Elmiron Vision Loss / Eye Damage Lawsuit

Thousands of Americans take Elmiron every day to treat their interstitial cystitis or “painful bladder syndrome.” In recent years, however, studies have revealed a solid link between Elmiron and a blinding eye disorder called maculopathy. Now, consumers of the drug are coming out with lawsuits against Elmiron manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, for failing to warn patients about the risk of vision problems.

If you or a loved one is suffering from eye problems after regularly taking Elmiron, you may be entitled to compensation. The law firm of Philip DeBerard Injury Attorney can help. We are a personal injury firm that has been trusted in South Florida since 1975, having obtained compensation for Floridians who were harmed by prescription drugs and defective products.

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What Is Elmiron? What Is Its Link To Blindness?

Elmiron is the brand name of pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), a prescription medication that treats a painful bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. More than a million Americans have this condition, mostly women. The drug is manufactured by the giant Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and has been FDA-approved since 1996. In fact, to date, Elmiron is the only FDA-approved pill for interstitial cystitis.

In 2015, doctors at the Emory Eye Center in Atlanta detected a vision problem in six women that initially couldn’t be traced to any cause. Upon further investigation, the doctors discovered that all six patients had been taking Elmiron for years. By January 2020, several other studies had been published, strongly linking pentosan polysulfate sodium – or Elmiron – to this eye condition that leads to blindness.

This eye condition is called pigmentary maculopathy. It affects the macula, where light is focused on the back of the retina so you can clearly see details and colors. “Maculopathy” refers to the degeneration of the macula, causing problems in central vision and poor eyesight in the dark, and ultimately leading to irreversible blindness.

There are various forms of macular damage, but “pigmentary maculopathy” is relatively new and is found to be unique to Elmiron users. Studies found clear signs that the pentosan polysulfate sodium in Elmiron is toxic to the macula, although scientists are still trying to trace the specific way this toxicity occurs.

Consumers and concerned lawyers have recently started to file lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, asserting that taking Elmiron has caused their eyesight problems, and that Janssen Pharma should have warned the public of this health risk.

Has Elmiron Been Recalled?

Despite the strong and growing evidence that Elmiron causes eye problems, the drug has not been recalled or pulled from the market. It still retains its FDA approval.

The Elmiron product label does not include references or warnings about any form of maculopathy. As of May 2020, its “Safety Information” webpage does not mention vision problems among its side effects. There is also no official statement yet from the manufacturer to alert consumers of the potential eyesight problems linked to the drug.

Symptoms Of Maculopathy

If damage to the eye is allowed to persist, maculopathy can result in irreversible vision loss. Watch out for these signs and symptoms of maculopathy:

  • Issues with central vision (central vision is the object your sight is focused on, as opposed to peripheral vision)
  • Difficulty in adjusting to dim or dark environments
  • Difficulty in reading text
  • Difficulty in looking at close objects
  • Less vivid colors
  • Dark spots in vision
  • Dimming of vision itself.

What To Do If You Suspect Maculopathy From Elmiron

First, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of visiting an ophthalmologist as soon as you experience vision troubles. As mentioned, the blindness from maculopathy can be irreversible, so don’t let any symptoms go unattended. Also, tell your doctor if you have been taking medications such as Elmiron.

If the symptoms occurred after taking Elmiron daily for at least six months, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. A successful claim could compensate you for the various losses related to your Elmiron vision problems, such as your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

To know whether you qualify for an Elmiron injury claim, consult a reliable attorney. Elmiron lawsuits are relatively new and they are up against a well-financed pharmaceutical corporation. Choose a personal injury attorney who has a successful track record of handling product liability cases against major drug manufacturers.

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