Florida-Nursing-Homes-Added-to-Watch-List-ImageFamilies in Florida who are choosing a nursing home for a loved one need to know as much as possible about the facilities they are considering.

That is why the “Watch List” of Florida nursing homes is so valuable.

The Watch List – compiled by the state Agency for Health Care Administration – flags elder care facilities in Florida that have had serious and repeated problems with health, safety and patient care.

View the list here.

Recently, five additional nursing homes, including facilities in Daytona Beach and Volusia County, were added to the Watch List.

Among the problems that landed these five homes on the list, according to news reports:

  • One resident did not receive doctor-ordered treatment for more than a month, suffering pain during that time.
  • The temperature in some residents’ rooms was as high as 86 degrees.
  • One resident reported that there was no air conditioning in his room for three months.
  • Residents complained about the apathetic response of facility staff.
  • One resident did not have an appetite because his room was so hot. An inspector saw the food on his lunch tray untouched hours after it had been served.

Nursing home abuse or neglect is often a hidden tragedy. Patients are vulnerable and alone. Staff members are sometimes inadequate or poorly trained.

Patient abuse can take many forms – from physical bruises and bedsores to financial exploitation.