Uninsured Motorist / Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured-Motorist-Underinsured-Motorist-ImageUninsured and under-insured motorists (UM/UIM) can leave car crash victims struggling to cover their losses. Florida has nearly 15.6 million licensed drivers, but unfortunately, 20 percent of them are uninsured, according to the 2021 report of the Insurance Research Council (IRC). This means one of every five drivers on our roads today possibly does not have auto insurance.

If you are injured by an uninsured or under insured motorist, it’s important for you to understand your legal rights. An experienced Florida UM / UIM lawyer can help you make decisions that protect your and your family’s interests after a serious car accident.

If you have been injured in a car crash caused by an uninsured or under insured driver, you can turn to Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, for help. We have 40 years of experience successfully assisting people injured in automobile accidents in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Call us today at our toll-free number to speak with a Florida uninsured and under insured motorist (UM/UIM) lawyer or complete our online contact form. We provide free initial consultations.

Uninsured and Under insured Motorists in Florida  

Like most states, Florida requires owners of cars and trucks to obtain car insurance to register vehicles in the state. In Florida, the minimum coverage required is:  

  • $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) for the insured driver and members of their household. This coverage is also known as Florida No-Fault Insurance. This insurance policy covers injuries to you and your family no matter who caused the car accident.
  • $10,000 of property damage liability (PDL) insurance to pay for damage to other drivers’ vehicles.

Florida is one of the few states that do not require motorists to carry liability insurance to cover bodily injuries. Bodily injury liability insurance (BIL) pays for serious injuries or death to others when you are at fault in a car crash.

Since many Florida drivers do not have adequate BIL insurance, it’s important that you have uninsured / under insured motorist coverage (UM / UIM insurance) to assist you with medical bills if you are hit by an uninsured or under insured driver. You may have to file a first-party claim under your own insurance policy to obtain compensation for your injuries and your loss of enjoyment of life if the other driver is uninsured or under insured.

But your insurance company, which is a for-profit company, may deny your claim or try to pay to you a settlement that is smaller than what you need and deserve. This is when the assistance of a UM / UIM attorney experienced with Florida insurance cases can be of great benefit to you and your family.

The law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, can help you. Philip DeBerard has more than three decades of experience handling legal claims for car accidents, UM / UIM accident cases and personal injury under Florida’s no-fault insurance regulations.

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If you have been injured in a car accident caused by an uninsured or under insured motorist (UM / UIM), you may need the help of an experienced Florida UM / UIM lawyer to obtain money for your losses.

The law firm of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, assists victims of car accident injuries, including those harmed by uninsured and under insured drivers in South Florida and have offices in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Okeechobee, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach.

If character traits like honesty, dedication and compassion are characteristics you want in a car accident lawyer, contact Philip DeBerard. Choosing the right UM / UIM accident attorney makes a difference. Call us toll free today or fill out our online contact form.


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