to be mindful of their surroundings. 

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