When most people think of “distracted driving,” they typically think “cellphones.”  But according to new research, cellphones aren’t the only cause of distracted driving. 

According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, if a driver’s mind is deeply focused on any topic, he or she is less likely to scan the road for hazards or focus on the surroundings.  Basically, drivers who are deep in thought are more likely to be distracted.    

The researchers studied 108 volunteers in three age groups: 20-29; 40-49; and 60-69.  The volunteers were instructed to drive a midsize SUV, and then repeat a sequence of numbers. The researchers found that when faced with even light levels of cognitive demand, all drivers, regardless of age, scanned the road less frequently. 

Our Treasure Coast auto accident attorneys urge all Florida drivers to stay focused while driving. 

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