Many of us grew up playing video games.  Today, some of the most popular video games simulate driving.  Games like Super Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed require the player to “drive” a car while processing all kinds of other obstacles.  So are experienced gamers better than others at driving while dealing with distractions?

According to a new study by the Visual Cognition Laboratory at Duke University, the answer is no.  Duke researchers sought to find out whether experienced gamers, who can handle a number of difficult visual and mental distractions while playing, are any better than others at handling tasks while talking on the phone.

The study tested two groups, one of young men who regularly play video games and the other of non-gamers.  Researchers had each group complete a series of tasks without any distractions and then complete the same tasks while talking on a speaker phone.

The results showed that both groups performed worse when talking on the phone.  But what do these results mean?  According to the report, the study shows that no matter how much you’ve trained your brain, we just aren’t set up to talk on the phone while driving.

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