Texting while driving has become a big problem in Florida, especially with young drivers. Last year, distracted driving caused more than 3,000 crashes among 15-19 year-olds. Now, two high school students are working to address this problem.

Ross Brenner and Dalton Holody, two junior students at the Spanish River High School, are putting together an event that aims to bring awareness to distracted driving on April 28—the Rock2Live Music Festival.

“We both got our licenses recently and have both had close calls,” said Brenner. “We see so many people not paying attention. This problem is getting worse, no matter who you talk to, all over the world.”

The event, which will take place on the National Day of Awareness to Not Text and Drive, will include performances by big artists, including Kelly Rowland, Flo Rida, and One Republic. Apart from music and fun, the festival will also include distracted driving simulators and booths by the AAA, Florida Highway Patrol, and insurance companies. All participants will also be able to download PhoneGuard for free—an app that prevents an individual from sending text messages or surfing the web while driving.

Are you interested in attending? On April 28th, Rock2Live Music Festival will take place on the campus of Florida Atlantic University from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. Tickets cost between $15 and $35.

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