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New-Florida-Traffic-Law-Bans-Texting-by-Truckers-ImageOn July 1, new laws took effect that target significantly reducing the number of car accidents in Florida. According to Landline Magazine, the laws aim to bring an end to aggressive careless driving, and also aim to ban interstate truckers from texting while driving.

These measures were part of a 226-page transportation bill that Governor Rick Scott signed into law.

Here are three key provisions:

Aggressive Driving in Far Left-hand Lanes

We’ve all been there. We’re in the left lane on a multi-lane road and the car ahead of us is creeping along below the posted speed limit. Perhaps the driver is intentionally doing it to irritate us – or as retaliation for some perceived slight. Our only options are to continue behind the slowpoke or try to pass on the right.

HB7125 – “Defining Road Rage” – makes such left-lane conduct illegal. The law allows police to ticket drivers who block traffic in the left lane by traveling slower than 10 mph below the posted speed. Motorists are forbidden from driving their vehicles too slowly in a multilane highway’s left lane if they are reasonably aware that another vehicle is overtaking them. Violators face fines amounting to $60.

Landline reports that a failure to move into the right lane and stay there would be included as one of the offenses that make up “aggressive careless driving”.

No Texting by Truckers

The transportation bill contains provisions that ban truckers from texting and using mobile phones while driving. These changes bring some of the state’s trucking rules in line with federal rules.

Red Light Cameras

The new law tweaks the use of automated cameras to ticket drivers who run red lights. Now cities, not judges, will have the authority to hear challenges from drivers who dispute their camera tickets. Fines for red-light camera violations are also increased. The average ticket now runs about $158. Under the new rule, fines could exceed $400.
You can view these and other legislative changes to Florida’s driving laws here.

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