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Early morning on September 2, a 25-year-old man and his 27-year-old girlfriend were riding their tandem bike on Clearwater’s Memorial Causeway when a vehicle suddenly struck them. The impact threw the couple 50 feet apart, and shattered the bicycle into several pieces. The vehicle that caused the accident, however, kept going.

Both cyclists were wearing helmets. However, the male biker died at St. Joseph’s Hospital later that day, while his girlfriend went into a coma.

On Tuesday night, local authorities revealed that they had arrested the hit-and-run driver.

According to the police, a 29-year-old from Clearwater came forward on Tuesday morning, stating that his green pickup truck might have been responsible for the fatal crash.

The driver told officers that he had left his job at the Shephard’s Beach Resort on Monday morning. He later decided to approach the police after seeing a report of the crash on the news, although he did not remember hitting anyone on his way home as he had blacked out.

The police inspected the Nissan pickup truck to find the windshield missing and damage to both the top and front of the truck. The owner, however, had no explanation.

The man was arrested on two felony charges for leaving the crash scene: One charge for the injury to the female biker, and one charge for the death of her partner.

It is unknown if the victim’s family plans to file a wrongful death claim.