If you’re asked to fill out an accident or incident report, go ahead and do so. It’s important that you give them your contact information so they could have their claims department reach out and give you a claim number, but just be aware that the laws in Florida, if you write anything down on their paperwork, you’re entitled to a copy of it. Please ask for a copy to bring to your attorney.

Examples of Slip and Fall Accidents in Okeechobee, FL

Slipping injuries can occur anywhere. Below are some examples of slip-and-fall accidents where the property owner could potentially be liable:

  • Examples of Slip-and-Fall Accidents in OkeechobeeSkidding on an unattended spill at a restaurant
  • Injury from a falling object at shops or supermarkets
  • Tumbling on the pothole or pavement bump of a parking garage
  • Falling into an unsecured hole on the ground
  • Stumbling from shabby stairs or badly lit stairwell
  • Injury at an exposed construction site
  • Getting injured at a poorly maintained amusement park ride
  • Falling from a weakened deck or balcony
  • Near-drowning and drowning incidents at a swimming pool
  • Resident’s injury because of missing handrails and anti-slip devices at a nursing home

Where was your Slip & Fall?