U.S. Route 98 Accident

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident on U.S. Route 98 in Florida often results in costly medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The US 98 Florida highway accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Philip DeBerard are committed to helping injured victims and their families in making a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim. Call us at 1-800-299-8878 for a free consultation.

About US 98 in Florida

U.S. Route 98 or US 98 is an east-west U.S. highway that runs 671 miles from the state line of Alabama and Florida to Southern Florida. This highway runs along much of the Golf Coast between Mobile in Alabama and Florida’s Crystal River. Within Florida, it is marked as an east-west road from the border of Alabama and Florida to Perry. US 98 is marked as a north-south road throughout most of the Florida Peninsula, but directions are back to east-west on Lake Okeechobee’s northeast shore. The road’s hidden designations are State Road 30, State Road 55, and State Road 700.

Florida US Route 98 Accident

Motorists traveling the highway of US 98 in Florida are exposed to a variety of dangers. From highway defects such as improperly marked construction sites or shoulder drop-offs to reckless drivers, the unsafe circumstances that motorists are likely to come across are all frightening. It’s impossible for drivers to improve road conditions, but it’s possible for motor vehicle operators to drive safely and defensively to respond to any sudden danger in a manner that decreases their chances of being involved in a highway accident.

Crashes that occur on Florida US 98 are rarely minor fender benders. Due to the increased speeds of vehicles on this highway, automobile accidents are likely to be serious. Cars may roll over, veer off the road through a guardrail or pushed through oncoming traffic, or collide with wrong-way vehicles.

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For more than three decades, the Florida US 98 highway accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Philip DeBerard have served many people injured on Highway 98 due to the negligence of another party or entity. Contact us at 1-800-299-8878 for a no-obligation consultation.


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