As Motorcycle Awareness Month draws to a close, our Treasure Coast motorcycle accident attorneys offer one more article reminding Florida motorcyclists to drive safely – and for other motorists to stay alert for bikers on the road. This time, the safety message is from a Florida man who barely escaped death after being in a serious motorcycle accident.

Dave Cruz has survived two motorcycle accidents, one in the 80s and one in 1998, and while he still enjoys riding his motorcycle he wants to help make sure other riders learn from his mistakes. Cruz is a motorcycle rental manager in a dealership in Tampa, and he passes out safety tips along with the motorcycles he rents.

An article in the Tampa Bay Times reports that when Cruz was in his ’98 accident no one thought he would survive, including himself. Cruz headed out on his motorcycle to visit a friend. He said he thought it was too nice of a day to wear his helmet. A driver who abruptly turned in front of him stuck him. Cruz never made it to his friend’s home, and instead spent several months in the hospital and rehab center where he had to overcome severe pain and re-learn how to use his arms and legs.

Now, according to the article, Cruz is a certified emergency medical technician intermediate and a volunteer EMT for the West Central Florida Medical Reserve Corps. He is also certified to teach three motorcycle classes: the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course, which is required for any rider who plans to acquire a Florida motorcycle license; Harley’s Riders Edge class, which covers motorcycle clothing, safety, riding and servicing; and an accident scene management course, which aims to keep crash victims and passers-by safe at crash scenes.

Cruz believes that formal motorcycle training is critical to help avoiding accidents and keeping riders safe on Florida highways.

“I don’t know how I stayed alive on a motorcycle for 30 some odd years” without proper instruction, said Cruz. “I believe I may have been able to avoid both (crashes) with the skills I learned in the training.”

“My goal is to teach skills to keep them [motorcyclists] safe,” said Cruz. “And help them hopefully avoid what happened to me.”

Our Treasure Coast motorcycle accident attorneys agree with Cruz that proper education is critical for keeping motorcyclists safe on our Florida highways. Before you get behind the wheel of your motorcycle make sure you are knowledgeable on safe driving techniques.

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