Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including at popular home improvement stores like Lowe’s. Thousands of customers visit Lowe’s stores across Florida every day, trusting that the premises will be reasonably safe. However, due to conditions like slippery floors, uneven pavement, and poor lighting, Lowe’s slip and fall accidents occur far too frequently.

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately common occurrences at major retail chains like Lowe’s. In Florida alone, falls caused 4,310 fatal injuries and 80,324 hospitalizations in just 2022, according to data from the Florida Department of Health.

Major injury awards against Lowe’s include a $16.4 million verdict in 2016 for a customer who suffered a traumatic brain injury after slipping on water on the floor. While exact statistics are not available, it is clear that customers face significant risks due to hazardous conditions in Lowe’s stores nationwide. 

If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Florida Lowe’s, you may have a valid legal claim against the company. An experienced slip and fall attorney can help you understand your legal options and pursue fair compensation.

In South Florida, the personal injury attorneys at the Philip DeBerard firm are ready to serve you. We can provide thorough investigation and assertive representation, which are necessary to build a strong claim against negligent corporate defendants. Our goal is to help you recover full compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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Proving Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

In any personal injury lawsuit, including slip and fall claims, the injured person (the plaintiff) must prove that the defendant’s negligence directly caused their injuries. This involves showing that the property owner failed to maintain reasonably safe conditions.

Some common factors that can establish negligence in slip and fall cases include:

  • Wet floors that were not cleaned up in a timely manner
  • Spilled merchandise or other debris left in walkways
  • Worn, uneven, or irregular flooring
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Lack of warning signs for wet floors or other hazards.

To prove that Lowe’s is liable for your injuries, your slip and fall lawyer will need to gather evidence showing exactly what caused you to fall. Security camera footage, eyewitness statements, and records of previous similar incidents can all help demonstrate that the store was aware of the dangerous condition but failed to fix it.

Who Can File Lowe’s Slip and Fall Compensation Claims

The ability to file a claim depends on your connection to the accident:

  • Customers who slip, trip, or fall due to dangerous conditions in a Lowe’s store can pursue injury claims directly against the company.
  • Employees who slip, trip, or fall while working may need to file for workers’ compensation benefits rather than a liability lawsuit against their employer.
  • Family members of someone injured or killed in a Lowe’s accident may be able to file a wrongful death claim or survivor action.

Discuss your situation with Philip DeBerard. In a free consultation, an experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate the specifics of your case to determine the appropriate legal action.

Steps To Receive Compensation After a Lowe’s Slip and Fall Injury

The basic process for obtaining damages after a Lowe’s slip and fall accident includes:

  1. Documenting evidence like photos, video, medical records, and witness statements
  2. Proving Lowe’s negligence caused your accident and injuries
  3. Calculating all applicable damages like medical attention costs, lost income, etc.
  4. Negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial
  5. Collecting compensation from Lowe’s and their insurance company.

With an experienced personal injury law firm guiding and representing you through each step, you can maximize your recovery after a Lowe’s slip and fall accident in Florida.

Overcoming Defense Arguments Lowe’s May Use in a Lawsuit

In slip and fall cases, Lowe’s will likely argue that your own negligence contributed to the accident. For example, they may claim you were not paying attention to where you were walking or that you continued to walk on a surface you knew was slippery.

Your lawyer can combat these arguments by showing that the hazard was difficult to see and that Lowe’s did nothing to prevent or warn you about it. The key is proving that the store failed in its legal duty to provide reasonably safe conditions, while you acted with reasonable care as a customer.

Florida follows comparative negligence rules, meaning you can still recover damages even if you were partially at fault. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault. The Philip DeBerard firm has handled cases like yours. Our experienced personal injury attorney can build the strongest case possible to minimize any finding of contributory negligence.

Time Limits for Lowe’s Slip and Fall Claims in Florida

Under Florida law, you typically have two years from the date of a slip and fall accident to file a lawsuit against Lowe’s. Meeting this statute of limitations is essential to preserve your right to take legal action.

An attorney can advise you on any exceptions that may apply in your case. Do not delay in contacting a qualified slip and fall lawyer to avoid running out of time.

