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Cluttered aisles in stores, restaurants and other commercial or public buildings are hazards that can cause patrons to slip (or trip) and fall. When merchandise, debris or other items that block an aisle are not removed in a timely manner, and the cluttered aisle causes someone to fall, the property owner or administrator may be liable for the injuries and other losses of the person who has fallen.

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Responsibility for Cluttered Aisles in Florida

Retail stores entice shoppers with creative displays and bright colors as well as the attractive packaging of the items they offer for sale. This draws shoppers’ attention to the shelves of a store and away from what is presumed to be a clear walkway ahead. When merchandise is stacked so that it clutters the aisle, or items fall from shelves and are not picked up, this is a hazard. Stores that re-stock shelves during the day also create hazards when employees leave aisles cluttered with merchandise and equipment that shoppers do not expect to encounter.

Retailers can be held liable for trip and fall injuries if they allow their employees to leave aisles cluttered with merchandise, pallets, handcarts or other work items.

Florida law says that any property owner with an obligation for visitors’ safety, such as a store, restaurant or government entity, must eliminate hazards – such as removing clutter –within a reasonable time of learning that they exist. They must at least post a clear warning (with signs or taped-off areas) to let visitors know that the hazard exists. When property owners fail in this duty, and a trip-and-fall injury occurs because of the hazard, the property owner may be held liable.

Falls caused by cluttered aisles can be particularly dangerous for elderly adults, or those ages 65 and older, that comprise an estimated 21 percent of Florida’s population. More than 95 percent of hip fractures suffered by older adults happen in falls, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. If an older adult suffers a fracture, it most likely happened in a fall.

Falls caused by cluttered aisles can also result in:

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