We have reported on a number of traffic accident trends in 2012, including the increased number of drugged drivers, alcohol-impaired teen drivers and the rising number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths. Now, there seems to be another accident trend emerging in Florida — accidents involving drivers who crash into buildings.

Just last week alone, three drivers crashed into buildings, leaving others seriously injured and damaging homes and businesses. The accidents included:

  • In Pensacola, last Friday, a Nissan 350Z crashed into a barbershop around 3 a.m. leaving a “gaping hole.” Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident; however, the shop owner is left with a significant amount of repairs.
  • Saturday afternoon, 10 people were injured in a Publix grocery store in Palm Coast after the driver of a Toyota Camry crashed her vehicle into the store. The car came to a rest in the busy checkout line striking 10 customers. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.
  • Monday morning a car crashed into a home near Boynton Beach, injuring the driver. None of the residents of the home was injured in the 7:15 a.m. crash, but debris from the accident was scattered across the homeowner’s yard.

Property damage accidents in Florida can cause business owners to lose thousands of dollars in lost business and repair costs. Homeowners often have to find another place to live temporarily while their home is repaired and structural soundness is restored.

According to the 2010 Florida Crash Statistics, there were 108,353 property damage-only crashes in Florida. Of course, most of those damage claims involved the vehicle itself. Nearly 40 percent of these accidents were caused by careless driving behaviors. Surprisingly, the vast majority of these accidents – 85 percent – occurred in dry conditions. In addition, 12,361 of the property damage accidents involved “fixed objects,” such as houses, businesses and other buildings.

The costs of these repairs can be significant. In fact, AAA reports that the total cost of car crashes to Americans each year is nearly $300 billion. It further reports that one automobile crash fatality can cost a victim’s family nearly $6 million in medical costs, lost wages and property damage, among other expenses.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association reports that private insurers pay approximately 50 percent of all motor vehicle crash expenses, individual crash victims pay roughly 26 percent of these costs, while third parties like uninvolved motorists delayed in traffic, health care providers and charities pay an estimated 14 percent.

Dealing with insurance companies to recover compensation for automobile accident damage can be difficult. Using a Treasure Coast car accident attorney may improve your chances of securing the compensation you need to rebuild after a property-damage or personal injury accident.

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