Documenting Your Slip and Fall Injuries and Damages

The amount of compensation you can recover directly relates to the severity of your injuries and losses. Therefore, it is critical to fully document how the accident has affected your life. Be sure to:

  • Take photos and videos of any visible injuries like cuts, scrapes, bruises, scars, or use of medical devices like crutches.
  • Get prompt medical treatment. Gaps in treatment can reduce the verifiable extent of your injuries.
  • Follow all doctor’s orders, including prescribed therapy and medications. Noncompliance can also negatively impact your case.
  • Keep records of all medical expenses, including bills, prescriptions, mileage for appointments, medical equipment, and other costs.
  • Track lost income from missed work due to the accident. Include lost vacation and sick time.
  • Note how your daily activities have been impacted. Can you still perform household chores? Enjoy hobbies? Be intimate with your spouse?
  • Make a record of your emotional and psychological injuries like anxiety, depression, fear, lack of sleep, etc.

Thorough documentation and evidence make it easier for your lawyer to demand full and fair compensation for your claim.

Why You Need an Experienced Florida Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Florida Lowe’s store, having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side is critical. Lowe’s has significant legal and financial resources to defend against injury claims. They will work aggressively to avoid or minimize liability.

An accomplished slip and fall lawyer levels the playing field by thoroughly investigating your accident, proving negligence, maximizing your damages, and negotiating assertively on your behalf. They have the expertise to overcome legal obstacles and fight for full compensation under Florida premises liability laws.

The Philip DeBerard firm has been handling cases like this for 40 years. With our competent attorney handling your case, you can focus on recovery while pursuing your rightful compensation.

Choosing the Right Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer

The quality of legal representation often determines the outcome of personal injury claims. It is critical to choose an attorney with specific experience handling slip and fall cases against major retailers like Lowe’s. Look out for these warning signs of an inexperienced lawyer:

  • Focuses on quick settlement rather than full compensation
  • Struggles to explain legal concepts and strategy
  • Does not discuss legal fees upfront
  • Makes unrealistic promises about case results
  • Does not have sufficient staff and resources.

The right slip and fall attorney will:

  • Offer a free consultation to review your case
  • Assess liability based on a thorough investigation
  • Hire experts like engineers to prove negligence
  • Negotiate assertively with Lowe’s insurance adjusters
  • Take the case to trial if needed to maximize recovery
  • Have a proven record of success with similar cases.

Do not gamble with the results of your case. An accomplished personal injury law firm gives you negotiating power against massive companies like Lowe’s, so look into each firm’s track record.

On the Treasure Coast, you’ll find that the law firm of Philip DeBerard is top-rated in personal injury due to our sincere service and winning cases. We are not afraid to face corporations like Lowe’s to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

Other Premises Liability Accidents That Happen At Loewe Stores

Slip and fall accidents are common at Lowe’s, but they are not the only type of premises liability incident that can happen. Customers may also suffer injuries due to falling merchandise, defective equipment like broken escalators, or unsafe conditions in the parking lot.

For example, a customer could be hit by an item falling from an overhead shelf or struck by a forklift driver transporting lumber through the aisles. Lowe’s could also be liable if a customer is injured in the parking lot due to uneven pavement, inadequate lighting, or other negligent maintenance issues.

The experienced lawyers at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney have handled premises liability claims involving all types of accidents at major retailers like Lowe’s. We have the resources and experience to fully investigate your accident and build a strong case proving the store’s negligence. To discuss your potential case, contact us today for a free consultation.

Need A Florida Accident Lawyer for Slip and Fall Claims?

Florida law imposes strict deadlines for taking legal action after an accident. For injury claims, you typically have two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. However, it is best to contact a lawyer right away to start building your case, while evidence is fresh.

A skilled personal injury attorney can handle all aspects of your claim so you can focus on recovery. They will deal directly with aggressive insurance companies so you do not have to. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you can feel confident pursuing the full and fair compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Florida Lowe’s store, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney can help. We have a proven track record of success in recovering compensation for victims of negligent retailers like Lowe’s. 

Our attorneys can conduct a thorough investigation, build a strong case proving Lowe’s liability, and fight aggressively on your behalf during settlement negotiations or in court.

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