Better think twice before changing lanes abruptly or cutting in front of another car on the Treasure Coast, because the Florida Highway Patrol is watching.

A new initiative known as Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks aims to reduce commercial vehicle-related crashes, injuries and deaths by targeting unsafe drivers.

According to a news release from the Florida Highway Patrol, director of the Florida Highway Patrol Col. David Brierton stated that they are firmly committed to reducing the total number of commercial vehicle crashes. This can be achieved if all drivers share the highway with one another, and avoid driving aggressively.

State troopers will be keeping an eye out for violations that are related to aggressive driving, including unsafe lane changes, speeding, and following too closely.

Studies show that when it comes to fatal crashes that involve cars and commercial trucks, the cause of the problem is driver error 88 percent of the time.

Florida Trucking Association President and CEO, Mary Lou Rajchel stated that as an industry, safety matters above everything else, and that the association is pleased to team up with the Florida Highway Patrol to spread the No Zone message on safe driving behaviors around large trucks.

Apart from targeted enforcement, the campaign will utilize billboard messaging in order to spread awareness on safe driving behaviors among both car and truck drivers. Schools and community centers across the state will also present safety classes.

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