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Brightline Train Accident Lawyer FloridaThe passenger train service Brightline has been called the deadliest railroad in the US. It’s been involved in dozens of deaths and injuries in just a few years. Most of these casualties occurred at railroad crossings, and while companies may try to deny responsibility in train crossing accidents, victims may have legal avenues to get compensated.

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“Deadliest Train”: Brightline Train Accident Statistics

Brightline has become known as the nation’s deadliest railroad after an Associated Press analysis showed that it had the worst death rate: one fatality per 29,000 miles. The analysis also noted that on average, Brightline trains were involved in more than one death every single month since its operations began in 2018.

Even after that analysis was published in 2019, tragic deaths and injuries continued to occur on Brightline routes. In 2022 alone, the company’s trains were involved in collisions resulting in 20 motorist and pedestrian deaths, according to the Miami New Times. This tally doesn’t include non-fatal injuries from Brightline accidents.

A vast majority of these collisions occurred at railroad crossings. In 2022, NBC 6 analyzed data from the Department of Transportation and found that the Brightline crossings with the most collisions and casualties were:

  • NE 33rd Street, Deerfield Beach
  • Copans Road, Pompano Beach
  • Atlantic Boulevard and NW 6th Street, Beach.

Though Brightline has been involved in serious accidents, it continues to receive support, especially as it provides ease and efficiency to Florida commuters. The privately owned transportation company is getting ready to open its Orlando station in May 2023, with plans to expand further into Tampa in the future. These will add to its current route spanning from Miami to West Palm Beach.

Can You Sue for a Railroad Crossing Accident?

Yes, you can sue for your injuries or for your loved one’s wrongful death in a railroad crossing accident – as long as you can establish that a certain party is liable for it. Car drivers and pedestrians often get blamed for risky behavior around train tracks, but situations do happen where someone else’s negligence becomes the cause of accidents. Here are some examples:

  • The train crossing was unmarked or its crossbuck sign was not adequately visible to passers-by. Many crossbucks in the US are unfortunately obscured by trees or barely visible due to lack of maintenance.
  • The traffic light at the crossing was not working properly.
  • The warning signal did not sound off in time.
  • The train spilled some cargo due to improper freight loading.
  • A poorly maintained train track led to derailment.
  • There was no crossing gate to protect passers-by from high-speed trains. These trains give people so little time to see them and less time to react. While not all railroad crossings are required to have a gate, it’s crucial for these sites to have extremely visible safety devices.

In Brightline’s case, safety experts believe that the high fatality rate is due to the higher-speed trains running across densely populated areas. Brightline trains travel at up to 79 miles per hour across the Treasure Coast, a bustling area that did not have passenger train service before. Advocates say the residents here are not quite used to higher-speed trains, thus there should be more railroad safety features like pedestrian gates and fencing.

Other Types of Train Accidents

Brightline railroad collisions aren’t the only kinds of accidents involving trains. In our 40+ years of service, we’ve seen many ways a person could get injured or killed in a train-related incident. These include:

  • Derailments
  • Mechanical failures such as malfunctioning switches or brakes
  • Conductor errors
  • Faulty railroad design
  • Slip-and-fall accidents inside trains
  • Unprotected electrical cables
  • Spilled cargo debris
  • Unsafe infrastructure at train stations.

Note that passenger trains are categorized as common carriers, which means they must practice the highest degree of care towards their customers. The smallest amount of negligence could make the train operator or rail company liable for resulting injuries. Speak with an attorney to see if you have a valid compensation claim.

Who is Liable in a Train Accident or Railroad Crash?

Various parties could be found negligent in a train accident. In some cases, an accident victim can make a claim against multiple defendants whose negligence contributed to the crash. Examples are:

  • Train operators that fail to ensure reasonable safety in their premises
  • Train companies that hire unqualified conductors and other personnel
  • Transport companies that fail to properly inspect and maintain their trains
  • Rail operators that fail to properly maintain their tracks
  • Train manufacturers or parts distributors selling defective products
  • Transport firms that violate federal and state safety regulations.

Even if you’re unsure what or who caused your train accident, it’s wise to at least consult an attorney. Our experienced legal team at the DeBerard firm can thoroughly examine your accident, identifying all parties who are potentially liable to pay damages.

You may be entitled to compensation that could help you heal from the accident. Train injury compensation typically covers medical bills, rehabilitation bills, pain and suffering, and other forms of harm you’ve had to endure. In the case of your loved one’s wrongful death, you may also be repaid for the burial and funeral expenses, lost companionship, and lost benefits. Talk to Philip DeBerard, Injury Attorney, and we’ll help you fight for what you deserve.

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