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According to a Florida Highway Patrol press release, one woman was killed yesterday on US Highway 441 south of County Road 15B.

A a Volkswagen Passat driven by Rhonda Warner, 58, of Okeechobee, was traveling northbound on US Highway 441 south of County Road 15B on Thursday afternoon around 1:25 PM. At the same time, a Kenworth tractor trailer rig, sometimes called a semi-truck, was traveling southbound on US Highway 441 south of County Road 15B. The semi was driven by Desmond Dixon, 74, of Pompano Beach.

An Audi Quattro, driven by Holly Young, 40, of Okeechobee, was proceeding southbound on US Highway 441 a short distance behind the truck and trailer. The Volkswagen driven by Warner crossed the center divided line and entered into the oncoming path of the big rig.

The truck and trailer swerved to the right in an attempt to avoid the Volkswagen, but that vehicle’s left front struck the left rear wheel of the semi’s trailer. Warner’s vehicle then went off the western shoulder of the roadway and struck a wooden fence.

A wooden fence board lanced Warner’s windshield and hit her. Her vehicle continued on across a paved access road, across a grass surface, and struck a residential home. The right side of the Audi hit the Volkswagen’s left front tire after the initial collision between the Volkswagen and the semi-truck.

Warner was pronounced deceased on scene. Dixon and Young were both uninjured.

The cause of this crash remains under investigation.

Everyone at DeBerard Injury Attorney extend their sympathies to all those impacted by this terrible tragedy. We wish everyone closure in dealing with this accident. We also want family and friends to know that, given the proper circumstances, an unlawful death claim may arise where negligence was involved.


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