There are many ways for drivers to be distracted and not all of them involve cellphones or electronics.  According to a new study by the University of Leeds, drivers who eat behind the wheel are dangerous, too. 

Researchers found that people who eat while driving have a reaction time that is 44 percent slower than those who do not.  And drivers who sip on a drink (like coffee) behind the wheel are 22 percent slower in their reaction speed too. 

“It is accepted that the distraction of talking on a hand-held mobile phone may increase accident risk,” said Professor Samantha Jamson, from the University of Leeds.  “However, other activities that involve taking one hand off the wheel, such as eating or drinking, may also cause distraction.” 

Eating behind the wheel is not illegal in Florida.  Texting while driving isn’t illegal here, either.  But both activities are equally as dangerous.  Regardless of the law, our Treasure Coast auto accident attorneys urge all Florida drivers to put down their food and stay focused while driving. 

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