If you’re driving through Broward or Palm Beach County, watch out! Traffic deaths are on the rise there, and distracted driving is likely to blame.

So far this year, 85 people have died in car accidents in Palm Beach County, compared with 77 at the same time last year. A similar trend is occurring in Broward County. There, 106 people have died so far this year, compared with 87 at the same time last year.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Tim Frith thinks he knows how to address the problem. He told the Sun Sentinel that distractions play a major role in traffic accidents. Therefore, they need to target driver distraction like they did with seat belts and DUI.

Police officers in this state can’t write a ticket for distracted driving; Florida does not outlaw cell phone use or texting while driving. Nonetheless, we urge all Florida drivers to stay focused while driving.

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