A report by Car Insurance Comparison last year found Florida drivers to be among the worst in the nation. A new report by Allstate confirmed that while drivers in some of the larger metropolitan areas in Florida are still among the worst drivers, drivers in the Treasure Coast are among the nation’s safest drivers.

Allstate, the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, released its 2012 “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” that ranks America’s 200 largest cities according to car collision frequency.

According to the report, Americans, on average, are in an accident every 10 years. Sioux Falls, South Dakota holds the top honors as the city with the safest drivers for the fifth year. Sioux Falls drivers average an accident once every 13.8 years.

Port St. Lucie drivers were ranked 44th best drivers with 10.6 years between collisions. Cape Coral drivers were ranked 48th with an accident once every 10.4 years. Jacksonville ranked 82ndon the list with an average of 9.6 years between collisions. Other Florida cities did not fare as well. Fort Lauderdale came in at 147th, with 8.1 years between accidents; Miami received a ranking of 187th with a collision frequency of 6.3 years; and Hialeah was close to the bottom of the list in 192nd place with drivers wrecking every 5.6 years.

The 10 cities with the safest drivers, according to the report are: Springfield, Missouri; Knoxville, Tennessee; Reno, Nevada; Chandler, Arizona; Huntsville, Alabama; Lincoln, Nebraska; Madison, Wisconsin; Fort Collins, Colorado; Boise, Idaho; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“Allstate’s Best Driver’s Report was created to further the country’s discussion on safe driving. Each year we hope the report will increase awareness about the importance of being tolerant and attentive behind the wheel,” said Mike Roche, senior vice president of claims, Allstate.

Allstate offers the following driving tips for driving safely when in large cities:

  • Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Traffic signal stops, stop-and-go traffic, pedestrian walkways, gridlock, and events that create traffic detours can add time to your travel.
  • Know what’s happening in the city at the time you’re driving. Do some research and listen to traffic reports on the radio to see if there are any events that may impact traffic. If possible, avoid traffic jams or explore alternative routes.
  • Be alert. Prepare to frequently slow down or stop for parking cars, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, taxicabs, pedestrians, and public transportation vehicles like city buses.
  • Obtain directions to your destination. Carefully review directions to your destination in advance. If you get lost mid-trip, safely pull over and wait until you feel calm enough to get back on the road. Use that time to check traffic, get directions, or call for help.

Our Treasure Coast car accident attorneys encourage all drivers to stay alert, obey the traffic laws and focus on arriving safely at your destination.

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