Texting-While-Driving-Ban-Appears-Likely-in-Florida-ImageAfter many failed attempts, it looks like this year Florida will ban texting behind the wheel.

At the Florida Senate, a bill was unanimously passed that bans the act of texting while driving. The bill limits the use of any handheld devices designed to receive or send text messages, including cellphones and tablets.

According to the bill, texting would be classified as a secondary offense, which simply means that an officer would first have to observe a driver committing another violation in order to perform the traffic stop. Once stopped, however, the driver may just receive two tickets – one for the underlying infraction and one for texting.

The penalty would be a $30 fine for the first offense, but a second offense within five years would carry a $60 fine and three points would be added to the driver’s license. A driver who accumulates 12 points in 12 months could have his license suspended for 30 days. Additional points would be added for texting in a school zone or for an accident that occurs as a result of texting.

The bill is now headed to the Florida House for final approval. If passed there, Florida will join 39 other states and the District of Columbia in banning texting behind the wheel.

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