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Last week our car accident attorneys reported that, according to Transportation for America, pedestrians in Florida are risking their lives when taking to the streets. Now, in a new ranking based on highway accident and fatality statistics, Car Insurance Comparison ranked Florida fourth on its list of worse drivers.

Car Insurance Comparison rated each state according to car accident fatalities per million miles traveled, number of tickets issued, number drunk drivers, failure to obey traffic laws and careless driving. The organization analyzed data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

The 10 states with the most dangerous drivers, according to the survey are: Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, Montana, Alabama and South Carolina, respectively.

One good thing in the ranking is that the number of Florida drunk drivers is among the best in the nation, ranking the state seventh. However, Florida drivers were ranked high in the number of tickets issued, worst in the nation (50), second worst in the nation for careless drivers (49) and in the top ten for drivers failing to obey traffic laws (40).

According to the 2010 Uniform Traffic Citation Report, Florida issued 4,384,752 tickets in 2010. In addition, violations for DUI in the state fell from 63,019 in 2009 to 58,174 in 2010. Drunk driving convictions fell as well, from 36,872 in 2009 to 30,933 in 2010, a decline of nearly 17%.

Careless and aggressive drivers continue to be a hazard on Florida highways. According to Florida’s 2010 crash statistics, careless driving (the equivalent to distracted driving) was the leading cause of accidents in the state. Over 47,500 careless driving accidents resulted in injuries, and 332 resulted in a fatality. In 2010, officers issued 23,180 tickets to careless and aggressive drivers, and the number is steadily increasing every year, with 19,766 issued in 2009.

Florida drivers are beginning to see the consequences of their reckless driving behaviors. Car Insurance Comparison found that Florida car drivers pay nearly the highest rates for car insurance in the country.

Unfortunately, the most tragic consequence is the continued number of deaths and serious injuries on our highways. The car accident attorneys at Philip DeBerard, Injury Law, urge all Florida drivers to stay focused while driving and to obey Florida traffic laws.

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