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Florida highways are among the busiest in the world, carrying thousands of people to and from destinations such as home, work, and even amusement parks every single day. Unfortunately, vehicles of all sizes in the state move very fast, and drivers are not always as attentive as they should be when behind the wheel.
It is no surprise that numerous car and truck accidents occur along Florida’s highways and interstates. Some of the more common causes include distracted or reckless driving, failure to follow road signs, highway speeds, road debris, vehicle congestion and poor weather conditions.
If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury or death in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident on a Florida highways, contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away. At The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard, our highway accident lawyers have successfully helped injured victims from South Florida and the Treasure Coast for over thirty years.

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Highway accidents can be very complex. An accident attorney from The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard will be able to thoroughly asses your injuries, investigate the police report, interview witnesses, and work with the necessary experts to gain a clear understanding of the accident. They will then be able to use the information gathered to negotiate with the responsible parties and their insurance companies to see to it that you are compensated fully and fairly.

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The accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard are familiar with what is needed to obtain a successful verdict and substantial settlement in a Florida highway accident. We will use our resources, knowledge, and experience to help you recover maximum compensation for your damages, including medical costs, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. We have assisted personal injury victims from all over South Florida and the Treasure Coast.
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