Texting while driving is dangerous and causes hundreds of deadly accidents every year—but a new government survey indicates that young people still aren’t getting the message on distracted driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a new distracted driving study and found that only one-third of passengers ages 18-24 would say something to a driver who is using a cellphone. In comparison, more than one-half of passengers 65 and older would speak up in the same situation.

What do these numbers mean? Young drivers aren’t holding each other accountable. This information is particularly alarming when you consider that drivers younger than 25 are two to three times more likely to drive while sending or receiving a text message or email.

Ray LaHood, U.S. Transportation Secretary, states that these new findings reveal that the nation’s youngest drivers are particularly at risk.

Our Treasure Coast auto accident attorneys urge all Florida drivers to hold each other accountable. If you’re riding in the car with a driver who is texting, ask him to stop. And as always, please stay focused while driving.

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