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Traffic accidents involving two or more vehicles are a common occurrence on busy roadways, highways, and freeways in Florida. In multi-vehicle collisions, an initial collision typically occurs, and that crash creates a chain-reaction collision that often involves several vehicles. Because the wreck involves multiple drivers and insurance companies, determining who is accountable for the accident is often a complex task.

On October 25, two people were injured following a four-vehicle crash around 8:25 a.m. at Pike Road and Southern Boulevard in suburban West Palm Beach. The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews who responded to the accident extricated two people trapped inside their vehicles using the Jaws of Life. An adult male in his 30s was flown to a hospital by Trauma Hawk. Another male adult was transported to the hospital.

While this multi-vehicle crash remains under investigation, there was no information provided regarding which party was at fault or which of the vehicles involved caused the wreck. Whether a multi-vehicle crash involves low speeds or high speeds, multiple individuals are often affected.

Under the personal injury law, the driver found to have violated the rules of the road and caused the accident can be liable for the injuries suffered by the victims. This allows innocent crash victims to recover damages of the driver or drivers at fault for the crash.

If more than one party is at fault, the parties will then be obligated to share liability for the victim’s injuries. If the injured party is found to have contributed to their own injuries, they may still recover damages but the compensation will be reduced. Passengers seriously injured in a multi-vehicle crash have every right to recover compensation against the driver or drivers at fault.

A traffic accident involving multiple vehicles can occur as the result of many different possible scenarios. People injured in multi-vehicle accidents or their family members may consult with a Florida personal injury attorney to protect their rights and best interests.