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Our South Florida bicycle accident attorneys have warned motorists to stay alert around bicyclists traveling our roadways. Primarily, children are the victims when vehicles collide with cyclists.  However, a recent accident that seriously injured one Florida bicyclist and killed his two friends reminds us that an experienced biker is no defense against a car. 

Three Florida biking friends headed out on an 850 mile charity ride to raise funds for a DeBary-based Christian mission.  The trio transported their bikes to Washington, DC, where they were planning on traveling 100 miles a day and returning to Florida on April 27.  Unfortunately, with just one day to go, the three were hit from behind by a van three miles south of Eulonia, GA, according to the Orlando Sentinel.  Two died and one suffered a broken leg, broken ribs and other injuries.  The two deceased men were aged 47 and 48.  The survivor is 41-years-old.  The three were considered “avid” bicyclists who regularly rode together.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 630 bicyclists died and 51,000 were injured in 2009 after being struck by a vehicle.  The fatalities accounted for 2% of all motor vehicle deaths. 

One type of car-bicycle collision occurs when a motorist attempts to overtake or pass a bicyclist.  The NHTSA reports that this type of accident most often occurs at night because the motorist fails to see and react to the bicyclist until it is too late. 

Although the NHTSA discourages bikers from riding at night, it suggests that when riding after dark to use white front lights, red rear reflectors or lights, and special retro-reflective clothing.  The three men, the Orlando Sentinel reports, were doing everything right.  The men had flashing lights on the front of their bikes and the backs of their helmets, and they were riding near the white fog line. 

In Florida, bicycles on the roadway are vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles. Our Treasure Coast bicycle accident lawyers realize that sometimes no amount of experience or preparation can prevent bicycle accidents from happening.  However, it is important that motorists are aware that bicyclists often share the road with them, and extreme caution should be exercised when approaching a cyclist. 

We know the devastation a family faces after losing a loved one in a bicycle accident. We ask Florida drivers to stay alert for bikers and pedestrians, especially when traveling at night or on narrow, rural roads.  We also encourage bikers to wear helmets and reflective clothing when taking to the roads. 

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