About Florida State Road 607 / Emerson Avenue

Motor vehicle accidents that occur on highways, such as SR 607 in Florida, are likely to result in serious injuries or even death due to the faster rates of speeds that vehicles travel than on local roadways. The Florida highway accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard provide legal representation to people injured on SR 607. Contact us at 1-800-299-8878 for a free consultation.

SR 607 in Florida

State Road 607 or SR 607 in Florida, also known locally as Emerson Avenue throughout its route, is a 2.5-mile, north-south road in northern St. Lucie County and Indian River County. The road formerly extended into Indian River County, with northern terminus at Vero Beach.

Florida State Road 607 Accident

There is always a possibility of an accident on highways because semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, passenger cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles share the same highways. Due to the high speeds at which vehicles travel on highways, motor vehicle wrecks that occur on SR 607 can result in more serious injuries than the crashes that occur on city streets.

The trauma that passengers may experience following a vehicular collision or a crash often causes injured victims to fail to take down notes or forget the events at the times of the wreck, such as the weather, the speeds of the vehicles involved, and other information that is critical to establishing liability and obtaining recovery.

Philip DeBerard Personal Injury Attorney of Vero Beach

The Florida highway accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard take personal interest in the personal injury and wrongful death cases of their clients. For more than 40 years of providing legal assistance to people injured in highway accidents in Florida, they fully understand how an accident can completely shatter the future and the lives of injured motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. We have the resources to engage the services of experts, including engineers and reconstruction experts, to properly investigate each accident case we handle in an effort to determine negligence. Contact us at 1-800-299-8878.


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