State Road 614 / Indrio Road Accident

Highway accidents almost always happen so quickly that it can be difficult to determine what exactly caused the accident and which party was at fault. Since highway crashes often involve motor vehicles traveling at high rates of speed, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal. At The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard, our SR 614 Florida highway accident attorneys will ensure that those injured on State Route 614 will obtain fair and just compensation for their losses. For a free consultation, contact us today at 1-800-299-8878.

About SR 614 in Florida

State Road 614 or SR 614 in Florida, also known as Indrio Road, is a 3.6-mile east-west street that serves a rural section of northern St. Lucie County, south of Lakewood Park. The route’s western terminus is an interchange with I-95 (SR 9), and its western terminus is an intersection with Kings Highway (State Road 713). Indrio Road terminates just east of US 1 (SR 5 in Florida) at Old Dixie Highway, CR 605 in St. Lucie.

State Road 614 Accident

Accidents on highways, including Florida SR 614, can be very devastating. Often, it’s easy for people to blame drivers for such accidents and overlook the role that dangerous highway conditions might have played in the crash. Some dangerous conditions that can cause accidents include improper highway design, poor road maintenance, insufficient lighting, defective traffic lights, faulty construction, and inappropriately placed utility pools.

Claims for injuries caused by dangerous conditions often differ from regular car crash claims. This is because the claims are filed against the government entity responsible for the road, and not against other drivers involved in the wreck. Such claims can be difficult to pursue because government entities may enjoy immunity from such claims.

Philip DeBerard Personal Injury Attorneys

The Florida highway accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard are committed to bringing justice to victims injured on State Road 614 due to the state’s substandard level of care in designing, constructing, or maintaining its roads. Contact us at 1-800-299-8878 for a no-obligation consultation.


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