During the month of May, we have focused several articles on Motorcycle Awareness Month. Our Treasure Coast motorcycle attorneys join state and federal agencies in asking all drivers to stay alert and share the road with Florida motorcyclists. We also asks motorcyclists to follow the rules of the road and, especially, to not drink and drive.

According to Florida’s Traffic Crash Statistics Report for 2010, there were 7,703 motorcycle crashes on Florida highways in 2010. Of those, 350 motorcyclists died and 33 of their passengers lost their lives in the accidents. In those crashes, 6,686 motorcyclists were injured, and another 725 passengers were hurt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that nationwide, 1 in 3 motorcyclist fatalities are related to alcohol. In Florida in 2008, 41 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involved alcohol.

In a 2007 study of the effects of alcohol on a motorcyclist’s ability to safely maneuver a motorcycle, the NHTSA found that riders intoxicated by alcohol showed longer response times and assumed larger tolerances that resulted in more task performance errors. Also, all of the participants in the study, regardless of the alcohol level in their system, tended to have faster maximum speeds.

ABATE of Florida, a state-wide non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life that promote motorcycle safety awareness, urges motorcyclists to enjoy riding, but to please refrain from drinking and driving. Just one alcoholic beverage can seriously impair a motorcyclist’s balance, vision and reaction time.

In studies conducted by the NHTSA, and in studies from Florida, Kentucky and Australia, the following alarming motorcycle accident statistics were identified:

• An individual’s chance of crashing increases by five times by having any amount of alcohol in the body.
• An individual’s risk of crashing increases by about 40 times by having a BAC of over .05 percent.
• Approximately a quarter of all deadly alcohol-related motorcycle crashes involve motorcyclists overturning, running off the road, or falling from the motorcycle compared to striking another object.

Nearly 750,000 licensed motorcyclists take to the road in Florida each year. Clearly, motorcycling in Florida is a popular sport and means of transportation. However, all riders should keep in mind that the enjoyment can be cut short by reckless cycling behaviors – including drinking while driving.

Once again, our Treasure Coast motorcycle accident attorneys ask all Florida drivers to stay alert for motorcyclists on our highways and to stay focused when passing. Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear a safety helmet and to avoid alcohol anytime they are out and about on their two-wheelers.

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