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Florida Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a duty to make sure only safe drugs are put on the market. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many factors play a role in potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals getting onto store shelves. Often, they bypass the federal approval process in some form. In the end, consumers suffer the most. An estimated 51 percent of FDA-approved drugs have serious, if not deadly, side effects that were not detected before the drug became available to the general public.

If you or someone close to you has suffered a drug-related injury, the Florida dangerous drug lawyers of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, can help. Since 1975, we have helped our clients obtain compensation they deserve. We are knowledgeable in every aspect of Florida personal injury law, and we work hard for our clients. We’re willing to fight for justice on their behalf.

Our law firm features a conveniently located office in Stuart, and we serve clients across South Florida, including Okeechobee, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Vero Beach. For a free and confidential case evaluation, call us today toll-free at 888-733-5658 or use our online form.

Dangerous Drugs Can Slip Into the Florida Market 

The FDA is responsible for examining all prescription drugs before consumers can use them. But alarming failures happen on a regular basis in this process. Manufacturers are so driven to get their drug on the market and make a profit, they often take shortcuts and resort to unethical behavior.

Some drug companies may hide or downplay bad test results to the FDA. This purposeful sidestepping prevents any in-depth analysis of their latest concoction. Since the FDA is swamped with applications, it’s forced to take a drug manufacturer’s word on the safety of its pharmaceutical. The agency may not have time to conduct its own tests. Even worse, researchers who are responsible for publishing test data may not have access to many of the drug’s facts. A combination of these factors can allow defective drugs to slip into the system. A medication that’s supposed to improve a person’s well-being ends up causing  devastating health issues.

Serious Side Effects of Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

Many people who take dangerous drugs can suffer severe side effects. Some pharmaceuticals that have recently been the focus of negative attention due to harmful effects include:

  • Fleet Phospho-soda – Several of these laxative products have been the subject of reports of kidney injury and serious renal damage.
  • Levaquin – This antibacterial drug is now being looked at more closely by the FDA due to reports of tendon and ligament injuries associated with its use.
  • Trasylol – There was a worldwide recall of this drug that was designed to reduce the need for blood transfusions in patients undergoing heart bypass surgery. This recall happened when it was discovered that an increased risk of death occurred with its use.
  • Yaz and Yasmin – Complaints have been filed by women who used this birth control drug because it led to injuries such as heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolisms.
  • Darvon/Darvocet – These painkillers have been the subject of complaints due to their tendency to put patients at a higher risk of fatal heart attacks and fatal arrhythmias.

Drug manufacturers can influence whether or not a drug is truly tested for any dangers. But in some situations, testing cannot predict risk factors. A clinical trial is usually of a certain size and it doesn’t reflect an actual market. So, some side effects will not surface until the drug is used by a large number of people.  In cases of this nature, a drug recall can occur after dangerous side effects are discovered through general consumption.

Types of Dangerous Drug Legal Claims 

When an injury or death results directly from ingestion of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, you may be entitled to file a product liability lawsuit. Manufacturers may believe a billion-dollar profit means more than human life. Still, they can be held accountable for creating faulty drugs that harm consumers.

A manufacturer in a product liability lawsuit can be deemed responsible for side effects or death caused by its drug. This may happen if the company failed to provide adequate warnings of its dangers or if it did not perform quality control measures during its production. 

Contact Our Florida Dangerous Drugs Lawyers Today

If you or someone close to you has been hurt or killed because of a dangerous or defective pharmaceutical drug, the Florida personal injury lawyers of Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, can help. Prescription drugs are intended to improve a person’s health, not destroy it. So when a manufacturer puts profit over safety, and your life is negatively affected by this carelessness, you have the right to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

The Florida personal injury lawyers of Philip DeBerard are dedicated to representing people who are victims of reckless pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers of defective drugs need to be held accountable for the severe injuries they cause. We are devoted to making sure our clients receive damages that enable them to rebuild their lives.

Call us today toll free at 888-733-5658 or use our online form. We can provide you with a free and confidential case evaluation. We serve victims of dangerous drugs throughout South Florida and have offices in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Okeechobee, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach.


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