We have already shown Florida drivers how new SUV features have improved the safety of passengers in SUVs as well as those riding in other vehicles who may be involved in an SUV accident. Now, automobile manufacturers are going even more high tech by creating features that practically take over from the driver in the case of a potential hazard. 

Daimler, the German auto manufacturer, is currently working on technology “that recognizes hazards faster than the human eye.” The company’s 6D Vision, Daimler says, supports “the driver in precisely the sort of situation where the complexity of traffic conditions increases the potential for an accident,” such as at intersections and on busy city streets.

Cars equipped with the 6D Vision technology will be able to sense the location, speed and direction of nearby pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and other moving objects. The technology features stereo cameras attached to the inside windshield and acts much like the human eye. If contact is imminent, the car swerves towards safety or applies the brakes. The technology is so sensitive it can detect children running unexpectedly into the road, for example, within 200 milliseconds. 

In a move designed to prevent drunk drivers from starting a vehicle once they are behind the wheel,the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has funded a project known as Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADDS).The goal is to develop a fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable device that will prevent a vehicle from being driven when the driver’s BAC exceeds the legal limit.

The Japanese company, Takata, Inc. along with U.S.-based TruTouch, have received a multi-million dollar grant to develop the anti-DUI device that is commercially viable and seamless to operate, according to a USA Today article. The companies are taking a touch-based approach where technology can detect a driver’s alcohol level from the touch of the start button on the vehicle. 

Although these features may prevent serious accidents and save lives, convincing consumers to pay for the technology may be challenging. According to a MetLife Auto & Home American Safety Pulse poll of 1,000 Americans, just 29% responded that technology innovations have translated into making people safer drivers. 

That is not to say Americans do not like technology. However, they prefer it for convenience instead of safety. GPS and blue-tooth technology got high marks from consumers who would rather spend their money on those features than on basic safety features such as electronic stability control, according to the survey.

The Florida car accident attorneys at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney support and encourage the automobile industry in doing what they deem appropriate to improve the safety of Florida drivers. However, drivers should be aware that these advanced technologies should not take the place of good driving behaviors.

As Bill Moore, president of MetLife Auto &Home, puts it: “Auto manufacturers have made significant strides with regard to safety innovations over the past 10 years — but the ultimate safety feature is an alert and prepared driver.” 

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