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Operating a motor vehicle always involves inherent risk, but riding a motorcycle involves a much greater risk. This is mainly due to motorcycles’ lack of protective barriers to shield riders from impacts. This factor came into play in a recent Palm Beach County collision between a motorcycle and an SUV that caused a motorcyclist to be airlifted to the hospital.

According to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, a motorcyclist was flown to the hospital after his motorcycle collided with a sport utility vehicle near Greenacres around 11 a.m.onNovember 28. Crews who responded to the collision at the intersection of Cresthaven Blvd and Dudley Drive East found the motorcyclist lying in the road.  The motorcyclist was airlifted to the hospital with severe injuries.

There’s not much information about how the collision occurred and which party had the right of way at the intersection. What this accident clearly shows is that motorcyclist accidents often result in more serious injuries than regular vehicle accidents.

There are many ways motorists can cause serious or even fatal injuries to bikers, including turning in front of a motorcycle at an intersection, failing to stop in time, driving at excessive speeds, entering roadways or changing lanes without looking out for motorcycles, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and other dangerous driving activities.

In motorcycle-automobile collisions, multiple parties are often responsible for the crash. There are many cases where the motorcyclist bears some fault for an accident, but that does not automatically mean that the injured biker is barred from recovering damages for his injuries and losses.

Under Florida’s comparative negligence laws, any injured person who contributed to his own injuries may still recover damages, even if his fault is greater than the other party’s fault. Riders injured in motorcycle accidents need to immediately seek the legal assistance of a good motorcycle accident injury lawyer to protect their rights and preserve evidence as soon as possible.