The Florida Highway Patrol has supported multiple safety campaigns aimed at making our highways safer. We have provided information on how the state is working to stamp out drunk driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving. Now, according to a new study, we believe the Florida police should turn renewed attention to speeding drivers.

In its report, “Survey of the States: Speeding and Aggressive Driving,” the GHSA or Governors Highway Safety Association reports speeding is a factor in over one-third of traffic deaths every year. In 2010, 10,530 people died in speeding-related crashes — representing 31 percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States. The GHSA reports that speed, “remains the one highway safety area where progress has not been made in almost three decades.”

According to Florida’s 2010 Crash Statistics, however, Florida speed-related fatalities are below the national average reported by GHSA. In 2010, 224 fatal accidents were partially attributed to a driver that exceeded a safe speed limit, exceeded the stated speed limit or fled from police. Another 2,457 suffered serious injuries.

When it comes to the primary obstacles for the states’ ability to crackdown on speeders, the study identifies driver indifference to speeding, as well as the perception that speeding tickets are merely another way for jurisdictions to raise revenue.

In fact, in a separate study reported in “The Police Chief” magazine in 2006, researchers found that drivers tend to ignore speed limits on their regular routes and drive the speed “they feel comfortable with under ideal conditions.”

The GHSA offered suggestions to states to ramp up speeding enforcement:

  • Since the public considers aggressive driving as a more severe threat to their safety, explore addressing speed concerns through aggressive driving enforcement.
  • Focus on speed enforcement in both work and school zones, since this approach is mainly viewed as non-controversial, and has a higher degree of support from the public.

The GHSA also suggests that the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsor campaigns on speeding and aggressive driving; sponsor a forum on speeding and aggressive driving by bringing together experts in the field; and promote best practices in automated enforcement strategies.

“We need to bring the same level of federal and state energy to addressing speed that was brought to tackling seat belt use and drunk driving. More than 10,000 families are losing a loved one every year because of speeding-related crashes. It is time for action,” said GHSA Chairman Troy E. Costales.

Our South Florida car accident attorneys encourage all residents and visitors to drive safely and defensively while on our Florida highways. We also ask that you follow the posted speed limits. They are imposed for a reason, and when followed, have been shown to save lives. As always, please buckle up before heading out.

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