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Here we go again. For the fourth time, Florida lawmakers are considering a law that would ban texting behind the wheel.

Rep. Doug Holder, a Sarasota Republican, has filed a bill to make texting while driving a secondary offense. Under the proposed law, a driver could receive a citation for texting while driving only after being pulled over for some other primary offense, such as speeding or reckless driving. A companion bill was filed in the Senate by Sen. Nancy Detert, also a Republican.

The bills would not prohibit all use of handheld devices while driving, as laws in some other states do. Instead, the bill says a person may not operate a vehicle while manually typing or entering letters – including texting, emailing and instant messaging. Exceptions would apply to law enforcement officers and operators of authorized emergency vehicles.  An exception also would apply for the use of navigation devices and radios.

A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the outcome of the legislation, a person who is injured by a distracted driver in Florida may be entitled to compensation. An accident victim will need on an experienced Florida car accident attorney to stand up to insurance companies and if necessary go to court to obtain justice.