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Okeechobee Crash Injury LawyerApart from its rural atmosphere, Okeechobee, Florida is also well-known for its numerous smooth highways that are easy to travel on. On normal days, traffic can be mild; but, during rush hour, because of workers traveling into and out of town, traffic does tend to get more backed up. While the speed restrictions are rigidly enforced in the city, the majority of the roads outside of Okeechobee are rural, so you are free to travel at a reasonable pace.


When accidents happen, Okeechobee residents trust Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney for reliable legal help. Mr. DeBerard was voted the Treasure Coast’s Best Personal Injury Attorney, having obtained full settlements on behalf of South Florida residents. The DeBerard practice has been fighting insurers and defense lawyers for over 40 years. We are deeply familiar with how to navigate injury claims to achieve top compensation for our clients.Awards & Memberships

If you’ve suffered injuries from an Okeechobee accident, contact Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney for a free consultation. You don’t pay any legal fees until our firm wins compensation for you.

What Compensation You May Be Entitled to In a Car Accident Injury Claim

What Compensation You May Be Entitled To In A Car Accident ClaimA car accident causes a great disruption in your life, with distressing physical injuries, lost work, and a mountain of medical bills. Often, car accident victims don’t even see the full extent of their losses, and they end up accepting settlements that are much lower than they are entitled to. Worse, many other claimants have to deal with claim denials because their insurance companies are veterans in rejecting claims.

Know that you could be compensated for various aspects of your injury. Here are different kinds of damages you can explore in a car accident case:

  • Current and anticipated medical expenses – These can include everything from urgent care bills, surgeries and other treatments, pharmacy expenses, medical providers’ fees, continuing care, and assistive devices like walking aids and wheelchairs. These costs will vary depending on the injury type and severity. It could be scrapes, lacerations, and skin burns, or it could be as serious as a head injury or a spinal injury that needs surgical operation.
  • Missed income and reduced ability to work – Injured individuals are entitled under Florida law to claim damages for their lost wages or income. This compensation is meant to financially sustain the victim and their family while their injury and rehabilitation prevent them from working. It should also accommodate any decrease in income caused by the person’s reduced ability to work.
  • Pain and suffering – Accidents don’t just cause physical injuries, but immense pain and mental anguish, too. Car accident victims commonly also suffer a form of psychological distress such as post-traumatic stress disorder. These are compensable under the law. You may have the right not just to material damages, but to these less tangible non-economic damages as well.
  • Adjustments for accessibility – If your accident has resulted in a permanent disability that requires accessibility options, these could be compensated as well. With our legal know-how, you can assess the reimbursement you deserve for needed accommodations such as stairlifts, ramps, renovations to your home, and accessibility features in your vehicle. We have proven experience getting this compensation for clients with severe injuries to the spine, arms and legs, neck, and more.

Discuss with Attorney DeBerard about the full financial recovery you deserve. Our team will leave no stone unturned in assessing the full effects of your injury, be it medical, physical, emotional, or financial. With Mr. DeBerard’s experience and skill, we can fight for your rightful compensation, protecting your rights from insurers and lawyers who will try to undermine it.

When you work with the DeBerard team, you get high-quality legal service with family-like treatment while you’re recovering from your injury. Our diligent attorneys will meticulously investigate the accident, discuss strategies with you, build convincing arguments, and represent you during insurance negotiations and even in court if needed. Meanwhile, our entire staff will assist you with your post-accident needs, regularly update you, and help ascertain that you’re getting the care you need.

In Okeechobee, the DeBerard firm is known as a sincere friend of injured claimants. We consider each client our family, so we work hard to get maximum recoveries on their behalf. We’re ready to help you, too. Consult with us for free – call today.


Okeechobee, FL Traffic Accident Statistics

Okeechobee, FL Traffic Accident StatisticsTraffic accidents continue to be a major concern for public safety in Okeechobee County, according to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Despite advancements in road design, cycling and pedestrian corridors, traffic signs, and vehicle safety features, car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorbike accidents still happen often.

There was a total of 77 fatal accidents in Okeechobee between 1975 – 2019. Total persons involved in the fatal accidents was 226 (drivers and passengers). Fatal accidents involving drunk persons was 38 and the number of pedestrians involved in fatal car accidents was 11.

Florida Accident Liability and Negligence Laws Applicable in Okeechobee

Florida Accident Liability and Negligence Laws Applicable in OkeechobeeTo pursue compensation from the at-fault person, you’ll need to file a bodily injury claim against their liability policy. However, this comes with an eligibility requirement: you must prove that you have a “serious injury” to warrant a claim. What is the Florida definition of “serious injury”? According to Florida Statutes section 627.737, below are the injury types that satisfy the threshold:

  • An important bodily function is permanently and significantly lost
  • There is disfigurement or scarring that’s permanent and significant
  • There is a permanent injury that’s not disfigurement or scarring
  • Death (if victim’s family is pursuing the claim).

Another requirement is that you must also establish that the driver you’re claiming against was to blame for the accident and is therefore accountable to pay for your bills. In traffic collision claims, their liability is established by pointing at the person’s negligence – that is, they had a responsibility to practice “ordinary care” on the road but failed to do so. A few common forms of negligence are speeding, drunk-driving, running a stop sign, and disobeying rules of the road.

Sometimes, negligence is clearly provable, such as if the driver was seen speeding just before they hit you. However, not all cases are as clear-cut. In many intersection accidents, multi-vehicle “chain reaction” wrecks, and rear-ending crashes, the fault is not immediately clear and irresponsible motorists have a chance to argue their position.

In addition, Florida accident law follows the comparative negligence principle. Under this rule, your settlement could be decreased if it was found that you were also acting negligently and partly responsible for the accident. Insurance companies and legal teams will use this rule if they can find any reason to put some blame on you.

Knowing these Florida laws, it’s easy to see that a competent lawyer is indispensable for your motor vehicle accident case in Okeechobee. You need a personal injury attorney who can:

  • Work with medical and healthcare providers to prove your serious injuries
  • Investigate and collect evidence to show fault in the crash
  • Formulate strong arguments against potential defense strategies of the at-fault party
  • Take care of the paperwork and legal procedures
  • Navigate the accident and insurance systems in Florida to find the best compensation for you.

At the DeBerard firm, we are efficient in all of these. We commit all our legal skills to your case, and we also tap into our network of healthcare providers, specialists, and crash experts to strengthen your claim. You’ll benefit from an excellent team managing your case and keeping you in the loop, so you don’t worry about your case progress. When you give your case to DeBerard, you can be more at rest and put your energy towards healing, knowing that capable hands are handling your claim.

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