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Vero Beach Medical Malpractice LawyerHave you or your family suffered because of a medical provider’s actions? A medical malpractice attorney in Vero Beach can advocate for your rights and help you demand accountability from the doctor, technician, nurse, or hospital. Medical workers have the legal responsibility to uphold an expected standard of care in their work. If they fall short of this obligation, they could be liable to compensate any hurt they cause patients.

St. Lucie County residents count on Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney when seeking compensation in cases of medical malpractice. The DeBerard office has over 40 years of experience winning malpractice claims, even against well-equipped medical providers. This is why DeBerard has been voted No. 1 among personal injury lawyers on the Treasure Coast. Schedule a free consult with us and see how we can advocate for you. Call us at 1-800-299-8878.

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When A Healthcare Provider’s Negligence Harms a Patient

When A Healthcare Provider’s Negligence Harms a PatientIt can be hard to understand how a healthcare professional could injure you. After all, we approach them to remedy our health, not to endure more suffering.

Sadly, many physicians, surgeons, technicians, pharmacists, and hospital managers fail to perform with the level of aptitude expected of them, and this often results in tragedy. According to one study, medical errors are so prevalent that they’re now the third-leading cause of fatal injuries in the US, killing more than 250,000 victims each year.

Medical malpractice may not always be immediately obvious like in the bungled surgeries we see in movies. Quite often it can be an ambiguous or unnoticeable error, such as a missed diagnosis or a wrong prescription. In fact, a different study found that diagnostic errors cause fatal or non-fatal injuries to 40,000 to 80,000 patients in the US annually. Among the most numerous yet most dangerous illnesses that doctors have misdiagnosed are aneurysms, cancer, and cardiac diseases.

If you or your loved one has suffered after visiting a clinician or a hospital, it’s important to consult an attorney and see if you can claim compensation for medical malpractice. Take advantage of our no-cost consultation at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney. We’ll guide you with clear, experienced legal advice on your options for compensation.

How Medical Malpractice Occurs

How Medical Malpractice OccursWhat qualifies as a medical malpractice case? Physicians and other healthcare providers may naturally make innocent mistakes like any human. However, because their work is so crucial, they have the legal obligation to act according to a “standard of care,” which means they must perform with the same competence as any trained professional would in the same field and under the same circumstances.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails to perform according to this standard. Common examples include:

  • Diagnostic errors – late diagnosis, inaccurate diagnosis (where other physicians could diagnose accurately), misreading test results, failing to follow up on lab tests
  • Prescription errors – specifying the wrong drugs or the incorrect dose, or not taking into account the patient’s reactions to the treatment
  • Surgical errors – incising on the inexact body part, leaving an object inside the patient’s body, or operating with unsanitized tools or devices
  • Anesthesia errors – providing incorrect anesthetics or dosage, or not watching the patient’s bodily signs while anesthetized
  • Birth injuries – improper handling of labor or delivery, leading to preventable injuries to mother or baby, such as birth asphyxia (oxygen deprivation), brachial palsy (shoulder nerve injury), hemorrhage, and fractures
  • Pharmacy errors – mixing up the prescription, providing the wrong drugs, dispensing expired drugs
  • Hospital negligence – lack of sanitation, not providing the necessary equipment, failing to hire adequate staff, mishandling patient records.

Incidents like these can cause life-altering, if not fatal, outcomes for the patient. They suffer terrible injuries and they also have to deal with massive additional medical costs, skipped work days, feelings of distress, and in many cases, lifelong disability needs. With such immense outcomes, victims of medical malpractice should fight for the compensation with the services of a attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions on Claiming Medical Malpractice in Vero Beach

How much compensation could I get in a medical malpractice claim?

Frequently Asked Questions on Claiming Medical Malpractice in Vero BeachMedical malpractice victims may get repaid for both economic and non-economic damages. This means you could receive repayment for your medical costs, lost wages, and disability expenses, and for less-tangible losses like emotional distress.

At the DeBerard law firm, we’ve obtained medical malpractice compensation as high as $2.6 million for a single family. Do note that settlements and verdicts vary. Let us evaluate your case for free to see what your claim could be worth.

Can I still make a claim if I got medically injured several years ago?

Florida, like every other state, has a Statute of Limitations, a law setting a deadline for filing lawsuits. Under Florida’s statute, a person with a medical malpractice claim generally has two years to file suit, which begins on the day the malpractice occurred. There are exceptions to this. For instance, if you found out later that the physician acted negligently in their service to you, the two-year clock begins on the date of your discovery, not on the date of the act itself. Likewise, the window for medical malpractice lawsuits is increased if the victim is no older than eight years of age.

It’s wise to talk to an attorney the moment you suspect negligence in your case. You can get a no-cost consultation with a trusted lawyer at Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney.


How much does it cost to hire a medical malpractice lawyer in Vero Beach?

Some estimates may say that the typical hourly rate of attorneys in Florida ranges from $195 to $400. With the Philip DeBerard firm, you won’t have to worry about these prices because we will not charge lawyer fees until we obtain compensation for you. Our contingency-based billing system means our fees will be based on how much we win on your behalf. You waste nothing by working with us, and you can be sure we’ll commit ourselves for the most ideal outcome for you.

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