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Jet Ski Accident defective waverunner lawsuitJet Skis, Seadoos and Wave Runners are great sources of enjoyment and recreation, but unfortunately, sometimes individuals are injured or even in killed in accidents that involve these types of high powered personal watercraft.

Typical injuries sustained from personal watercraft include head injuries, abdominal injuries, broken bones, and trauma to the chest. These types of accidents are similar to motorcycle accidents in the sense that both riders have no form of protection from external elements when an accident occurs.

Operator Error & Water Conditions

Even the most experienced watercraft owners and operators can make errors when handling these powerful machines. Determining liability in a Waverunner or Jet Ski accident can be a difficult process. Multiple factors may be involved such as weather and water conditions, boat traffic and alcohol consumption etc…

Defective Jetski and Waverunner Parts

In certain instances, the cause of the accident is actually due to the Jet Ski or Waverunner malfunctioning due to some kind of defect. The watercraft may have been dangerously designed, which means that a manufacturer such as Yamaha (Waverunner), Kawasaki (JetSki) and Bombardier (Sea-Doo), designer or distributor may be held liable for any injuries sustained from the accident.

In some cases, product manufacturers are even aware of their product defects, but continue to distribute the product to the market without properly warning consumers of the defects.


In other cases, inexperienced riders and tourists rent Jet skis and Waverunners from facilities that do not properly instruct or train them on how to safely use these watercraft. When poor instructions are given, accidents also become more likely to occur.

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