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The family of a Stuart, FL Navy SEAL, who was killed in Afghanistan, has pulled out from a wrongful death lawsuit against top US officials.

The lawsuit accused US Vice President Joe Biden and ex-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta of divulging information about the SEAL Team involved in killing Osama Bin Laden in May 2011. The family believes this has endangered the lives of the SEALs.

With the lawsuit, the family sought $200 million worth of damages, among others.

However, as they read the 32-page final version of the lawsuit, they found it too “broad-based”, saying there were several points they “did not agree with”. They promptly called the filing attorney and had their names withdrawn.

Filing attorney Larry Klayman apologized to Biden and Panetta, as well as to President Barack Obama.

The family has not yet ruled out the filing of a different lawsuit in the future.

It’s perfectly understandable for a family of a wrongful death victim to want to fight for justice. While this Navy SEAL case may be relatively high-profile, thousands of people across the country are fighting a similar battle, whether for a friend lost to a drunk driving mishap or a loved one injured in a dangerous road accident. Seeking and getting justice can be an important step towards recovery.