The auto industry wants to make it easier for drivers to tweet and update their Facebook statuses from their cars. But please, don’t Tweet and drive. 

Several major automakers will soon begin producing car models with in-car Internet and social network access. But U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is pushing for new federal guidelines that would discourage such features. According to LaHood, these features should only work when the car is stopped. 

“We don’t have to choose between safety and technology,” said LaHood. “Automakers have a responsibility to ensure they don’t divert a driver’s attention.” 

But many people in the auto industry disagree. In fact, a spokesperson for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers argues that drivers are going to update their social networks anyway — so why not make it easier for them? 

“They’re going to do those things whether it’s through the vehicle or through a handheld device that they bring with them in the car,” said Wade Newton, spokesman for the alliance. 

Our Treasure Coast auto accident attorneys urge all Florida drivers to stay focused while driving. 

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help  

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