Distracted driving is dangerous, and cellphones are the cause of many car accidents. While Florida does not prohibit the use of a cellphone while driving, our neighbors to the north, in Georgia, do have a law targeting distracted driving. But police officers are having trouble enforcing it.

In July 2010, the law in Georgia went into effect. It not only bans texting while driving, but also Internet surfing and sending emails behind the wheel. The law does not only apply to cellphones, but also to computers, tablets, and similar electronic devices.

However, under the law, drivers are still permitted to make calls with their cellphones while driving. And this is where enforcement of the law becomes problematic.

Officers in Georgia have found it difficult to determine whether a driver is sending a text, or simply dialing a phone number to make a call. Under the law, dialing a number is not illegal. So how does an officer go about proving that a driver was texting? Does the officer attempt to secure a warrant for the person’s phone records?

Perhaps these are questions that lawmakers in Florida should consider if they ever decide to enact distracted driving legislation in this state. In the meantime, we urge all Florida drivers to stay focused while driving.

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