This month, in a brazen case of road-rage, The Palm Beach Post reports that a Florida woman rammed the rear bumper of another vehicle, causing both drivers to lose control and crash into a Pine Hills home.

The front walls of the one-story house suffered heavy damage in the crash. Fortunately, the house was unoccupied at the time of the accident, and none of the four women in the vehicles suffered injury. Police charged the driver with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended license, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, criminal mischief and providing a false identification to a law-enforcement officer.

No one is safe when drivers act recklessly and aggressively on Florida highways.

Aggressive driving, according to the AAA or American Automobile Association, is a factor in 56 percent of all fatal car crashes across the nation. The NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identifies primary aggressive driving behaviors as tailgating, distracted driving, weaving, unsafe lane changing, distracted driving and speeding. However, the NHTSA adds that aggressive drivers are more likely to drink and drive, and that their attitude can rapidly intensify into road rage, thus resulting in the possibility of bumping other vehicles and maybe even resorting to firearm use.

The SPPD or St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department was highlighted on the NHTSA’s Aggressive Driving page as an example of a law enforcement agency that uses novel ways to cut down on the high number of reckless and aggressive driving incidences in their jurisdiction. Police officers could be found watching traffic while sitting on park benches, on lawn mowers, or on road construction vehicles. They would then call ahead to policemen in squad cars to catch the reckless driver. The results were effective, and an increased number of aggressive driving cases began to appear in Florida courts.

The Florida Highway Patrol has continued to take on aggressive drivers in various safety campaigns, including the 2004 Operation Safe Ride, 2007’s Aggressive Driving Crackdown and the 2008 Blitz on Aggressive Drivers (BAD) campaign. Still, with all the effort put into educating the public and getting aggressive and reckless drivers off the road, these dangerous driving behaviors remain a major concern. In fact, AutoVantage Road Rage Survey named Miami, Florida as the city with the Worst Road Rage in 2008.

Aggressive driving is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury and death. One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of an aggressive driver, according to the NHTSA is to “put your pride aside” and simply move out of the way if a driver begins to tailgate you or wants to get around you. Also, the NHTSA suggests avoiding eye contact, which can sometimes be misinterpreted as a challenge. In particular, ignore the driver and do not make any gestures.

If you find yourself driving in an aggressive manner, you should immediately calm down, relax, check your speed and concentrate on driving safely. If necessary, pull off the road until you calm down. Vehicles are meant to get drivers and their passengers safely to their destination. They should not be used as weapons.

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