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West Palm Beach Crash Injury LawyerA number of major thoroughfares and highways enable West Palm Beach’s thriving community to connect with other nearby communities. Peak hours might see quite a bit of traffic, although the roads are normally well-kept and clear of heavy congestion. Commuters have an easy route throughout the region owing to the Florida Turnpike, which passes through the area. Southern Boulevard, Okeechobee Boulevard, and Dixie Highway are some more major thoroughfares.


Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable, but, West Palm Beach residents count on Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney for reliable legal help. Mr. DeBerard was recently named the Treasure Coast’s Best Personal Injury Attorney, having won maximum injury compensation on behalf of South Floridians. The DeBerard office has been going up against insurers and defense lawyers for over three decades. We know how to handle injury claims to get the most favorable outcome for our clients.

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If a car accident in West Palm Beach injured you, speak to Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney. Your consultation is free, and you won’t be charged any fees until our firm wins compensation for you.

What You Could Be Compensated For In A Car Injury Claim

What You Could Be Compensated For In A Car Injury ClaimYour life is greatly disrupted by a car collision, with awful physical injuries, skipped work, and piling medical bills. Often, people injured in a car crash don’t even see their full losses, and they ultimately accept settlements that are much lower than they are entitled to. Worse, many injured claimants have to deal with claim denials because they are up against insurers that are veterans in rejecting claims.

Your injury claim could be worth more than you know. Here are some types of damages you may be entitled to in a car accident case:

  • Medical expenses, both past and future – These can be a wide range of costs such as ambulance bills, treatment procedures and surgeries, prescribed drugs, doctors’ fees, outpatient care, and healthcare devices like walkers and wheelchairs. Depending on your injury type and its severity, these costs will vary. It could be cuts, scrapes, or burns, or it could be as serious as a traumatic brain injury or a back injury that needs to be operated on.
  • Lost income and reduced ability to work – Injured individuals are entitled under Florida law to claim compensation for their missed salary or income. The reimbursement is meant to financially sustain them and their family while the person is unable to work. Likewise, there should be compensation to accommodate any decrease in income due to the person’s reduced capability to work.
  • Pain and suffering – Accidents don’t just cause physical injuries, but immense pain and mental anguish, too. Car accident victims commonly also suffer a form of psychological concern such as PTSD, anxiety, or depression. The law recognizes this. You may have the right not just to tangible damages like monetary losses, but to these non-material damages as well.
  • Accessibility needs – If the accident led to a permanent disability that requires accessibility options, these could be compensated as well. We can assess the compensation you deserve for needed accommodations such as ramps, stairlifts, home renovations, and vehicle hand controls. We have proven experience winning this compensation for clients with severe injuries to the spine, neck, leg, and more.

Consult with Attorney DeBerard about your maximum financial compensation. We will be thorough and diligent in assessing the full impact of your injury, be it medical, physical, emotional, or financial. With Mr. DeBerard’s experience and skill, we can fight for your rightful compensation, protecting your rights from insurers and lawyers who will attempt to downplay it.


When you choose the DeBerard law firm, you get high-quality legal service with family-like kindness while you’re healing from your injury. Our hardworking attorneys will meticulously investigate the accident, discuss strategies with you, build convincing arguments, and represent you in insurance negotiations and if needed, in court as well. Through all this, our entire team will provide post-accident assistance, constantly communicate with you, and help ensure you’re getting the care you need.

In West Palm Beach, the DeBerard firm is known as a sincere friend of injured claimants. We consider each client our family, so we strive hard to get them their full compensation and post-injury care. We’re ready to help you, too. Call us today for your free initial consultation.

West Palm Beach, FL Traffic Accident Statistics

  • West Palm Beach, FL Traffic Accident StatisticsIn Palm Beach County, more than 175 individuals are killed in more than 27,000 car accidents a year on average. The majority of accidents in Palm Beach County left victims with non-life-threatening injuries.
  • There are more than 500 accidents a year in Palm Beach County where drugs or alcohol are involved.
  • There are tens of thousands of car accidents each year in Palm Beach County in addition to numerous motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian collisions.
  •  In Palm Beach County, there are more than 3,000 crashes involving commercial vehicles every year, hundreds of which result in severe or fatal injuries.
  •  One-fourth of all serious and fatal car accidents in Palm Beach County are the fault of young drivers and those under the age of 24.

Although these figures apply to the entirety of Palm Beach County, the bulk of accidents there take place inside the West Palm Beach city limits. However, the victim’s legal rights are the same wherever the accident occurs, and drivers can be held legally liable when they make mistakes that result in serious, life-changing, or fatal injuries.

Filing a Claim in West Palm Beach: Florida Laws on Negligence and Accident Liability

Filing a Claim in West Palm Beach: Florida Laws on Negligence and Accident LiabilityTo seek reimbursement from the at-fault person, you must file a bodily injury liability claim against their liability insurance. The first eligibility requirement for this is that you prove that your injury is serious enough to warrant a claim. What is the Florida definition of “serious injury”? According to Florida Statutes section 627.737, below are the injury types that meet the threshold:

  • An important bodily function is permanently and significantly lost
  • Permanent and significant scarring or disfigurement
  • There is a permanent injury that’s not disfigurement or scarring
  • Death (in accident claims pursued by survivors).

Besides proving your serious injury, you must also show that the person you’re claiming against was to blame for the accident and is therefore accountable to pay for your losses. In vehicle crash claims, we do this by showing that the person was negligent – in legal terms, they had an obligation to practice “ordinary care” as a motorist but failed to do so. Some common forms of negligence are speeding, drunk-driving, running a stop sign, and disobeying rules of the road.

Sometimes, negligence is clearly provable, such as if there is footage of the driver running a red light before hitting you. However, not all cases are as clear-cut. In many intersection accidents, multi-vehicle “chain reaction” wrecks, and rear-ending crashes, the fault is not as obvious and drivers have a chance to argue their position.

In addition, Florida accident law follows the comparative negligence principle. Under this principle, your compensation could be decreased if the other party proves that you were also negligent and partially at fault for your own accident. Insurers and legal teams will use this rule if they have any reason to put some blame on you.


Knowing these Florida laws, you’ll realize why a skilled lawyer is indispensable for your crash injury claim in West Palm Beach. You should have a personal injury lawyer who will:

  • Work with doctors to prove your injury’s severity
  • Examine and find evidence to establish fault in the accident
  • Build robust arguments against every possible defense that the at-fault party may use
  • Complete the paperwork and administrative procedures
  • Navigate the accident and insurance systems in Florida to find the best outcome for you.

At the DeBerard firm, we are efficient in all of these. Not only do we pour our legal skills into your case. we also tap into our network of doctors, specialists, and crash experts to strengthen your claim. You’ll have a highly rated team managing your case and regularly communicating with you, so you don’t worry about the progress of your case. When you delegate your case to DeBerard, you can be more at rest and shift your attention to your recovery, knowing that capable hands are handling your claim.

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