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Doctors have a very important and complex job which requires many skills that can have a direct bearing on their patients’ health and safety. Being able to communicate is one of those skills. If a prescription or form of medication is not properly communicated to the patient, there can be severe consequences that may include death. In fact, about 1.3 million people are injured each year in the U.S. because of medication errors.

If you or someone you love has suffered injury from a mistake in medication, Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, is here for you. An experienced investigator of medical malpractice cases in South Florida and the Treasure Coast, he has protected the rights of Floridians victimized by medical errors and negligence since 1975.

The Florida medication error lawyers of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims of personal injury throughout Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and Vero Beach.

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Communication Solutions for Medication Errors

Good communication skills are essential at every level of conveying important medical information. This includes how physicians communicate with their staff. Any misinterpreted directions can have a disastrous effect on the patients involved.

Ideally, certain verbal orders may be recorded whenever possible and then read back to the prescriber. At the very least, anyone given medical instructions should read or repeat the information back to the prescribing physician to eliminate any potential misunderstanding.

Communication between the doctor and patient is important as well. A patient should be able to ask questions and verify medical directions. This dialogue reduces the risk of missing critical information. Doctors should always make sure to speak in a clear, comprehensible manner. They should set aside enough time with the patient to provide any clarification necessary.

Before ending the conversation between doctor and patient, the doctor should ask the patient or legal guardian to repeat the treatment information to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Medications Solutions for Medication Errors

There are many medications available today. Many have similar-sounding names. This makes it easy to mistake one prescription for another. Such an error can cause terrible illnesses or injuries for the innocent patient.

Because the risks are so great, it is critical that doctors be methodical when prescribing any medications. Clear communication of drug orders to other health care providers, including pharmacists, is essential. All prescription orders need to be printed in easy-to-read handwriting. It’s also worth a physician’s time to double check the metrics/dosing units on the prescription form.

To decrease the possibility of misreading a prescription, orders should be given in metric-doses or unit-of-use form whenever possible. The simpler it is for health care providers or pharmacists to understand the prescribed medications and exact dosages, the better it is for the patient undergoing treatment.

It’s tragic that careless errors can inflict such harm on patients. But this kind of medical malpractice does exist. Fortunately, there are ways to get justice after enduring a medication mistake on the part of a doctor or other health care provider. A qualified Florida personal injury attorney can get you the compensation you need to pay for additional medical costs and to cover any lost wages so that you can get your life back on track again.

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