Each week, we write about car accidents caused by distracted driving. But what would you do to prevent a distracted driving accident from occurring?  According to reports, a Canadian man was willing to risk his own life.

Darrell Krushelnicki is credited with saving the lives of four children after he intentionally drove his Hummer into traffic to intercept a distracted driver.  According to Krushelnicki, he was pulling out of a parking lot when he noticed a car speeding toward a nearby intersection.

Krushelnicki said he could see that the driver was talking on a cellphone, and it was clear to him that the driver was going to hit four children who were walking across the road. Krushelnicki then drove his Hummer directly into the approaching car, forcing a collision between the two vehicles in order to save the kids.

While this behavior is obviously dangerous and perhaps a bit extreme, it is heroic nonetheless. And it leads us to wonder, what would you do to prevent a distracted driving injury? A good way to start would be to stay focused while driving.

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