Our Florida car accident attorneys previously reported that roll-over accidents result in too many fatalities in Florida and throughout the United States. Some of these accidents are caused by the higher profile of SUVs, yet many others are caused by driver error and inadequate use of safety restraints. At least one vehicle manufacturer is determined to increase safety in their SUVs by adding features that could lessen the dangers to the occupants of the vehicle in accidents. 

Ford announced this month the introduction of two new safety features in their Ford Explorer and other models: inflatable seatbelts and a text-reading feature.  These features could offer greater protection for rear-seat passengers and fewer distractions for the driver, respectively. 

The inflatable rear-seat restraint system acts as an airbag upon impact and is designed “to help reduce head, neck and chest injuries for rear seat passengers, often children and older passengers who can be more vulnerable to such injuries.” Ford reports that close to 40 percent of Explorer buyers are parents who are ordering the rear inflatable belts to protect their children. The updated seatbelts are available in 2011 Explorers.

Hoping to alleviate at least one distraction among drivers, Ford will soon be equipping its vehicles with enhanced Bluetooth technology. The technology that can read text messages aloud is included in Ford’s voice-activated technology, Sync. Sync uses a Bluetooth connection to alert users when they receive a text message. The system can then read the message out loud and manage pre-stored responses from the driver.

A recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that due to improved designs in all SUV models, SUVs are no longer more of a danger to drivers in other vehicles during an accident than are minivans or passenger cars. The IIHS attributes the safety improvements to newer designs on SUVs that align their front-end energy-absorbing structures with those of cars. The group also cites enhanced crash protection technology in cars and minivans. 

According to Florida’s 2010 crash statistics, careless driving (the equivalent to distracted driving) was the leading cause of accidents in the state. More than 47,500 careless driving accidents resulted in injuries, and 332 resulted in a fatality. 

The data also shows that 2,480 accidents involving SUVs resulted in 32 fatalities and over 1,400 injuries. Nearly 12% of the 2,563 fatalities on Florida highways in 2010 were attributed to rollover accidents. 

The attorneys at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney continue to support and encourage the automobile industry to do whatever it takes to increase the safety of our Florida drivers. Although statistics show that Florida highways are now safer than ever, continuing to focus on both driver and vehicle safety is critical to keep the downward trend.

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