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Last week signaled the end of Florida’s legislative session and also the end of a bill designed to combat distracted driving. The proposal would have made texting while driving a secondary traffic offense.

The bill, referred to as SB 416, failed to move forward in the House despite clearing the Senate’s budget panel last month. The bill marks the third time that legislators have considered passing such a law. Each time the Senate has passed the measure, but the House has not.

If passed, the law would have allowed police officers to issue fines for texting while driving. But the failure of the House to pass the bill means that Florida remains one of only 15 states without some kind of ban.

This statistic is likely to frustrate many Florida voters. According to a recent poll, 71 percent of Florida voters are in favor of a texting while driving ban. They believe that such a ban would make driving in our state safer—and they’re probably right. California enacted a similar ban in July 2008. Since that time, overall traffic deaths in the state have declined 22 percent while handheld cell phone driver deaths went down 47 percent.

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